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Spanish Names for Boy        Spanish Names for Girl
AbilioGift of God Yahweh is My Father
AdalbertoCraftsman Carpenter
AdolfoFrom the Water Meadow Enchanting Cunning Charming

AlbertoNoble Bright Highborn Brilliant Nobly Famous
AleOld Wise Ruler Old Leader
AlejandroOld and Wise Protector Defender Old Friend
AlejoOld Aged and Wise Ruler Old Wise Leader
AlfonsoNoble And Ready
AlfredoSpanish Form of Alfred Elf Counsel
AlonsoSon of the Highborn
AmadoSublime Noble Friend Wise Friend
AmancioDefender of Mankind Helper Feminine of Alexander
AmandoPeace Friend Friend of Peace Holy Blessed Peace Fair Reconciliation
AmbrosioNoble Friend
AnacletoNoble Friend Intelligent From Alba A City on a White Hill
AnastasioSublime Noble Friend Wise Friend
AngelinoAristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes
AnselmoDivine Protection God's Helmet Divine Helmet
AntonioSpanish Form of Anthony Beyond Praise
ApolinarBrave Of a Man Warrior Masculine Manly
AristidesThe Best Kind
ArmandoWill Helmet Resolute Protector Will Son of William
ArsenioArmy Man Soldier
ArtemioLittle Eagle
ArturoGod has Shown Favour Diminutive of Ann Frequently Used as an Independent Name
AsdrubalWarm Burning with Enthusiasm
AtilioBowman An English Surname The Archer Noteworthy and Valorous
AugustoProsperous Guardian Old Friend From the Old Meadow
AurelioNoble Strength
BaldomeroBold Brave
BasilioNoble Royal Kingly Rose
BaudelioBird Believed to have been Introduced During the Norman Conquest Like a Bird
BenignoKind Friendly
BenitoDerived from the English Place Name
BernardinoDerived from the English Place Name
BernardoBorn of the Right Hand Form of Benjamin Son Blessed
BlasA Dancing Song Brave and Strong
BonifacioBright Fame Bright Renown Strange Foreign

BrunoArmour Protection
BuenaventuraA Stag Male Deer
CalistoBright Shield Wise Person
CalixtoGood Fair of Face Charming Cute Like Rabbit
CamiloFortress Lark Lovely Flower Most Beautiful Variant of Cayley Lovely
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