Popular Baby Names

List of popular baby names has never been so vibrant with new names being added every year. Contemporary names are replacing classic names in most of the parts of USA. Today naming options are limitless as parents are picking their family names over conventional names. Millennial parents are exploring their roots in search of a unique moniker and shortened version names are preferred over original names. Biblical name Noah and short and cute Liam, Emma, Mia are exemplifications of the trend that is soaring on the baby naming charts. Nameslist.org is continuously researching the trends emerging around the nations and analyzing the attitude of contemporary parents to serve you the finest list of popular names.

Popular names

Here is the list of top 20 popular names around the globe in English-speaking countries. The list is organized according to the instances of the name on official websites like SSA and Office for National Statistics, during past 10 years to capture more recent trend.

Popular names list by countries

In addition to popular English names, we have also assembled the most popular names from non-English regions too! The names are collected from various official sources that publish popular names in their countries. You can go through the list of most popular names by country listed below. If you could not find your country below, please visit the website after some time. As the list of nations is growing over time and new countries are being added at much faster pace. To ease off the burdensome process, the popular baby names are available by year and separate lists for baby girls and boys name are published.