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SaadLight Good Luck Lucky Variant of Sa'ad Felicity Good Fortune Support A Companion of the Prophet
SaadatHappiness Prosperity Good Fortune Blessing Auspiciousness Honour
SabahatBeauty Grace Handsome
SabeehBeautiful Pretty Handsome A Narrator of Hadith
SaburahNarrator of Hadith
SadaqatSincerity Truth
SadeedPertinent Relevant
SadiqKingly Friend Sincere Truthful Origin Muslim Truthful
SadrStart Forefront Dawn Bosom Prime The Highest Part
SaeedPriestly Happy Fortunate Prosperous Lucky Rivulet Blissful Auspicious
SaffarCoppersmith An Authority of Hadith
Safiy-AllahAllah's Chosen One
SafiyyChosen One
SaharSun Dawn Morning Time Before Day Break Bewitch
SahibThe Lord Companion Follower Friend
SahirMagician Lord Shiva Wakeful
SahmDart Arrow
SaibForsaken Abandoned Appropriate Correct The Wind Coming with Rain
SairWalking Going on Foot
SajiA Scholar had this Name
SajidProstrator Adotar One who Worships God
SajjadWorshipper of Allah One who does Much Prostrations Obedient Kneeling in Prayer
SalahGoodness Mission Sending Goodness Origin Muslim Righteousness of the Faith
SaleemHealthy Tranquillity Peaceful Origin African Sound Unimpaired Sane Sincere
SalehGood Suitable Righteousness
SalimHappy Peaceful Safe Sound Tranquillity Another Name for God Perfect Healthy Secure Free
SalmanSafe Name of a Friend of Ali Peaceable
SaltNarrator of Hadith Ibn Bahram had this Name
SameerWind Breeze Early Morning Fragrance Cool Entertainer Jovial Entertaining Companion
SamehThe One who is Forgiving Lord Krishna Forgiver
SamiHigh Sublime Similar Noble All Hearing Elevated Another Name for God Listener Obedient Lofty Supreme
SamirWind Pleasant Companion A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation Jovial Early Morning Fragrance Entertaining Companion Breeze Entertainer
SanawbarA Cone-bearing Tree Fir Pine
SanjayVictory Lord Shiva Dhritarashtra's Charioteer Triumphant Caring
SariyahClouds at Night Column Name of a Female Companion
SarmadWhich has a Beginning or End
SarwarPromotion Chief Leader Joy Delight
SawaSame Equal
SawadBlackness Skill
SawlatCommanding Personality Influence
SawwafWool Stapler Wool Dealer
SayfiyyConcerning Sword
SayidMaster Happy Lord
SayyarMobile Constantly on the Move
SeifSword Brave Sword of Religion
ShabibA Scholar who Wrote about Spelling in the Quran Ibn Shabib
ShafaatIntercession Recommendation Mediation
ShafiqSoft Hearted Kind Compassionate Tender Beneficent Affectionate Soft Pardoning
ShafqatAffection Compassion Kindness Tenderness
ShahThe King Shah Emperor
Shah-NawazFriend of King
ShahidPatriot Witness
ShahrukhConcerning Monarchy Concerning Monarchy
ShajeeCourageous Bold
ShakirThankful Grateful
ShameemScent Fragrance Odour
ShamelComplete Comprehensive
ShamsFragrance With Faith A Planet Sun
ShanPride Prestige Old Famous Respected Wise One Old Wise Dignity Splendour
ShankarLord Shiva
ShaqeeqPart Half Piece Real Brother Name of a Sahabi
SharaheelNarrator of Hadith Ibn Abdul Hameed had this Name
SharifHonest Noble Illustrious Honourable One Distinguished
ShariqIntelligent Radiant Bright
ShatrunjayOne who Overcomes Enemies
ShaukatPower Dignity Grandeur
ShaybahAged Grey Haired Old
ShibliMawlana Shibli Numani was a Great Scholar and Writer
ShihabFlame Blaze Lord Shiva
ShivLord Shiva Auspicious Lucky
ShoaibProphet of Islam A Prophet's Name
ShuaybProphets Name
ShujaBrave Bold Valour
ShurahbeelNarrator of Hadith
ShurayhNarrator of Hadith
SikandarLord of Perfection Name of a Famous Sovereign
SilahArms Armour Weapons
SimakArcturus Star
SirajLamp Light Beam Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
SiwarBracelet Arm Ring
SofianSand Sand Storm Devoted
SohailMoon-glow Star Moonlight From Muslim Gentle Ease Name of Star
SomduttThe Moon Similar to Som
SuhaybOf Reddish Hair or Complexion Reddish Hair Reddish or Sandy (Hair)

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