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UdantikaGreat Satisfaction
UdayaRising Sun Create a Lord Dawn
UdayadiIntensifying Ever-increasing
UdhayaAnother Form of Udaya Dawn Rising Sun First Light
UdhayadiIntensifying Ever-increasing
UdiraMalarBright Flower
UdishaFirst Rays of the New Dawn
UjjwalaLighting Bright Lustrous
UjwalaLighting Bright
UlagaArasiQueen of the World
UlagammalMother of the World
UlagArasiQueen of the World
UllalagiWith Inner Beauty
UllasiniAlways Ecstatic Being Lucky
UmaGoddess Parvati Nation Mother Light Fame Reputation Education
UmadeviPretty Face
UmaraniQueen of Queen
UmayalGoddess Parvati
UmikaGoddess Parvati
UnmaiArasiHonest Girl Truthful
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