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The history of last names in the United States of America is a long and varied one. Last names were originally derived from a person's occupation, place of origin, or personal characteristics. Over time, these names became hereditary, passed down from one generation to the next.

It's believed that the first US family names were derived from English and French surnames. This makes sense, considering the early settlers of America were mostly from these countries. Over time, these names became Americanized, and many new families arrived from other parts of the world with their own unique surnames.

Today, there are many different ways to choose a last name. People can pick a name that has meaning to them, or they can opt for a more traditional surname. Whatever the case may be, last names are an important part of American culture and history. They can tell us a lot about our family history and where we come from. Do you know what your last name means?

Have a look at these surnames used in United States of America.

Aach Aakhus Aamodt Aamot Aamoth Aanerud Aanonson Aardahl Aardema Aarestad Aaronian Aarons
Aaronson Aarvig Aasand Aasby Aaseby Aasen Aasness Aavang Ababseh Abadjian Abajian Abalan Abany Abaray Abarno Abarta Abatangelo Abbadessa Abbarno Abbatello Abbatemarco Abbato Abbazia Abbene Abber Abbess Abbinanti Abbit Abbosh Abbruzzese Abbruzzi Abbuhl Abdelmasih Abdelnoor Abdill Abdouch Abeita Abelev Abell Abeloe Abelson Abent Abercia Aberegg Aberle Aberly Abernathey Abernathie Abernathy Aberth Aberts Abeyta Abhold Abilez Abinanti Abington Abitz Ablard Able Abnet Abodeely Aboff Aboona Abosch Aboulian Abounader Aboussie Aboutboul Abplanalp Abrahamson Abrahamzon Abrameit Abrames Abramowitz Abrams Abramsohn
Abrass Abray Abright Abriola Abrons Abruscato Abruzese Abruzzi Abruzzino Abruzzo Absey Abshear
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Last Names by countries

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