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FaapeFinnish variant form of Fabian
FaapiFinnish variant form of Fabian
FaapuFinnish pet form of Fabian
FabbaFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian
FapeeFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian

FapiFinnish short form of Fabian
FapiaaniFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian
FappeFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian
FapuFinnish pet form of Fabian
FaroOld High German short form of names containing the name element FAR
FeeliFinnish variant form of Felix
FeeliksFinnish variant form of Felix
FeelisFinnish variant form of Felix
FeeluFinnish pet form of Felix
FeertiFinnish pet form of Ferdinand
FeetiFinnish pet form of names beginning with Fred- (see Fred)
FeetrikkiFinnish form of Fredrik
FeetuFinnish variant form of Feeti
FeijaFinnish pet form of Fredrik (see Frederik)
FerdinandJourney To be Courageous Bold Voyager Bold Safety Peace Strong Man Bold Protector Peaceful Venture Daring Brave Beloved Germanic origin, Romanized form of Friedenand (meaning composition of "Peace" and "bold"). In Spain and Austria popular. Known as Habsburg imperial name. Namesakes: Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne Austrian.
FerttiFinnish pet form of Ferdinand
FetuFinnish variant form of Feetu
FiilusFinnish short form of Teofiilus
FilipRussian Form of Philip Horse Lover Friend of Horses Dutch, Nordic, Slavic form of Philipp (meaning: horse lover).
FiliphCreative spelling of Filip
FilippäFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Filip
FilppuVariant form of Filpus
FilpusOld Swedish and Finnish short form of Philippus
FjalarYounger form of Fjalarr
FrakeFinnish pet form of Frank
FrankkuFinnish pet form of Frank
FransA Flint-stone Stream Place-name and Surname Flint Stone Produces a Spark of Fire when Struck by Steel Dutch, Swedish form of Franz (meaning: little Frenchman / Franke). Namesakes: Frans Hals, Dutch painter.
FranseeFinnish pet form of Frans
FranseliaFemale form of Frans
FransiFinnish pet form of Frans
FranssaFinnish pet form of Frans
FransseFinnish pet form of Frans
FranssiFinnish pet form of Frans
FranssuFinnish pet form of Frans
FransuFinnish pet form of Frans
FrasuFinnish pet form of Frans
FredrikFree From France Peace
FreeriFinnish pet form of Fredrik (see Frederik)
FreeteFinnish variant form of Freeti
FreetiFinnish pet form of names containing the name element FRID (see also Fred)

FreetuFinnish variant form of Freeti
FrejvidYounger form of Frövidh
FreskaFinnish pet form of Fredrik (see Frederik)
FrettuFinnish variant form of Freetu
FretuFinnish variant form of Freetu
FridVariant form of Fride
FrideMale form of Frida
FriitiFinnish short form of names containing the name element FRID
FrithiofSwedish younger form of Friþiófr
FritiFinnish short form of names containing the name element FRID
FritiofSwedish variant spelling of Frithiof
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