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Following is the meaning of Alard surname. Family name Alard is generally added after the name or middle name so also called last name.

Family Name / Last Name: Alard No. of characters: 5 Origin: Unknown Meaning: Shortened form of the ancient name of person Germanic Adelard (adal noble = + = strong hard, hard). In the Languedoc-Roussillon that the name is the most common. It is also found in the North and Belgium, especially under the forms Allard, Allart.

Alard is used as a family name or surname in many language. Alard is 5 characters long in length.

Alard is ranked 194227 in our list.

It is also used as a first name, know the meaning of Alard

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Alard is not so popular last name but still a prevalent family name common in France. On the other hand, it is more oftenly used in Belgium. Around 1791 people have been found who wears Alard as their family name. Alard is used widely across the globe. More detailed information can be found below: Countries with very very low frequency i.e., 1 - 10: 8 Ukraine 275,830 6 India 823,980 4 Australia 214,847 2 Scotland 24,766 2 Saudi Arabia 33,202 2 Luxembourg 6,266 1 Argentina 120,357 1 Brazil 169,904 1 Germany 172,258 1 New Caledonia 2,724 1 Pakistan 17,768 Countries with very low frequency i.e., 10 - 50: 42 Nicaragua 2,231 36 Sweden 26,164 21 Canada 116,847 17 Spain 81,586 16 England 155,219 Countries with low frequency i.e., 50 - 100: 77 United States 229,247 Countries with hundreds of people: 980 France 9,210 402 South Africa 15,361

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. Comments :Alard  Alard is a variant of alaric name the origin of this name is germaine this name comes from the agglutination of al words and ric is leading to almighty power obviously we're talking about here is any war it can not be otherwise both physical strength were highlighted, among the people who formed the European substratum. Celebrities having Alard surname
Carmen Alardin Poet
Jean-Delphin Alard Violinist
Nelly Alard Actress
Wilhelm Alard Author
Carmen Alardin Poet
Jean-Delphin Alard Violinist
Nelly Alard Actress

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