Last Updated: June 15, 2020

Privacy Policy

This webpage describes what kind of data is collected from the user and how we/ handle and use the data collected from the user. You usage of will be interpreted as your consent to the website's privacy policy.

Aliases / Definitions

Website/Web Sites/Websites/Site/Sites/ refers to our network of websites.
You/user/visitor/consumer is any individual who access, use or visit the website.

Your Privacy advocates safe browsing experience and privacy of our user is most important for us. Information provided by users voluntarily to our website network is0 SAFE with us and any information capable of identifying individual user is NEVER shared with any advertiser or partner intentionally.

The information user voluntarily provides may be used to enhance user experience, determine areas of interest, identify interactive areas on the website, user demographics and website usage. However these kind of data is NOT linked with any particular user.

Some section of website allows user to share their opinions and views which requires user's name, e-mail address. However only the name of the user which is provided voluntarily, is displayed along with opinion on the website. In order to check the spamming of the website, information submitted from that particular user may be tracked to remove user submitted spam content.

The website allows user to like, dislike, vote, add name to favorite etc. requiring cookie for better functioning and prevention of exploitation and manipulation of any particular page on the website. Instead of any personal information, cookies contains random text to identify, relate and ultimately serve relevant information to user that has been provided voluntarily by that user. Furthermore cookies are incapable of reading or writing data on the storage and are plain text files.

We DO NOT consciously collect personally identifiable information from visitors under the age of 13. Neither the website is intended for children under the age of 13. You can also contact us to remove or give consent to, in case your children have submitted any information to the website.

The website contains links to other websites that are not operated by The links may redirect you to different website. We takes no responsibility of the content any of those website. Users are advised to read privacy policy of such websites.

If you wish to get your name, personal information or both removed from the website. You can submit your removal request at Please note that once the information is erased from the server, the information cannot be retrieved later on.

We take all precautionary measures to protect user's personal data. Since no method is 100% secure while transferring data over internet, cannot guarantee absolute security.

Usage data automatically collects information including, but not limited to, type of device, visitor's IP address, browser type, time spent on page, country and last visited page of our website. This information is utilized for better user experience and improvement of the website.

Third-party services use 3rd party services like Google Analytics to better understand and analyze user demographics and other information to analyze and improve the website. Google analytics tracks the website traffic and monitor the website for usage pattern and shares that information with other Google services.

Third-party advertising companies collects the user information and use cookies whenever a user visits a webpage, in order to understand user's interest and serve relevant advertisement to visitors. Since derive its revenue from third-party advertisement, these companies may collect your data (which generally DO NOT include your name, address or telephone number).


The privacy policy is updated whenever necessary and the same is declared on this page, users are advised to read the revised privacy policy. Continued use of the website after any update in privacy policy will be automatically interpreted as user's approval of new privacy policy.

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