Portuguese baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

The Portuguese language is lavished with soft vowels and vibrant consonants, which makes it one of the beautiful languages. This language is spoken in Portugal and Brazil and some regions like Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Angola.

A Portuguese baby name is usually composed of one or two given names, and several family names. The first surname is generally taken from mother's family surname and the second surname is taken from the father’s surname. But for official purposes, a person can use only the last surname. Portuguese have quite flexible naming system governed by law. This law states that a Portuguese parent must give their child at least one given name and one last name. According to this law, the maximum number of given names allowed are up to two and surnames up to four. Most of the Portuguese babies’ first name are inspired by the Bible or saints.

Below is the list of over 400 Portuguese baby names.

Judge is God
Dearly Loved, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Perfect, Acolyte, Accomplished
St, Saint Iago
Noble Sort, Nobility
Saviour, Splendid, Owner of a New Home, Bright
God will Add Another Son
Luminous, Famous, Clear, Bright
Holder of the Heel, Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
Army, Man, Manly, Husband
Vanishing, Fragility, Vapour, Healthy
God is Gracious, Powerful, Work-power, Strong
Feminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
Who is Like God, Who is Like God?
Heart, Spirit, Intelligent, Bright Mind
Gift of Yahweh, Gift of God
Rivaling, Imitating, Emulum, Wetteifernde
Victorious Person, Victory of the People
Light, Divine, Daylight, Deity
God's Favour, Resurrection, Gracious, Clever
Star, Coined from, Genus of Butterfly
A Tiller of the Soil, Earthworker, Farmer, Bauer
Greatest, Very Great
Of Noble Figure
The Brave
Star of the Sea, Compound Name Combining Marie and Anne, Bitterness, Mary
Little Frenchwoman, Free Condition
Yahweh is Salvation
The Laurel Tree, From Laurentum Stem End, Crowned with Laurels
Adriatic Sea, Square Room, Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Fortune, Prosperous Guardian, Wealth and Keep
Brave, Power, King and Strong, Rich
God Strengthens
Bold, Peace
Dedicated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
Born at Day Break, Bright, Daylight Babies, Shining
The Prized Green Gem Stone, Emerald Gemstone, Smaragd
Inspired By the Same Vine, Julia, Emulum
Shining, The Bright, Light, Daylight Babies
Rush, Kindness, Little Rose, Truthful
The Lovely, In Love, Gracious, Deserving to be Loved
A Biblical Name-title Applied to the Messiah, Variant of Hebrew Name Immanuel, God is with us
Wide Fame, Glory and Brilliant
Dedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
Born Again
Peace, Bold
Warrior, Strong and Man, Army
Power, Powerful, Illustrious, Fame
Man of the People, Folk
Consecrated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars
Gemini, Twin, A Form of Thomas
Staff Bearer, Form of Gustave, Stick, Goth
All and Illustrious, Honorable, Nobly Famous, Brilliant
Small, The Word Paulus Which is of the Meaning Little Humble, String, Weak
Harvester, The Hunteress, To Flow Down, Late Summer
Elf, Council, All and Peace, Magical Counsel
Noble, Beautiful, Gentle, Friendly
The Sweet
Battle, Fight, Embattled
Horse Lover, Friend of Horses
Gravity, The Serious, Sincere, A Son
Fame, Lime, Linden, Lime-Wood Shield
Of, Noble, Honorable, Old
Protect and Man, Man's Defender, Protector, Form of Alexander
Rivaling, Imitating, Emulum
From the House of Tatius, King of the Sabines
Who is Like God
Holder of the Heel, One Who Supplants, St, Yahweh May Protect
The Anointed One, Christian Woman, Disciple of the Christ
Advice, Famous, Counsel, Well-Known
God is My Judge, Judge and God
The Chaste, Partner
Mary, Drop, Sea
Christian, Follower of Christ, Anointed
Domain, Glory and Earth, Renowned in the Land, Homeland
Hunter, Harvester, End of Thera Tribe, One who Reaps
Form of Persian Esther, Saved the Jews from Annihilation in Persia, Star, Myrtle Leaf
Brave, Bärenstarke, Hardy, Bear
Elf, Protection, Safety, Rich
Gift from God, Lord, Controller, Given
Voyager through Life, Blessed, The One that Makes the Others Happy, Brings Happiness
Glory and Wolf, Fame
Ana, Lou
The Chaste, The Pure
The Moor, Moorish
One Who Governs, God's Power, Name of a Nordic Divinity, Rule
Counselor-ruler, Form of Reginald, Rule, Advice
Shining, The Bright, Light, Daylight Babies
God is Merciful
He Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Manly, Protect and Man
The Small, Weak
The Pure
God with Us, The Lord is Among us
A Girl's Name, In Spain, Rosary
Consecrated to the God Mars
Land, "Country", Homeland
Petronella, Blue, Cornelia
Lily, Fleur De Lys
Advice, Rule
The Ancient
Famous, Battle, Fight, Loud
From Hadria, Adriatic Sea
Arising from the Dark of Peace
Strength and Shield, Fight, Might
Gift of Yahweh, Gift of God
The Bear
God has Healed, God Heals
Protection, Advice, Protector
Rich, Powerful, Power, Fame
Gift of Yahweh
Noblewoman, Nobleman, Patrician
Frenchwoman, Free Condition, Little Frenchman, From France
Warrior, Bright, Army
Green Shoot, Young Shoot
Lovely, Honorable, Noble, Variant of Helen
Lament, Lin, Grief, Mourn
Gift of God
Favoured by God, Pleasing, Respect, Contentment
Possess, Hold, Preserver
Treasurer, Whoever Comes to See
Yahweh Will Establish, God Puts Upright
From the Elder Tree
Rich, Power, Powerful, Homeland
Beautiful, Hyakinthos, Hyacinth, A Flower Name
Another Name for Krishna, Lord, Protector, Husband
Guarantor, Hostage, Arrow, Pledge
People, Bold, Brave
Hirsute, Hairy, Full of Hair Head, Excise
Meno, To Love and Moon, Beloved, Phileo
Illustrious Roman Family
Yahvé Remembers
Artisanal Nifty, Inspired By An Ancient Roman Sex, Blacksmith, Craftsman
The Marquis
The Healthy, The Strong
Famous, Battle, Fight, Loud
Faustus, Good Luck, Fortunate
Loyal Comrade
Given, Give, The Gift, Donate
Bright, Noble, Honorable
Roar, Shout a Battle Cry
Bright, Shiny, Bright Light, Nuestra Señora De Nuria
Hyakinthos, Precious Stone
Exalted, High, Tall, Very Good
Very Great, Greatest
Virile, The Element Arsenios Meaning Virile
The Flying Eagle, Star, Bird
Shield, Brown, Struggle, Breastplate
Drummer, Encampment, Brilliant, The Element Tabour Which Means Drum
Protection, Helmet, Will, Desire
Victory, Conquer, Victorious, Victor Conqueror
Man, Husband
The Blessed
Shining, The Element Tabour Which Means Drum, Drummer, Brilliant
Blind, Sixth, From the Roman Clan Name Caecilius
Variant of Francis, Little Frenchman, Free Condition, Of the Franks
White, Glossy
Prosperous Protector, Wealthy Guard, Wealth and Protection
Pretty, Walking with Proud
He who Supplants, Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect, Jacob
Modestus, The Elements Modestus Meaning Moderate
Of the Sky, Heavenly
Light of Heaven, Urine
Dawn, Gracious, Rose, Begin of Day
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