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TahaBest Pure Skilful Another Name for the Prophet Muhammad Pious Name of a Surah in the Quran Name of a Surah in Holy Quran
TahawwurRashness Temerity Intrepidity
TahilRoyal Son of Jaya
TahirHoly Chaste Modest Clean Pure Innocent Unsullied Untouched From Muslim Virtuous
TahoorRashness Purity
TahseenAppreciation Acclaim
TalalNice Dew Fine Rain Nice Admirable
TalatPrayer Countenance
TaliRising Ascending Going Up Rising Star My Dew
TalibDivine Seeker Another Name for God One who Longs or Wishes Sender (of Truth) Student Lover The Seeker of Truth
TameemPerfect Complete
TameezSense Manners Discretion
TamkeenDignity Gravity From Muslim
TanweerEnlightening Illuminating Radiant
TaqiyyRighteous Pious
TariqMorning Star Name of a Star An 8th Century Islamic Military Leader who Conquered Spain for the Moors A Late Visitor
TasawwarConception Idea
TaseenA Name of the Prophet (SAW)
TasneenHeavenly Fountain
TawfeeqSuccess Reconciliation Divine Help or Guidance Enabling Inner Motivation
TawqirHonour Great Respect High Regard
TaysirMakes Easier Facilitation
TayyebDelicate Good
ThabitFirm Strong
ThalabahNarrator of Hadith
ThamanName of a God Price Worth
ThaqibShooting Star Piercing Glistening
ThaubanTwo Garments
ThumamahMillet Plant
TilakAuspicious Spot of Vermillion or Sandal Wood Paste on Forehead
ToobaGood News
TufaylSmall Child Baby
TulaybConcerning a Seeker

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