Spanish Baby Names - Page 2

Spanish Names for Boy        Spanish Names for Girl
AngelitaGirl Nobility Noble Kind Softer Small Winged One Sincere Healing
Anita Girl
AnselmaGirl Female Version of Anseim Introduced from Germany by 11th Century St Anselm
AnselmoBoy Divine Protection God's Helmet Divine Helmet
AntoniaGirl Comely Helmet of God Feminine of Anselm Godly Helmet

AntonioBoy Spanish Form of Anthony Beyond Praise
ApolinarBoy Brave Of a Man Warrior Masculine Manly
AraceliGirl Altar Of The Sky
AracelisGirl Defender Nobility The Supreme Spirit Mother Noble Kind True to All
AracelyGirl Inestimable Highly Praiseworthy Beyond Praise Invaluable
ArceliaGirl Noble Friend Elf Brilliance Brightness Height Exalted Battle
AriadnaGirl Combination of Anna and Belle Beautiful Graceful Easy to Love
AristidesBoy The Best Kind
ArmandoBoy Will Helmet Resolute Protector Will Son of William
ArmidaGirl Noble Friend Elf Brilliance Brightness Height Exalted Battle
ArsenioBoy Army Man Soldier
ArtemioBoy Little Eagle
ArturoBoy God has Shown Favour Diminutive of Ann Frequently Used as an Independent Name
AsdrubalBoy Warm Burning with Enthusiasm
AtilioBoy Bowman An English Surname The Archer Noteworthy and Valorous
AugustoBoy Prosperous Guardian Old Friend From the Old Meadow
AurelioBoy Noble Strength
AuroraGirl Dawn
AzenethGirl Warm Burning with Enthusiasm
AzucenaGirl Madonna Lily
BaldomeroBoy Bold Brave
Baltasar Boy
BasilioBoy Noble Royal Kingly Rose
BaudelioBoy Bird Believed to have been Introduced During the Norman Conquest Like a Bird
BautistaBoy Smiling
BeatrizGirl Traveller The One that Makes the Others Happy
BenignaGirl Form of Augustus Revered Exalted Worthy of Respect Great Magnificent
BenignoBoy Kind Friendly
BenitaGirl Pretty Very Beautiful Attractive Beautiful Serpent Blessed Good Person
BenitoBoy Derived from the English Place Name
BernardaGirl The Ensnarer One who Snares Traps Bound Husband
BernardinoBoy Derived from the English Place Name
BernarditaGirl The Ensnarer One who Snares Traps Bound Husband
BernardoBoy Born of the Right Hand Form of Benjamin Son Blessed
BertaGirl Famous Noble Splendid Shining Pledge Bright Ruler Glorious Bright or Glorious
BethaniaGirl Noble Bear Rock Adherent of the Goddess Artemis
BibianaGirl Warm Burning with Enthusiasm

BienvenidaGirl Welcome
BlancaGirl Will Helmet Protect
BlasBoy A Dancing Song Brave and Strong
BonifacioBoy Bright Fame Bright Renown Strange Foreign
BrigidaGirl To Help The Exalted One
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