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RaakaFull Moon
RababWhite Cloud
RabitahBond Tie
RachanaWriter Creation
RachitaPrepared Creator
RachnaConstruction Arrangement
RadhikaSuccessful Prosperous Radha Lover of Krishna
RafiahExalted Exquisite Sublime
RafiqahFriend Companion
RaghibahDesirous Desiring
RahatRest Response Comfort Relief
RahilahOne who Travels
RaiqahClear Pure Undisturbed
RaitahNarrator of Hadith
RajaKing Sand Silvery Emotion Affection Hope Royal King-queen Hopeful
RajiyahHoping Full of Hope
RakhiThread of Brother-sister Bonding
RakhshanDazzling Bright Shining
RamaaGoddess Lakshmi
RambhaName of an Apsara
RamonaAdvice Decision Decision and Protector Wise Guardian Counsel Protection Might Protector
RanjanaEntertaining Coloring Entertainment Delight
RashiCute Wealth Money Beautiful Collection Sun Sign Collection of Wealth Sign
RashmiSun Rays A First Ray of Sun A Ray of Light
RasnaTongue Speech The Tongue
RatnaGem Gold Pearl Precious Stone
RatnabaliString of Pearls
RatnapriyaLover of Jewels
RaviprabhaLight of the Sun
RebhaSings Praises
RekhaLine Artwork Beauty The Heart of God Limit
RenuMolecule Particle Earth Born of Dust Atom Universe
RenukaBorn of Dust The Mother of Parasurma The Sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu Wife of Jamadagni Rishi
ReshamSilk Soft
RevaSweat Heart A Star Another Name of River Narmada One who Snares
RevatiWife of Balarama A Star
RijuInnocent Helpful
RishikaOne who is Knowledgeable Saint Saintly
RitaPearl Child of Light Variant of Margaret Brave Honest Way of Life
RohiniLotus that Blooms in Moonlight A Star Name of Nakshatra Lord Chandra (Moon)
RoonaRed Colour Lakshmi
RoshiniPowerful Light Brightness
RubinaThe Red Gemstone Red Ruby Flower Red-coloured Precious Stone
RudrabhiraviGoddess Durga
RuhaniSpiritual Sacred Divine
RujulaWho Endows Wealth Lakshmi Soft
RunaSecret Love To Flow Sixth Month Secret Lore
RupaBeauty Silver
RupasiBeautiful Lady

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