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JaanLife Soul God is Gracious
JabalahNarrator of Hadith Daughter of Musafh
JabeenForehead River Ganga
JagadambaMother of the Universe
JagadambikaGoddess Durga
JaganmataMother of the World
JaganmayeeGoddess Lakshmi
JaganmohiniGoddess Durga
JagathiThe Earth Of the Universe
JagatiOf the Universe Gifted with Speed Bestowed with Speed
JagrutiAwareness Awakening Vigilance
JahdamahShe was a Female Companion of the Prophet SAW
JailekhaA Record of Victory
JaimalaGarland of Victory
JaishreeVictory of Lord Rama Honour of Victory
JaisudhaNectar of Victory
JalabalaA River
JaladhiCrocodile Treasure of Water
JalahasiniSmile of Water
JalanhiliAs Blue as Water
JalbalaLotus Flower
JalelaGoddess of Water
JalpoornaFull of Water
JamilahBeautiful Graceful Elegant
JanaknandiniDaughter of King Janak Goddess Sita
JananiMother Tenderness
JanhaviRiver Ganga
JanishaDi-speller of Ignorance
JankiGoddess Sita
JariyahName of a Ashb-as-suffa Slave Girl
JarulFemale Offspring Flower Queen
JasminJasmine Flower A Flower Name from the Older Form Jessamine A Flower Name God's Gift Jasmime Flower
JasminaJasmine Flower
JasodaWho Donates Fame Mother of Lord Krishna
JasodharaMother of Lord Buddha
JasrahNarrator of Hadith Daughter of Dijajah Al-amiriyah A
JayaVictorious Victory Goddess Durga
JayalakshmiGoddess of Victory
JayalaksmiGoddess Lakshmi Representing Success
JayamalaGarland of Victory
JayaniConqueror Lord Krishna A Sakti of Ganesha
JayantiVictorious Goddess Parvati
JayashreeGoddess of Victory The Goddess of Victory
JayashriGoddess of Victory
JaynaGod is Gracious Jehovah has been Gracious Victory
JayshriThe Goddess of Victory
JeelSilent Lake
JeevalFull of Life
JeevankalaArt of Life
JehannazPride of Universe
JenniferWhite Wave Fair One Fair and Smooth Soft Smooth Soft and Smooth White Phantom White Spirit Pure and Yielding White and Smooth
JhalakGlimpse Spark Sudden Motion
JignaIntellectual Curiosity
JigyaCuriosity to Know
JilpaLife Giving
JishaThe Person Having the Highest Feelings for Living
JivantaTo Give Life
JivantikaOne who Gives Life
JiyaLife Sweet Heart Luck
JoshikaYoung Maiden
JowakiA Firefly
JuhiJasmine Flower
JuiA Flower
JuliaYouthful Soft Haired Down-bearded Youth Jove's Child Youth Descended from Jupiter (Jove) Soft Bearded God is Gracious
JumaFriday Holy Day
JumaanaSilver Pearl
JumaymahName of a Female Companion
JumaynahGem Companion
JuwariyahWife of the Prophet SAW
JyothishmathiGoddess Durga
JyotiLove Light Flame Lamp Head of Candle
JyotikaLight A Flame
JyotsanaRadiant Like Flames

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