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MabadA Place of Worship Many of the Prominent People had this Name Including the Companions Ibn Khalid Al-juhanni and Ibn-hawzah RA
MaheenFeeble Voice Despised Contemptuous Like the Moon Fine or Thin Texture
MaherAdept Generous Skilled Able
MaheshGod of Love Lord Shiva Dashing A Great Ruler Supreme God
MahjaQuarters Lodgings Place to Sleep
MahmudThe Prophet of Islam Worthy of Reverence Praiseworthy Another Name for Prophet Muhammad The Praised One Commendable
MajdGlory Nobility
MalikKing Master or Sovereign Master Chieftain
ManavHuman Man
ManishGod of Mind Intellect Gender This Name Related to God
ManoharBeautiful Captivating One who Wins over Mind
ManojBorn of the Mind
MansurVictorious Aided by God Another Name for Prophet Muhammad Divinely Aided
ManzoorAcceptable Admired
MarufWell Known Accepted
MarzuqBlessed by God Fortunate
MashhudClear Manifest Witnessed
MasudFortunate Lucky Happy Blessed
MateenStrong Patient Solid Constant Tough Substantive
MawsilName of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq
MaysarahEase Comfort
MazharAppearance Phenomenon Manifestation Image
MazinCloud that Carries Rain Prophet Name
MehtabThe Moon
MimarArchitect Mason
MirajPlace of Ascent Ascension to Heaven
MisbahLamp Light
MiskeenHumble Poor
MistahAn Instrument to Level Something
MohanFascinating Charming Beauteous Attractive Lord Murugan Lord Krishna
MuafaName of a Man who Travelled Extensively to Find Hadith
MuallaA Judge and Follower
MuawiyahYoung Fox First Ummayad Caliph
MuawwizCompanion who Participated in the Battle of Badr
MuballighPreacher He who Conveys One who Preaches / Propagates Islam
MueenOne who Helps Helper Assistant
MueezA Person who Gives Shelter / Protection
MufaddalOne who is Preferred He who is Honoured
MufallahOne who Prospers
MufeedUseful From the Verb Fada to Overflow
MufidBeneficial Useful
MuhafizPreserver Guardian One who Protects Custodian
MuhammadPraiseworthy Greatly Praised Name of the Last Prophet Praised One
MuhdeeOne who Presents
MuheetThat which Embraces All Round
MuhrizObtainer Winner Earner
MuhsinBeneficent Charitable
MuhtadiRight Guided
MuhtashimShy Decent Modest
MujaddidOne who Renews / Renovates / Refreshes
MujahidCrusader Fighter in the Way of God Fighter A Warrior
MujazzizOne who Cuts off A Companion Al-mudliji
MukeshShiva Cupid Lord of the Dumb Lord Shiva Lord of Dumb
MukhtarChosen Preferred Selected Authorised
MulaylA Companion
MunawwarBright Illuminated Enlightened
MuneebOne who Turns in Repentance
MuneerBrilliant Shining Illuminates
MunkadirAn Ascetic and Authority for Hadith This was the Name of Abu Bakr Muhammad
MunqadOne who is Led Obedient Conducted
MuntasirVictorious Triumphant One of the Abbasid Khalifah was Known as Such
MuqatadirName of an Abbasid Khalifah
MuqtasidFrugal Thrifty Economical One who is Economical The Provident
MurabbiSuperior Guardian Patron
MuradProwess Will Purpose Wish Desire Object
MursalMessenger Ambassador Prophet
MurtadaaChosen One
MusaMoses Drawn out of the Water Enemy to the Gods of the Dead A Prophets Name Moses in English
MusaddiqThe Verifier One who Confirms One who Accepts Another's Word as Truth One who Confirms or Verifies Another
MusheerAdvice Advisor
MushfiqFearful Kind Tender Friend Considerate
MuslimSubmitting Himself to God Believer One who Submits to Allah
MustaeenThe Chosen One One who Asks the Help or Aid or Assistance
MustafeedGainful Profiting
MustajabOne who is Heard
MustatabDelectable Good
MutahhirWhat Purifies
MutasimTo Faith To God Adhering to Faith Kept Away from Sin Name of Khalifah
MutawassitModerate Average
MuzaffarVictorious Triumphant
MuzhirWitnessed Name of Companion

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