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CauveryName of a River
ChahanaDesire Affection
ChahnaLove Like
ChairavaliFull Moon of Chaitra Month
ChaitaliBorn in the Month of Chaitra
ChaitalyName of an Ancient City
ChaithanyaActive Girl Divine Radiance
ChaithraPeace First Month of the Year Spring New Bright Light
ChaitraFirst Month of the Year Aries Sign 1st Month of a Year as Per Hindu Calender Usually the Month of Ugaadi Festival Another Name of Goddess Parvati
ChaitrikaFirst Month of the Year Spring Season
ChakoriAlert A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
ChalamaGoddess Parvati
ChamanthiFlower Name
ChameliJasmine A Creeper with Flowers
ChamiNice Good
ChampaSoothing A Flower
ChampabatiThe Daughter of an Ancient King Raja Sahil Verma The Capital
ChampakaliA Bud of Champa
ChampakavathiOwner of Champak Trees
ChampakmalaA Garland Made of Champa Flowers
ChampamaliniGarland of Champa Flower
ChampikaLittle Champa Flower
ChanchalaMoves Wind Lover Unsteady Lakshmi
ChanchariBird Vortex of Water
ChandaGod's Compassion Fierce Passionate Violent Moon
ChandanaSandalwood Soothing Dear to the Gods Sandal Wood Parrot
ChandaniStar A River Moonlight Silver Moon Light
ChandiGreat Goddess
ChandikaLike Moon Diminutive of Chandana
ChandiniMoon Star Moonlight Moon Light A River
ChandniMoonlight Star
ChandrabaliMoonlit Krishna's Girlfriend
ChandrabhagaRiver Chenab in India
ChandrahasaWith a Beautiful Smile
ChandrajaSon of the Moon Daughter of the Moon
ChandrajyotiMoon Light
ChandrakalaBeams of the Moon
ChandrakantiMoon Light
ChandrakinA Peacock
ChandralekhaThe Phase of Moon Two Nights After New Moon Ray of Moon
ChandralekshaA Ray of the Moon
ChandramathiAs Beautiful as the Moon
ChandramukhiAs Beautiful as the Moon
ChandraniBeautiful as Moon
ChandraprabhaStar Moon Light
ChandrataraThe Moon and the Stars Conjoined
ChandravathiLit by the Moon
ChandrimaMoonlight Night
ChangunaA Good Woman
ChantiA Small Kid Peace
ChapalaSwift Lightning Restless Lighting
CharaniGoddess Saraswati
CharishmaLot of Good will
CharithaGood One Having a Very Clean Character
CharmeAttractive Beauty
CharmithaLike History
CharulataBeautiful Creeper
CharulekhaBeautiful Picture
CharunetraOne with Beautiful Eyes
CharusheelaA Jewel
CharushreePeace Beautiful
CharusilaBeautiful Jewel
CharutaGood Moon
CharviA Beautiful Woman Lovely Beautiful Woman
CharvisreeBeautiful Lady
CharvithaClever Beautiful Woman
ChaturvidhaFour Types
ChauntaOne who Outshines the Stars
ChaytrikaVery Clever
CherryFruit Name Fruit Cherry Fruit Dear Beloved Form of Cheryl Brotherly Love Name of a Fruit Darling Cherry
CherviWife of Kubera
ChetanaConsciousness Intelligence
ChetnaPower of Intellect Alert
ChhabiImage Picture
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