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The history of German last names is a fascinating topic. For many people, their last name is a reflection of their heritage and family history. German last names have a long and rich history dating back to the early days of the country.

Some of the most common German last names are Mueller, Schmidt, Weber, and Hoffmann. These names are derived from occupations such as miller, blacksmith, weaver, and innkeeper. Other common German last names include Bauer (farmer), Koch (cook), and Schulz (schoolteacher).

German last names can also be taken from places where families lived or owned land. For example, the name "Bach" comes from the German word for "stream," while "Wald" means "forest." Sometimes, German last names are even taken from the words for physical features like "Eck" (corner) or "Berg" (mountain).

Over time, many German families changed their last names to fit in with their new countries after emigrating. Today, there are millions of people around the world with German last names. Have a look at this list of German last names.

A'Hern Aatz Abbenhaus Abberger Abeler Abeling Abelmann Abeln Abend Abheiden Abold Absch
Achatz Achatzi Achilles Achim Achmann Acht Achtmann Ackermann Ackfeld Adameck Adameit Adamek Adamietz Adamitz Ademes Adenauer Adlberger Adler Adlung Adolphs Adomat Adomeit Aeckerle Aehling Aehnelt Aff Affeldt Agaoglu Agater Agatz Agsten Agster Agthe Ahland Ahlbach Ahlborn Ahlbrecht Ahlburg Ahlemann Ahlert Ahlheim Ahlhelm Ahlvers Ahmetovi Ahne Ahner Ahnert Ahrend Ahrendt Ahrweiler Ahuis Aichele Aicher Aichert Aichinger Airich Akca Akkerman Akkermann Albat Alberg Alburg Albus Alder Aldinger Alemanha Alemania Alfers Alfert Algermissen Alich Allefeld Allers Allert Allgaier Allmendinger
Allstadt Almanya Alscher Alter Altmann Altmeier Altmeyer Alwert Amberg Amberger Ambrosius Amelung
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