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We have complied a collection of baby names on wide variety of themes covering most popular name to the rarest gems out there. Various list on with well researched insights will assist you in taking the best decision for your new born which is his/her name. Each collection has a large number of options to pick from. You can also discover the meaning of your name.

If you are looking for baby names like Noah, Sophia, Liam, Emma, Ava, you can visit the popular baby names. The listing also have the most popular baby names by countries grouped by each year. But if you are on a hunt of a rare name, the unique baby names section is what you need. Our unique baby names have thousand of names.

Baby names by origin

Baby Names by countries

Many nations cannot be bound to a single language and often names bestowed upon a baby is taken from one of the many languages spoken within the country or from a particular ethnicity or from a micro culture. To better understand the naming on a broader perspective as well as cover names in usage on minor level, we have grouped all the names based on the country of usage.

Religious Baby Names

Many parents wish to give a name to their baby having some sort of religious background associated with them. For those parents, we have created these lists, that not only have quintessential pious names but also their modern-day variations and derivatives.

In addition to that, for Indian parents we have baby names by rashis and nakshatas that covers all of the 12 rashis and 27 nakshatras.

Baby Names by Theme

If you haven't found what you were looking for, try these baby names theme.

Virtue names

Divine names

Nature inspired names

Animal names

Royal names

Other name inspirations

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The American naming culture is heavily influenced by the pop culture, celebrity lifestyle, and trends. Most American moms name their children after the people they admire and the things that inspire them. The millennial naming culture has seen American moms name their children after their favorite foods, places, personalities, a...
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Different races and cultures characterize the Illinois population. The interaction among these races had created a unique culture for the state. The collection of baby names illustrates the cultural identity of the people of Illinois. Like the other American cities, the environment, the local and national trends, influences the ...
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New Orleans, like other cities and towns in South Louisiana, is characterized by unique culture. In this article, I am going to highlight baby names that reflect aspects of the spirit of Louisiana. My focus will be on southern Louisiana, especially New Orleans. For those who love southern Louisiana or New Orleans, this article i...
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In this article, I will highlight a sample of names that are inspired by occupation. I hope that in doing so, I can help you understand the importance of these names to their original cultures and probably how we they can be adopted by the millennial. ...
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Usually, picking a name is one of the most difficult decisions a parent would ever make. Parents are forced to come up with names that the baby will be proud to identify with. A good place to start would be to use elements that are familiar to the local culture. For instance, the time of the year can be a good place to look for ...
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The Romans are rich in culture and history. Like any ancient culture, names were used as part of the individual identity. Consequently, the meaning of a name was important for the newborn as well as the family. The Roman names were also derived from nature and their relationship with the deities. ...
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The Spartans were very important people in their time. They exhibited some behavior that we can relate with even today. One of the most significant aspects of the Spartan culture is their naming traditions. The Spartan names were characterized by virtue, honor, and appreciation of nature. In this article, I will discuss some of ...
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The Bible is a good place to obtain names for our babies. First, the Bible professes virtues and uses examples of people who have achieved exploits and who have changed the course of communities. As I have always reiterated, the essence of a name is to inspire admirable attributes in an individual. Therefore, parents find a lot ...
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