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KajjiName of Ibrahim Abdullah of Basrah An Authority of Hadith at Baghdad
KalbiName of Muhammad Ibn Saib an Authority on Genealogy and the Quran
KamilPerfect Another Name for God Whole Immaculate Complete From a Roman Family Name
KanhaiyaLord Krishna
KaramahMiracle Nobility
KaramatMiracle Nobility
KatebWriter Author Clerk
KhadimServant of God Attendant
KhaldunEternal Implies Eternity
KhaleelFriend Inner Self Heart
KhalidImmortal Everlasting Eternal Never-ending Glorious
KhalilCharming Sincere Friend Good Friend Honourable Comrade Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
KhalladOld Aged A Companion of the Prophet
KharijahExternal Outside
KhasibFertile Productive Profuse Fruitful Prolific
KhawlahOne who has Beautiful Features Proper Name
KhidashA Companion of the Prophet
KhirashScratching Scraping Name of a Companion I
KhubaybFast Walker Name of Companion
KhulaydAbiding Name of Companion
KhunaysHidden Name of Companion
KhuraymahName of Ibn Jazi RA A Companion of the Prophet (PBUH) also Bin Sabit - a Noted Companion who was Martyred at Badr
KhursheedSunshine The Sun
KiratLord Shiva
KishorThe Sun God
KishoreYoung Victory
KishwarA Country Region
KulthumName of Companion
KuraybIbn Abi Muslim Al-hashami had this Name

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