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AkifahIntent Busy
AksharaUnalterable Letter
AkshitaPermanent Unfailing Wonder Girl Seen Wonderful Girl Constant
AkshyaLove Immortal God Unlimited
AkulaTranscendental Without Cast Goddess Parvati
AlaknandaA River in the Himalayas Flawless
AliGod Excellent Noble Sublime Light Lofty To Ascend Exalted One Also Mohammad's Son-in-law Elevated Noble and Shining Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Bee
AlishaGod Gifted Protected by God
AlkaDiamond A Girl with a Lovely Hair Lock of Curly Hair
AlmasA Diamond Adamant Brightness
AlpanaDecorative Design Beautiful
AmalExpectation Bird Hard Work Bright Clean Pure Unblemished Hope Aspiration Wish
AmaniPeace Wishes Aspiration Belief Faith Road One who Shows the Path
AmatullahFemale Servant of Allah Slave of Allah
AmbaGoddess Durga
AmbalikaMother One who is Sensitive
AmbarSky Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone Ambergris
AmbikaName of Goddess Durga Goddess Parvati
AmbujaProduces in Water The Lotus Born of a Lotus Goddess Lakshmi
AmitaFriend Truth Boundless Limitless
AmiyaNectar Delight
AmlaThe Pure One Goddess of Wealth (Lakshmi)
AmmarahAn Inhabitant
AmodaAmusement Gladdening Joy Strong Perfume Happiness
AmodiniHappy Girl Joyful
AmrapaliGuardian of the Mango Tree Famous Courtesan who Became a Devotee of Buddha
AmritaJoy of Love Immortality Nectar
AmritkalaNectarine Art
AmulyaPriceless Invaluable Princess
AnahitaFull of Grace Graceful
AnamikaThe One without a Name Ring-finger Person who does Not have Name
AnandalakshmiGoddess of Lakshmi
AnandiniBlissful Joyful
AnandmayeeFull of Happiness
AnasuyaRain Without Spite or Envy Wife of Rishi Atri
AnaumBlessing of Allah
AnaviPeace Loving Kind to People
AnbarPerfume Ambergris Barn or Granary
AnbuvalliKind Love
AnchalValley Hamlet The Decorative End of a Sari
AnchitaHonoured Worshipped
AneezahFemale Goat
AnemoneType of Flower Wind
AngarikaA Flame-coloured Flower-palash Flame of the Forest
AnikaGrace Favour Apricot from Nara Army Brilliance Form Goddess Durga God is Gracious God has Shown Favour
AnilPuriest Wind God of Wind Immaculate Being
AnilaWind Air
AnimaThe Power of Becoming Minute Soul Anger Courage Essence Feeling Mind Passion Spirit Small
AnindithaVirtuous Venerated
AnishaPure Grace Continuous Day Supreme Variant of Anne or Agnes
AnishaaOne whose Life has No Darkness
AnitaGrace Favour Without Guile Leader
AnjaliJoin Hands Palms Together Offering with Both Hands An Angel Offering
AnjanaDusky Mother of Hanuman
AnjuliWorshipped Blessings In Conquerable
AnjumA Token Stars Star Angel
AnkitaBaby of Sun Marked Lovable Conquered A Signet Symbol Signet
AnnapoornaGoddess of Grains
AnnapurnaGoddess Parvati Generous with Food
AnnieGrace Favoured God is Gracious God has Shown Favour Diminutive of Ann Frequently Used as an Independent Name
AnnikaGrace Sweet Faced Different God is Gracious God has Shown Favour Goddess Durga
AnnuA Prefix Atom
AnshikaMinute Particle Part of Parents
AnshulaRadiant Bright Enlightening Sunny
AntaraRelated Intimate Soul Heart The Second Note in Hindustani Classical Music
AnuAn Atom A Prefix
AnujaYounger Brother A Girl with Beauty of Pure Heart Younger Sister
AnulaNot Wild Gentle
AnulekhaOne who Follows Destiny
AnupamaIncomparable Rare Precious Ginger Matchless Unique Unparalleled Without Equal Beautiful
AnuradhaName of a Star Bright Star
AnushaFollowing Desires The Universe Beautiful Morning A Star
AnushkaA Term of Endearment Favour Grace Lord Durga's Name
AnusriGlorious Famous

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