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TabalahNarrator of Hadith She was the Daughter of Yazid
TabanSplendid Glittering
TabassumA Flower Smile- Happiness
TahseenahAcclaim Appreciation
TajCrown Jewel
TalhahNarrator of Hadith
TaliRising Ascending Going Up Rising Star My Dew
TamalikaBelonging to a Place Full of Tamal
TamannaWish Desire A Bird
TamaraiLotus Flower Beautiful
TamburaA Musical Instrument
TameemahPoetess Ahban Al-absiyah
TanmayiEcstasy Concentrate Ecstasy in Sanskrit and Telugu
TansiBeautiful Princess
TanushreeBeauty Beautiful
TanweerEnlightening Illuminating Radiant
TanyaWorthy of Praise Of the Family Fairy Princess
TanzilBeautification of Paradise
TapasyaProduced by Heat Prayer Meditation Being Austere
TapniGodavari River in India
TaraA Star The Name of a Buddhist Goddess Hill Tower Crag Rocky Hill The Pupil of the Eye A Hill Where the Kings Met Wife of Lord Brihaspati
TarakeshwariName of a River
TaralHoneybee To Flow
TaranaRescuing Saving A Musical Composition
TaraniBoat Sun Goddess Earth
TarannumSinging Beautiful Melody Composition
TariniGoddess Parvati
TarjaniRing Finger The First Finger
TarpanaSatiating Refershing
TarulataA Creeper
TarunaYoung Young Girl
TashaBorn on Christmas Day A Short Form of Natsha Young Girl Form of Natalie
TaybahGood and Pure
TejaProwess Radiant
TejasviEnergetic Gifted Brilliant
TejaswiniRadiant Lustrous
TetaInnocent Beauty
ThaminahGenerous Precious
TharaStar Wealth
TharyaPious Woman
ThenralCool Breeze Encouraging
ThirumagalGoddess Lakshmi
ThulasiHoly Plant with Sweet Fragrance
ThwishaaRadiance Brightness Beauty
TimilaA Musical
TinaRiver Clay War Like Constant Christian Woman Holy Pure Anointed Little One Follower of Christ An Instrument
TistaA River A Tributary of Ganga River Located in North India
TiyaA Bird Parrot
ToshalOne who Walks with Everyone Association
ToyaWater Toy
TreyaWalking in Three Paths
TridharaThe River Ganga
TrijagatiGoddess Parvati
TrikayaThree Dimentional
TrinetraLord Shiva Another Name Three Eyed Goddess Durga
TriputaGoddess Durga
TrishaVictory Noble Abbreviation of Patricia Noble Woman Patrician Desire Thirst Female Version of Patrick Aristocratic the Three Goddesses Shakthi Aristocratic
TruptiSatisfaction Satiated-ness
TulasiVictory A Sacred Plant Basil
TulayhahNarrator of Hadith Daughter of Rabiah Bin Al-harish
TulsiThe Incomparable One Sacred Plant
TuranyaTo be Swift
TuryaDiamond Spiritual Power
TustiPeace Happiness
TvarikaSwift Quick
TvishiRay of Light Energy Brilliance
TynaRiver Anointed An Instrument Christ's Follower

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