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PaamannanKing of Poetry
PaarVendanLeader Ruler of the World
PaavanPurifier Water
PaavendanKing of Poetry
PachaiYouthful Resourceful
PachaimaniYouthful Resourceful
PachaimuthuYouthful Resourceful
PadirilMan without Vices
PadmajLord Brahama
PadmanabhanLord Vishnu
PadmeshIntelligence Lord Vishnu
PagalavanSun Diurnal Radiant
PagavanLord Brahama Buddha
PaghunanGood Character
PagudhananWealthy Person
PagumanianHe will be Praised by Many
PalaniAbode of Lord Murugan
PalanikumarAnother Name for Lord Murugan
PalanimuruganAnother Name for Lord Murugan
PalanimuthuAnother Name for God Murugan
PalanisamiAnother Name for Lord Murugan
PalanivelAnother Name for Lord Murugan
PananSinger Messenger Lover
PandianSouth Indian Kings
PandiNadanFrom the Pandiya Naadu
PandiyanRuler of the Pandiya Naadu Pron Paandiyan
PandiyarajKing of the King
PanmoliSpeaks Sweetly
PanneerLike Milk
ParamanSupreme Highest
ParamasivanLord Shiva
ParameshLord Shiva
ParanBeauty Glory Ornament
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