Spanish baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

According to the Spanish naming tradition, a baby name consists of a given name followed by two surnames. Usually the first surname is derived from father's first surname and the second one is derived from the mother's first surname.

Spanish given name is a composite which means it consists of two (or more) single names. For example, the name “Juan Pablo” is considered as a single composite forename. Since 1999, surname transposition has been allowed in Spain due to Spanish gender equality law. According to this law, each sibling must carry the same surname order recorded in the Registro Civil. Since June 2017, it is not mandatory to adopt the paternal name first and for this, Spanish parents are required to sign an agreement wherein the name order is expressed explicitly. Spanish surnames can also be composite, but the parts are generally linked by the conjunction y or e, by the preposition de or by a hyphen.

Have a look at extensive list of over 1100 Spanish baby names

Trustworthy, Industrious, Work of the Lord, Fertile
Who is Loved, Beauty, Mine, Bitterness
God is Perfection, God's Promise, Variant of Elizabeth
God's Gift, Gift of Yahweh
Judge is God
The Moon, Moon
Born At Daybreak, Light, Daylight Babies, The Bright
Dearly Loved, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Swelling Island But Probably Pre-Celtic, Island
Perfect, Acolyte, Accomplished
People, Expensive, Loving, Gracious
Emulus, Imitating, Rivaling
St, Saint Iago
Pari, Messenger of God Angel
Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
Victor Conqueror, Victorious, Victory, Conquer
Sun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
Strong, Hardy, Brave, Lion
Angel, The Barberry Tree, Fortified Hill
God will Add Another Son
Saviour, Splendid, Owner of a New Home, Bright
Holder of the Heel, Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
Gaelic, My Father is Joyful, Blessed, White
House, Ruler, Laurel
Beautiful, Rebellious, Sea of Bitterness, Beloved
Birthday, Christmas Babies, Birth
Luminous, Famous, Clear, Bright
Precious Green Stone, Jade
Holder of the Heel, Supplanter, One Who Supplants, Yahweh May Protect
Brave as a Lion, Leo, Form of Leonard, Strong
Struggle, Battle, War, Loud
Army, Man, Manly, Husband
God is Merciful, Graceful, Beautiful
Rivaling, Emulum, Rival, Imitating
The Light of India, Daylight Babies, Shining, Born At Daybreak
Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy, Priceless, Of Inestimable Worth
God Helps, Yahweh is Salvation
My God is Bountiful, God's Promise
Not Cunning, Night Rain, Tender, Beloved Daughter
Noble, Little Rock, Peace, God of Shine
Vanishing, Fragility, Vapour, Healthy
God is Gracious, Powerful, Work-power, Strong
Who is Like God, Who is Like God?
Heart, Spirit, Intelligent, Bright Mind
Rivaling, Imitating, Emulum, Wetteifernde
El Cid
Sorrow, Fickle, Carl, Goddess Lakshmi
Wealthy Princess, Who Holds the Command, Proverb, Leader
Feminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
Warlike, Proud, The Pure
The Manly, Man
God has Healed, God Heals
Victorious Person, Victory of the People
Compassionate Friend, Friendship, Girlfriend, Refreshment
Light, Divine, Daylight, Deity
Obscure, Flower, Bright, Variant of Xavier
God's Favour, Resurrection, Gracious, Clever
Lioness, Dependence, Wild Cow, Bringer of Good News
Love Hope, Lovely-eyed, Lovely Eyed, Dear
Born In the Eighth Month, Modeled on a Roman Sex
God is My Judge God has Judged, God is My Judge
A Tiller of the Soil, Earthworker, Farmer, Bauer
Greatest, Very Great
God is My Salvation
Little Frenchwoman, Free Condition
Enduring Steadfast, Endure, Withstand
A Son! In the Bible, Behold, Lucky
Heavenly, Divine, Of the Sky
The Laurel Tree, From Laurentum Stem End, Crowned with Laurels
From the Countryside Coming Aitana, The Element Aintza Meaning Glory
God with Us, Strong, Powerful
Hold, Anchor, Possess, Tenacious
Adriatic Sea, Square Room, Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
God Strengthens
Fortune, Prosperous Guardian, Wealth and Keep
Bold, Peace
Golden, Golden-Haired, Gold Made
Seagull, Laurel, Native of Larissa, Bright
Sea, King-ruler, The End, Warring
Brave, Power, King and Strong, Rich
Dedicated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
Born at Day Break, Bright, Daylight Babies, Shining
German Origin and Means Noble
Dedicated to God, God's Promise
Little Love
The Prized Green Gem Stone, Emerald Gemstone, Smaragd
Shining, The Bright, Light, Daylight Babies
Servant, Famous Roman Family of the 1St Century
Weak, The Humble, Little
Lively, Vibrant, Life, Alive
Educated, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Nourishing, Kind
Rush, Kindness, Little Rose, Truthful
Visitation, Bearer of Good News
Song, Garden Orchard, Bright Red, Son of
The Stone, The Rock
Holy, Sanctus
Lord Krishna's Devotee, Desire, Admirable, Wonderful
The Crowned, Crowning, Crown
Smooth, White Spirit, Fair One, Shining
The Lovely, In Love, Gracious, Deserving to be Loved
Feminine Variant of Charles, Joy, Little and Womanly, Manly
Noble, Variation of Adam from the Red Earth, Fire, Man
Moon Goddess She of the Rainbow, She of the Rainbow
Famous In Battle
El Cid
Born Again
Dedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
Lioness, The Word Leo with the Meaning Lion, Feminine of Leon
Peace, Bold
Eager for Battle, Ready for a Fight
Mountain Range, Sierra
Wide Fame, Glory and Brilliant
He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
Power, Powerful, Illustrious, Fame
Saint Ana, Saint Anna
Friend, Praise be to God, Udder, Heart
Phrase from the Holy Quran, Aya
Ruler, House and King, Home, Rich
Supplanter, The Sun, One Who Supplants, Yahweh May Protect
Man of the People, Folk
Form of Regina, Queen
Consecrated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars
Wolf, Versatile, Strong Defender, Advice
Warrior, Strong and Man, Army
The White, The Element Albus Meaning White
Defender of Men
From the God Mars, Sea Maiden
A Queen, Form of Regina, The Element Rein Which Means Pure Clean, Council
Illustrious Roman Family, Dedicated to Jupiter
Ana, Lia
Spear Hard, Hardy, Brave
Linen Cloth, Savannah, Treeless Plain
Form of Regina, Queen, Strong Counselor, From the Ancient Personal Name Ragnar
Staff Bearer, Form of Gustave, Stick, Goth
The Greatest
Variant of Georgia, Earthworker, Bauer, Farmer
Mighty, Possessor of the Good, Give
The Moor, Moorish
Victor, He Who Overcomes, The Winning
Homeland, Domain, Glory and Earth, Renowned in the Land
Council and Govern, King
All and Illustrious, Honorable, Nobly Famous, Brilliant
Save, The Saviour, Redeemer, Savior
That Feeds on Flower, Priceless Inestimable
Smaragd, Praise, Emerald, Precious Green Gem Stone
Fruitful Land, Bright Red, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Garden
Heaven, Form of Cecilia, Of Sky, Heavenly
Helper of Mankind, Repel, The Defender, Protect
Elf, Council, All and Peace, Magical Counsel
Wise Guardian, Decision and Protector, Spanish, Advice
The Humble, Small, Female Version of Paul, Little
God is Help
The Strong, Vigorous
Bethlehem, God is with Us
The Sweet
Noble, Beautiful, Gentle, Friendly
Jade, Wise, Precious Green Stone, Refuge in War
War Cry, Stone Camp, Dweller by the Rock, Roar
Maria, Sun, Sol, Loneliness
Pigeon, White Dove
Deep, Protector, Guard, All
Battle, Fight, Embattled
Decision Protection, Mighty Protector, Advice, Wisely
Gate of Heaven, Ara Meaning Altar
Woman from Judea, Jewish, Admired, Praised
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