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Latest Celebrity Baby Names

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March 22 2024
Born to:  Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

This strong word name took flight alongwith bird names that's soaring in the baby names' sphere. This boy moniker means "bird," or "principal."

March 17 2024
Born to:  Jessica Ledon & David Guetta

This unusual and attractive name took inspiration from "blue green" color and the Naiad-nymph.

Kali Love
March 15 2024
Born to:  Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) & Le Vaughn

A short and cute K name having roots in Sanskrit language and Indian mythology refers to "the goddess of destruction" while Love is a self-explanatory word name with unparallel charm.

Apollo Winter
March 8 2024
Born to:  Tessa & Barron Hilton

Riding on the wave of mythological names, historically prosperous Apollo is synonymous to the revolutionary step in human history. Adding to the coolness is the snowy seasonal middle name.

Ori Varsano
March 6 2024
Born to:  Gal Gadot & Yaron Versano
Luna Lucia Sorrentino
March 6 2024
Born to:  Lauren Pesce & Mike Sorrentino (The Situation)
Archibald Felix Nelson Hunt (Archie)
March 1 2024
Born to:  Shannon Nelson & Brendan Hunt
Brielle Grace
February 25 2024
Born to:  Hannah & Jeremiah Duggar
Ethan Lyons
February 23 2024
Born to:  Iliza Shlesinger & Noah Galuten
Pierre Kerr Spiegel
February 18 2024
Born to:  Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel
February 16 2024
Born to:  Chloe Bridges & Adam DeVine
Boone Joseph
February 13 2024
Born to:  Meredith Hagner & Wyatt Russell
Denver Calloway Decker
February 9 2024
Born to:  Jessie James & Eric Decker (Airrack)
Nico Michael
January 16 2024
Born to:  Nicole Johnson & Michael Phelps
Flora Jo
January 16 2024
Born to:  Hannah Neeleman & Daniel Neeleman
Shepherd Lawrence
January 11 2024
Born to:  Audra Mari & Josh Duhamel
George Augustine
December 19 2023
Born to:  Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald
Gaia Kwong
December 19 2023
Born to:  Lily Kwong & Nick Kroll
December 13 2023
Born to:  Miya & Marques Houston
Barrett Madison "Bear"
December 12 2023
Born to:  Shawn Johnson & Andrew East

Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Welcome to the glitz and glam of our star-studded parade of celebrity baby boy names! This is a collection where each name resonates with an enchanting story, a paparazzi moment, and a sparkling charm unique to our favorite celeb parents.

From "Axel" to "Bear Blaze", explore the robust selection of names that'll make you want to roll out your very own red carpet!

Celebrity Baby Girl Names

Celebrity Baby Girl Names

Get ready to be captivated by names that sparkle with beauty and charm, reflecting the diverse cultural influences and naming trends among celebrities

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own little princess or simply enjoy the magic of names, this section is your one-stop destination for discovering a collection that twinkles brighter than the most spectacular Hollywood premieres!

Celebrity Baby Names by Letter

Do you love a good alphabetical challenge? We've got you covered!

Our list of celebrity baby names by letter is your gateway into an exciting name maze where every turn uncovers a new assortment of monikers, from "Apple" to "Zuma". Just pick a letter and watch the names unfold in a cascade of alphabetic wonder!


Celebrity Names by Year

Walk down memory lane with our dazzling timeline of celebrity baby names by year.

Voyage through decades of fascinating name trends, from the bold choices of the past to the ingenious names of the present. You'll feel like a time-traveling name archaeologist, uncovering the etymological gems of each era!

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Celebrity Baby Names by Month

For those captivated by the seasons or keen on astrology, we invite you to explore Celebrity Baby Names by Month.

This section unveils the names chosen by stars aligned with each month's unique energy. So, discover names that encapsulate the spirit of each month, from the icy elegance of January to the warm radiance of July. Each page is a new month, a new season, and a whole new constellation of names.

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Celebrity Baby Names by Weekday

For those who love finding patterns in the everyday, why not visit Baby Names by Weekday? Be it the charm of a "Sunday" or the energy of a "Friday", each day comes with its own unique palette of names, giving you seven more reasons to fall in love with this fascinating world of celebrity baby names.

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Unusual Celebrity Baby Names

Unusual Celebrity Baby Names

Here, you'll encounter monikers that push the boundaries of the ordinary and dive headfirst into the realm of the extraordinary. From whimsical to downright weird, these celebrity-chosen appellations showcase the unique creativity of the stars. Prepare to be bewildered and amazed as we delve into these fascinating, offbeat names. Let the weirdness commence!


Weird Celebrity Baby Names

From whimsical to downright weird, these celebrity-chosen appellations showcase the unique creativity of the stars. Prepare to be bewildered and amazed as we delve into these fascinating, offbeat names. Let the weirdness commence!

Exa Dark Sideræl
Diva Thin Muffin
Rocket Zot
Moon Unit
Audio Science
X Æ A-12
Bluesy Belle
Pilot Inspektor
Olympia Lightning
Roody Rocket
Slash Electric Alexander

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