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AabirahFleeting Transitory Ephemeral
AabishDaughter of Sa'ad She was a Queen of Irqan
AadhayaFirst Power
AaditaFrom the Begining
AadrikaGoddess Mountain
AafreenEncouragement Sun Brave Acclaim
AahaladitaBubbling with Delight
AaidahNarrator of Hadith
AainaMirror Reflection
AakashiSky Colour
AakifahDevoted Dedicated
AalimahWoman Scholar Authority
AaliyaHigh Tall Towering Excellent
AaliyahSunshine Bright To Ascend High Lofty Sublime Highly Exalted Tall Towering The High Exalted One
AamilahRighteous Doer of Good Deeds
AaminahSafe Secured Name of the Beloved Mother of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
AamirahInhabiting in a Place
AanchalShelter Protective Shelter of Mother
AaniFatimah Khatoon Female She was a Literary Woman and a Poetess in Qastaniniyah
AanisahYoung Lady Maiden
AaptiCompletion Fulfilment
AaraadhanaWorship Prayer
AaratiTowards the Highest Love for God Form of Worship Divine Fire in Ritual
AaratrikaDusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant
AarifahKnowing Women who Recognises (Islam)
AarpitTo Donate
AartiPrayer Form of Worship
AaruniLine on Any Particular Raaga from Tamil Dawn
AasaHope Aspiration
AashaWish Hope
AashalathaCreeper of Hope
AashimaOne who is Full of Hope
AashiyanaBeautiful Home Small Dwelling Nest
AashnaHope Devoted to Love
AatamgoshInner Light
AathmikaRelated to Aathma or Soul Related to Aatma
AatiqahShoulder (Support) Old
AatmeshwarSelfe Respect Self Respect
AbasahDaughter of Al-mahdi who was Distinguished Among her Contemporaries
AbedWorshipper Adorer Worshiper
AbeedahWorshipper Narrator of Hadith Daughter of Nabil had this Name
AbeerahRose Sandal Saffron Mixed Together in a Fragrance
AbhaShining Luster Glorious Beauty Lustre Shine More or Most Beautiful More Splendid
AbhidhaName Word Sound Literal Meaning
AbhijitaVictorious Woman
AbhilasaDesire Wish
AbhimanyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat Son of Arjuna A Warrior
AbhinayaExpression Actress Action
AbhinithiThat which is Already been Performed Friendship
AbhiprithiFull of Love
AbhiramiGoddess Gouri Goddess Parvati
AbhisriTo Spread Brightness Surrounded by Glory Shining Powerful
AbidaWorshippers Adorers She who Worships
AbigailHead of a Monastery Father's Joy Gives Joy The Intelligent Father of Exaltation Father in Rejoicing
AbjaBorn in Water
AboliA Flower
AchalaStill Immovable Steady Mountain
AciraBrief Swift Fast
AdhijMaster King
AdhikaMore Greater
AdhiraImpatient Lightning
AdhitaA Scholar
AdhyaSunday First Power
AdikaviFirst Poet
AditeyaAnother Name for the Sun Child of Aditi
AdithiFreedom Safety Abundance Guest
AdrijaOf the Mountain Daughter of Himalaya Goddess Durga / Laxmi / Parvathi
AdyaToday First Unparalleled 1st Preference Good Beginning
AfafChastity Virtuous Decent Pure
AfeerahCovered with Soil or Dust
AfifahChaste Pure Another Name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra Modest
AfraWhite Colour of Earth Young Deer Dust Praise The Maple Tree Dust-coloured Young Doe Whitish Red
AgnishikhaFlames of Fire
AgrimaAdvance Leadership
AhalyaWife of Rishi Gautam Women Rescued by Lord Rama
AhlamWitty One who has Pleasant Dreams Imaginative She with the Beauty of Dreams
AhmadHighly Praised Commendable Most Praiseworthy Much Praised One of Many Names of the Prophet Muhammad Most Highly Adored
AieshaWoman Alive She who Lives Life Lively Perfect (Women)
AigharReligious Righteous Woman
AishaLiving Prosperous Lively Woman Life She is Life Alive Wife of Prophet Muhammad Joy Happiness
AjalaBeliever of Allah Eternal The Earth
AjantaEternal Fame A Famous Buddist Cave
AjeebahNarrator of Hadith She was the Daughter of Muhammad Al-baqadari
AjeetaInvincible Unconquerable
AjmalPious Extremely Beautiful Handsome
AkaneSomeone You cannot Stop Loving Brilliant Red
AkhilaComplete Beauty

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