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JaaneshLord of Men
JackGod is Gracious Son of Jack He who Supplants Diminutive of Jack
JagadeepLight of the World
JagadeeshThe Sun Light of the World
JagadeshKing of the Universe
JagadishLord of the Universe
JagajeevanLife of the World
JaganUniverse World
JagannathLord of the World Lord Vishnu
JagdeepLight of the Universe Light of the World
JagdishKing of the World
JagjeetWinner of the World One who Conquers the World of the Mind
JagjitWinner of the World
JaideepVictory to the Light
JaidevGod of Victory
JaiganeshVictorious Ganapati
JaikrishnaVictory of Lord Krishna
JaiprakashA Victorious Person who Gives Light to Everyone
JairajLord of Victory
JairamVictory of Lord Rama
JaishankarVictory of Lord Shiva
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