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IdhikaGoddess Parvati
IhaThe Earth Wish
IhitaDesir Goddess Durga Fighter Beauty Queen
IkshanaSight Pretty
IksuraSugarcane Fragrant Grass
IlavalagiYoung and Beautiful
IlavenilBrilliant Spring Youthful
ImanName of a Raga Faithful Faith Belief Believer of Faith
ImaniTrustworthy Faith Believer or Faith Belief Powerful
ImtihalObedience Polite
InaamKing of the Earth Reward Favour Prize Act of Kindness Benefaction Bestowal Present
InasCapable Sociability Able Strong Bold Powerful Sweet Voice Music Geniality
IndiraGoddess Lakshmi
IndrakshiOne with Beautiful Eyes
IndraniWife of Indra
IndrathaPower and Dignity of Indra
IndrayaniThe Name of a Sacred River
IndujaNarmada River
IndumukhiMoon Like Face
InkuraliSweet Voice
InuCharming Lovely Handsome Attractive
IraWatchful Wind Descendants Vigilant Alert Earth Goddess Saraswati
IshaOne who Protects Goddess Durga The Female Energy Woman Faculty Power Another Name of Durga
IshanaLord Vishnu Rich Goddess Durga The Female Energy
IshaniGoddess Durga Parvati Wife of Lord Shiva
IshanyaNorth East
IshiGoddess Durga
IshikaSacred Sacred Paint Brush The Queen of Water and Mountain Lovely
IshitaDesired Goddess Superior Mastery Wealth Form of Goddess Durga
IshratAffection Society Familiar and Pleasant Talk Happiness Wish Enjoyment Gaiety
IshwariGoddess God Gift
IshyaThe Spring Season Spring
IvyClimber Ivy Plant An Evergreen Climbing Ornamental Plant A Vine God's Gift Fragrant Climbing Vine Plant Yew A Creeper
IzzPower Might Honour The Daughter of Al-haytam Muhammad Bin Al-haysam was so Named
IzzAnnisaShe was a Narrator of Hadith

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