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NabhanNoble Outstanding Alert
NabighBrilliant Genius Distinguished Talented
NabilNoble Generous Another Name for God Good-looking Wise High-born
NadeemFriend Companion Confidant Repentant Regretful Fire
NadimFriend Companion
NadirPinnacle Rare and Valuable Rare Dear Precious
NaeemComfort Ease Tranquil Benevolent Blessing
NaimTo Comfort Ease Tranquillity Comfort
NajeebOf Noble Descent Truthful Real Excellent Noble Of High-born Parentage
NajiSaved Rescued Close Friend Survivor Safe
NajibExcellent Noble Intelligent Of High-born Parentage
NajihSuccessful Prosperous
NamdevLord Vishnu Poet Saint
NaqiClean Pure
NaqidFault-finder Critic Reviewer
NareshLord of Man The King The King of the Country
NaseemFresh Air Breeze
NaseerDefender Supporter Success Helper Protector Granting Victory One who Helps
NashatJoy Cheer Cheerfulness Energy
NasihAdvisor Well-wisher Counsellor
NasimBreeze Breath of Fresh Air
NasirDefender Supporter Success Protector Granting Victory
NatiqEndowed with Speech Eloquent Spokesperson Talker Speaker Rational Categorical (Decision)
NawfalGenerous Old Arabic Word for the Sea
NazeefPure Clean Innocent Neat and Clean Chaste Neat
NazihPure Chaste
NazimEmperor Poet Arranger Organizer Adjuster
NazirObserver Supervisor Little Insignificant Warner Similar Comparable Another Name for the Quran One who Preaches
NihalGratified Delighted Happy Prosperous King Blissful Person
NikhilWhole Prithvi Complete Entire
NiranjanSimple Name of a River The Night of the Full Moon Lord Shiva Flawless
NishitMidnight Silence
NitinMaster of the Right Path New Owner of the Truth Way Cool
NizzarAttention to Details Keen-eyed
NoohA Prophet's Name The Biblical Noah is the English Language Equivalent Name of Prophet
NuaymName of Several of the Prophet's Companions
NumairPanther Baby Tiger
NuriLight My Fire Shining Brightness
NusaybName of a Black Slave who Fought in the Early Wars of the Islam

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