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AabheerA Cow-herd
AacharyaTeacher Another Name for Drona
AadeshCommand Message
AadiFirst Most Important
AadidevThe First God
AadinathGod Supreme Ruler of the Universe The First God
AaditeyaSon of Aditi
AadithyaThe Sun
AadrikRising Sun Between Mountains
AagneySon of the Fire God
AagneyaSon of Agni Son of the Fire
AakashThe Sky
AalekhLearned Shiva
AanandJoy Intelligent Happiness Delightful Blissful Happiness to Come
AandaleebThe Bulbul Bird
AaradhakWorshipper of God Worshiper
AarnavOcean Sea
AarogyaHealth Healthy Girl
AarushSunshine First Ray of Sun
AarvPeaceful Melodious Good Sound Music
AashritLord Vishnu
AashrithRuler Lard Vinayaka
AayushmanLong Life
AberassithanUnbeatable God
AbhavLord Shiva Having the Ability to be Diffrent
AbhayBrave Fearless
AbhigyaanSource of Knowledge
AbhihitaExpression Word Name
AbhijeetVictorious Lord Krishna
AbhijvalaBlazing Forth
AbhimanyuGod Arjuna's Son
AbhinabhasFamous Renowned
Abhinav-saiNew Things Discovered
AbhinayanFearless Eye
AbhinuBrave Man
AbhirajFearless King
AbhishekBlessing Shower of Milk or Water over an Idol An Auspicious Bath for a Deity Anointing Special Shower of Milk and Water over an Idol
AbhishikthBlessed by God
AbhisokaPassionate Loving
AbhisumatRadiant Another Name of Sun
AbhisyantaSplendid A Son of Kuru and Vahini
AbhiviraSurrounded by Heroes A Commander
AbhrakasinWith Clouds for Shelter An Ascetic
AbhyagniTowards the Fire A Son of Aitasa
AbhyudayaRising Sunrise Elevation Increase Prosperity
AbhyudhGood Learner
AbhyudhayNew Sun Rise
AbhyuditaElevated Prospered Raised
AbinavGood Listener
AbjayoniBorn of the Lotus Another Name for Brahma
AbjitConquering Water
AcalapatiLord of the Immovable Lord of Mountain
AcalendraLord of the Immovable The Himalayas
AcalesvaraGod of the Immoveable
AcandaNot of the Hot Temper Without Anger Gentle
AcaryaTeacher Another Name for Drona
AcaryanandanaSon of the Teacher
AcaryasutaSon of the Teacher
AcaryatanayaSon of the Teacher Son of Teacher Another Name for Asvatthaman
AcchindraFlawless Uninterrupted Perfect
AchalendraLord of the Immovable The Himalayas
AchalrajHimalayan Mountain
AchyutImperishable A Name of Vishnu Lord Krishna
AchyutaIndestructible Lord Vishnu
AchyutamImperishable A Name of Vishnu Similar to Achyut
AcintyaSurpassing Thought Incogitable
AdalarasuKing of Dance
AdharvaBeautiful Veda
AdheshtHighest Kingdom Bigger
AdhyanthBegin and End
AdisankaraSupreme God
AdiseshLord Vishnu
AditFrom the Beginning
AdityavardhanaIncreases Glory Augmented by the Sun
AdvaithNon-duality Unique
AdvaithaNon Duality
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