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HaadiyaaGuide to Righteousness
HabibahBeloved Sweetheart Darling Loved One
HaboosName of a Kind and Benevolent Noble Lady who Lived in Lebanon
HaimiGolden Goddess Parvati Snow
HajjahNarrator of Hadith Daughter of Murrah
HajnaThe Daughter of Nusayb She was a Poetess Gracious Merciful
HakimahJudicious Wise
HameshaEver Always
HamidahPraiseworthy Praising Allah Appreciative
HamnahNarrator of Hadith Daughter of Jahsh Al-asdiyah
HamsaSwan Swan Hamsavahini
HanaBrahma Happiness Flower Blossom Graceful Merciful Grace of God Unexpected Fortune Love Favourite A Type of Flower Felicity Form of Johanna
HanfaName of the Wife of Sayyidina Ismail
HaniHappy Content Delighted Droplet
HaniahBliss Happiness Pleasant Agreeable
HaniyaPleased Happy Encampment Resting Place
HannahGracious Grace Grace of God Favour God has Favoured Me Mother of Samuel Affection Favoured Grace
HansaveniAnother Name for Saraswathi
HansdhwaniVocal Sound of Swan
HarigangaBlessed by Lord Vishnu Ganga of Vishnu
HarimantiBorn in the Season of Hemanta
HariniBeautiful Like Deer Who's Really Good at Math Female Deer Lakshmi Wife of Lord Vishnu Deer Like
HaripriyaConsort of Lord Vishnu Lakshmi
HarshadaGiver of Joy or Pleasure One who Brings Happiness Giver of Joy
HarshalLover Glad
HarshithaHappiness Full of Joy
HasinaGood Cheerful Beautiful Pretty
HasitaDelighted Happy Full of Laughter
HasnaLaughing Beautiful Pretty
HatishaWith No Desire
HayrahNarrator of Hadith from the Generation After the Companions (an)
HazimahWomen Companion of the Prophet (SAW)
HeerDiamond Generous and Understanding
HeerkaniSmall Diamond
HemaGold Golden
HemakshiGolden Eyes
HemalataGolden Creeper
HemangiGolden Body
HemanginiGirl with Golden Body
HemaniGoddess Parvati
HemashriOne with Golden Body
HemavatiGoddess Parvati
HemkantaGolden Girl
HemlataGolden Creeper
HenaFlower On who is Polite A Flower Troubling
HeraQueen of Gods
HibahGift Grant Donation A Gift from God
HibatullahGift of God Gift of Allah
HijabVeil Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad
HimaHima Snow Winter Bindu
HimajaGoddess Parvati
HimaniParvati Snow
HindIndia Hundred Camels Proper Name Land of Hindus
HindahWife of Abu Sufyan
HindolaA Raga
HiraDiamond Another Name for Lakshmi
HiralBearer of Diamonds Lustrous
HiranyaWealth Gold A Precious Metal Golden
HiranyadhaGiving Gold
HirooAnother Word for Diamond
HitaBeneficial Lovable Good Manners
HolikaComparison Lighting of Ceremonial Fire
HoorA Celestical Virgin of Paradise Nymph A Virgin Maiden of Paradise for Its Dwellers
HridyaSweetheart Heart
HubayshahPoetess Daughter of Hubaysh Al-aamiriyah
HubbaDaughter of Maalik Bin Amr Al-adwaniyah was a Beautiful Woman
HudaRight Guidance Another Name for Quran
HumaBird of Paradise Daughter of King Bahman and Mother of Darab Gold An Imaginary Bird
HumairaReddish One who Strives to Achieve her Best
HumaydahNarrator of Hadith
HusnaBeautiful A Belle
HymaGoddess Parvathi

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