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FadilahVirtuous Outstanding Superior Cultured and Refined Distinguished Learned Virtue
FahmidaIntelligent and Wise
FaiqahExcellent Surpassing
FaizahVictorious Winner Obtaining Successful
FakhirahSplendid Elegant
FakhrGlory Honour Pride
FakhtahA Dove
FalaqBreak of Dawn Daybreak Dawn
FalguniBorn in Falgun A Hindu Month Arjun Grater Flower
FaqirahWife of Murrah Al-asadi Name of a Beautiful Woman (Wife of Murrah Al-asadi)
FarahGlory Happiness Cheerfulness Beautiful Joyful Lovely Pleasant Good Looking Traveller
FarhatHappiness Joy Mirth Bliss Decent Propriety Cheer Pleasure
FaridahUnique Matchless Precious Pearl or Gem Proud Pride
FarihahHappy Joyful Cheerful Glad Brisk Swift
FarkhandahLucky Happy
FarqadName of a Star
FarrukhBlessed Auspicious Young Bird Sprout Beautiful Happy Fortunate
FarzanaIntelligence Wise
FaseelahSome Distance
FatimahAccustom Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad One of Four Perfect Women Mentioned in the Koran The Other Three were Aisha Khadijah And Mary
FatinahCaptivating Alluring Enchanting Intelligent
FidaSacrifice Redemption Devoting Oneself for Another
FirdawsHighest Garden in Paradise Garden Paradise
FreyaGoddess of Love Queen of the Gods Beloved Lady Noble Woman High-born Lady Mistress
FudaylScholar Learned
FurayahWell-built Attractive
FusaylahSome Distance
FuseelahNarrator of Hadith

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