Swedish Baby Names - Page 1

Swedish Names for Boy        Swedish Names for Girl
AdamBoy Man
AdolfBoy Noble Wolf
AdrianBoy Dark One Rich
AgataGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing

AgdaGirl Lily Form of Susan Noble Form of Adelaide Noble and of Kind Spirit
AgnesGirl Chaste
AgnetaGirl Heroic Fire
Aina Girl
AlbertBoy Noble
AlbinBoy Mountain From Alba
AlexanderBoy Defending Men
AlexandraGirl Defender of mankind Feminine of Alexander
Alf Boy Elf
Alf Boy
AlfhildGirl Elf
AlfredBoy Elf
Alva Girl
AlvarBoy Elf
AmandaGirl Fit to be Precious Thing
AndersBoy Sublime Noble Friend Wise Friend
Andrea Girl
AndreasBoy Brave Of a Man Warrior Masculine Manly
Anita Girl
AnjaGirl Infamous Noble Man
AnnaGirl Angel Elder Brother
Anne Girl
AnnelieGirl Grace Favour
AnnikaGirl Grace Sweet Faced Different God is Gracious God has Shown Favour Goddess Durga
AnsgarBoy God
AntonBoy Spanish Form of Anthony Beyond Praise
AntoniaGirl Comely Helmet of God Feminine of Anselm Godly Helmet
Arne Boy Eagle
AronBoy On High A Prophet
ArturBoy Aristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes
ArvidBoy Eagle
AstaGirl Without Guile Leader
AstridGirl Noble Bear Rock Noble Strength Stone
AugustBoy Summer One of the Months in the Twele Months
BeataGirl Blessed
BeatriceGirl Blessed Bringer of Joy Voyager through Life She who Blesses

BengtBoy From the Land that was Burned From the Beautiful Fort
BeritGirl Born of the Right Hand Form of Benjamin Son Blessed
BernhardBoy Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood
BerntBoy Evening Time A Flower - Jasmine
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