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JabirRestorer Comforter Consolation
JadCurly Frizzled
JafarLittle Stream Rivulet A River Stream
JagadeshKing of the Universe
JagajeevanLife of the World
JaganmaySpread over the Universe
JagatbehariWorld Traveler Jagvihari
JagdishKing of the World
JagishLord of the Universe
JahangirA Moghul Emperor had this Name Conqueror of the World
JahdamiAn Authority for Hadith had this Name
JahdariAbu Al Mujashshar had this Name, He was an Authority for the Quran
JahizOgle Eyed
JaichandVictory of the Moon
JaideepVictory to the Light
JaidevGod of Victory
JaikapeeshHail Monkey God
JaisalFamous Folk
JaivardhanLord Shiva
JalalGlory Loftiness Sublimity Glory of the Faith Greatness Another Name for God Famous Important Exalted Grandeur
JalbhushanOrnament of Water
JalilRevered Capable Mighty Exalted Honourable Great Radiance Influence
JamalHandsome Being Fair Beauty Grace Elegance Camel
JamilHandsome Beautiful Grace Another Name for God Well-bred Good Manners Lovely
JanakFather of Sita Creator Good Man
JanamejayA M Janardan Lord Vishnu
JanmeshThe King of his Kundli
JariyahName of a Ashb-as-suffa Slave Girl
JaroodName of a Companion of the Prophet
JasbeerVictorious Hero
JaspalLord Krishna
JatinSaintly Matted Hair
JawadGenerous Open-handed Another Name for God Ample Plentiful Munificent Liberal
JawharJewel Gem
JayachandAncient King of Kannauj
JayendraLord of Victory
JayeshWinner of a Game Victor
JaysukhPleasure of Victory
JeemutbahanPleasure of Victory
JeevanprakashLight of Life
JeramBrother of Gertrude
JibrilArchangel Gabriel
JihadHoly War Effort Struggle Spiritual Striving Holy War Islamically Sanctioned War
JimitTo Win Others Hearts
JiyadVery Good There is a Mountain in Makkah by this Name
JnyandeepLight of Knowledge
JuaylContentious Inclined to Quarrel Argumentative
JubairCounsels or Brings Together
JuhaymSullen A Companion of the Prophet PBUH was so Named
JumaFriday Holy Day
JummalCouple Unit of Army
JundubGrasshopper A Companion Ibn-abdullah had this Name Name of a Companion

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