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LabhGain Advantage
LaduKing Sweet Laddu
LakshinLord Siva With Auspicious Marks
LakshmanProsperous Younger Brother of Rama
LakshmidharLord Vishnu
LakshmigopalLord Vishnu
LakshmikantVishnu Husband of Goddess Lakshmi
LakshmipatiHusband of Lakshmi
LakshmiramanLord Vishnu
LakshnaCharacteristic Decent
LalitadityaBeautiful Sun
LalitchandraBeautiful Moon
LalitmohanBeautiful and Attractive
LambakarnaLarge-eared Lord
LambodarLord Ganesh
LanibanLord Shiva
LaranThe Psychic Powers and Abilities of the Comyn Caste Theif
LathikVery Powerful
LatifGentle Pleasant Caress or Gentle Slap Generous Enigmatic Gracious Fine Refined Kind
LavSon of Lord Rama Love
LavanOne of Obidence
LavithLord Shiva
LavitraLord Shiva
LaxmanLord Rama's Brother
LeelakrishnaLord Krishna
LikhitWritten Lucky
LiladharLord Vishnu
LohendraLord of Three Worlds
LohitMetal Mind Soft Heart Red Made of Copper Mars Bramhaputra River
LohitakshLord Vishnu
LohitakshaLord Vishnu
LohitashwaOne with Red Horse Fire
LohithLord Shiva Beautiful
LohithaswaLord Shiva Weapon of Siva (Trishul) The Horse of Surya
LokajitConqueror of World
LokakritiCreator of the World
LokanetraEye of the World
LokapujyaWorshipped by the Universe Lord Hanumaan
LokbhushanOrnament of the World
LokeshGod King of World Lord Shiva Lord Brahma
LoknathLord of All Worlds Lord Vishnu
LokpradeepGautam Budha
LokprakashLight of the World
LokranjanLord Vishnu
LomashA Sage
LoshithLot of Love
LoveshLove Lovable Person
LucasBringer of Light A Region of Southern Italy Man from Lucania Light
LuckyFortunate A Region of Southern Italy A Sage The Ample of God Luckiest
LuhitName of a River
LukeshKing of the Empire
LuvSon of Lord Rama
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