German baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

In Germany parents follow a strict rule for naming their Child. For obtaining the birth certificate of a German baby, his/ her name must be approved by the civil registration office (Standesamt). Germanic baby names consist of one or more first names (Vornamen) followed by a surname (Nachname).

German babies' first name i.e. the Vornaman is usually gender-specific and mostly are taken from Biblical names such as John, George, or Jacob; or from Germanic names such as Frederick or Louis. German babies have several first names, out of which one designated as their "call name" also known as Rufname which is usually underlined on official documents. The Germanic surnames are derived either from occupations, family, bodily feature or from geographical origin. A woman traditionally adopted her husband's name and would occasionally retain their maiden name by hyphenation, in a so-called Doppelname. But in recent times, a married couple is allowed to choose the surname they want to use.

Check out the extensive list of over 7000 names given to babies in Germany.

Trustworthy, Industrious, Work of the Lord, Fertile
Universal, Whole, Industrious, All
Man, Little and Womanly, Vigorous, Army
Will Desire, Valley, Resolute Protector, Protection
House and King, Power, Home Ruler, Lord of the Manor
Born of the Right Hand
God is Gracious, Son of Jack, One Who Supplants
Warrior, Defender of Men, Protect and Man, Manly
The Lion, Leo, Brave, Strong
Hazelnut, Desired, Power, Life Giving
Round Hill, Log in Water to be Still and at Peace, Little Cave, Finnian's Servant
Judge is God
Strong, Heaven, Durable, The Enduring
Who is Like God?, Messenger of God
It will Enlarge, God Would Multiply, Yahweh Will Add, Jehova Increases
Gemini, Twin
Well-Born, Born of Yew, The Lord is Gracious, Youth
He will Laugh, Laughter, Laughing One, God Smiles
Dearly Loved, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
God's Help
Shining, Beautiful Fairy Woman, Foreign, Gabriella
The Sea, Son of the Waves
Shining, Bringer of Light, Bright, From Lucania
The Elements Wit Meaning Wide, Small Fighter, Fight, War
Bright Red, Army, The Scarlet, Free Man
My Father Rejoices, The Intelligent
God is Merciful, Yahweh is Gracious
Darling, Handsome, Strong, Husband
Praiseworthy, Priceless, Inestimable, Flower
Free Man, Husband, Strong, Full-grown
Pure, Gentle, Bluish Purple, Viola
Bold, Messenger, Whole Hearted, Faith
the Other, Bringer of Light, Foreign, Honorable
Hazel, Leader, Hazelnut, Reddish Brown
Red Haired Surname, Name of a Tree, Red-haired
Ascent, The Lord will Help, Defender of Mankind, Height
Rich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
Grace of God, Compassionate, Happy, Affection
Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
Light, Shining, Bright Born At Daybreak, Illumination
The Descending, One who Descends, Olive Tree, Lead Colored
Anointed Christian, Belonging to Christ
Noble Sort, Nobility
Skill, Wisdom
(God The) Father is Peace
Robert Burns the Poet, Bright, Glory and Brilliant, A
Strong, Hardy, Brave, Lion
Yahweh has Given, Gift of Jehovah
Son of Harry, Harry's Son
Sun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
Feeble, Peaceful, Weak Poor, Tendon
Blend of Lily and Ann, My God is Perfect, Beauty, Purity
The August, Variant of Augustine, Helpful, Dignity
Fight, Variant of Wayland, Modern Singer Waylon Jennings, Brave
Near the Stream or Brook, Running Water, Son of Brooke
Beautiful Gaze, Handsome, Pretty
Strong as a Wild Boar, Everard
To be Born-from Natalia, Form of Natalie, Born on Christmas, Christ's Birthday
Intelligent, Hound, Wise, Strength
Little Maximus, By the Great Stream, Greatest, A Short Form of Maxwell
Hound Lover, King, Wolf, Ulster
The Blessed, Blessed
Angel, The Barberry Tree, Fortified Hill
White, Blonde, Pale-skinned, Dark
Natural Spirit, Rules with Elf-wisdom, Bearlike, Illustrious and King (Power)
Combination of Brook and Lynn, A Fresh Water Small Stream, Broken Land
Elder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
Pearl, Daisies, Flowers Name, Eye of the Day
Power, The Noble Strong, Honorable, High and Royal
Powerful, Army Man, Ruler of an Enclosure, House
Yahweh Remembers, Renowned by God, Whom Jehovah Remembered
Wealthy Guardian, Guard of His Wealth
Yahweh is Gracious, Born of Yew, Young Warrior, Right Handed
Genuine Courage, Brave, Form of Archibald, Very Bold
Hard Working, Emma, An Ant, Industrious
From the Hedged Valley, The Rosy Meadow, Heathen
Rough-headed, Armoured Head, Helmeted Chief
Exalted, Summer, August, Revered
Girl, Cordula, Cornelia, Maiden
Ruler of Work, House and Powerful King
Husband, Vigorous, Diminutive with Royal Connotations, Little and Womanly
Luminous, Famous, Clear, Bright
Halo, Aureole, First of Its Kind In Germany Popular, Corona, Halo
Form of Mildred, Gentle Strength, Honey, Bee
Yahweh is Gracious, God is Merciful
Industrious Ruler, Brave, House and King, Mighty
Holder of the Heel, Supplanter, One Who Supplants, Yahweh May Protect
Peace and King, Elf, Safety, Diminutive of Frederic
Precious Green Stone, Jade
Laplander, The Element Fionn Which Means White Fair, Fair-haired Courageous One, Light Skinned
Brightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
Forest, Choice, Whole, Wood
Struggle, Battle, War, Loud
Dark Red
Lord Exists, Glorious Praise, Gods Gift, He (God) Beholds
Native of Magdala, From the High Tower, One who is Elevated
Brave as a Lion, Leo, Form of Leonard, Strong
The Word Vivus with the Meaning Alive Lively, Vivid
Elegance, The Oldest Daughter, Kind, Decorated
Welcome, Intoxicating She who Intoxicates
Fight, Loud, Struggle, Renowned Warrior
Lucky, Name of a Saint, The Successful, Happy
Messenger, My Angel
Brave One, Composition from Rulers, Dominant Ruler, Powerful Leader
Pet Form of Mary, Bitterness, The Perfect One, Honey
Cart Driver
Spear and Hard, Gravelly Place Gray House, Strong, Warlike
Defender of Mankind, Splendid, Protector, He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
The Just, Righteous, Singer, Judicious
My God is Yahweh, Eliane, Kind, Peaceful Ruler
Kind One, The Olive, Peace
Myrtle Leaf, Like a Star, Sweet, Stampedding Horses
Sole Ruler, Ever-powerful, Honor and Powerful King, Alone-Ruler
Composition Of: 'Power', Battle Maiden, Fight, Powerful Warrior
Free Condition, Frankie is Occasionally Used for Girls, Of the Franks, French Man
The Pearl, Variant of Margaret
Feminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
Bright Sea, Sea-Born
Noble, Little Rock, Peace, God of Shine
Outcry, Dedicated to Mars, From the Celtic Name Tristan, Tumult
Sorrow, Fickle, Carl, Goddess Lakshmi
God the Honourable, Name of a Saint
Heart, Spirit, Intelligent, Bright Mind
Emerald, Kind Defender, Esteemed
Bear-strength, Bear-like, Bonnet, Bear
Dominant Ruler, Brave, King and Strong, Hard
Honorable, Noble
Manly, A Man's Woman, Feminine Form of Andrew, Man Ones
White Wave, Race of Women, Jennifer, Soft
Daylight Babies, Light, Shining, From Lucania
Magnolia, Ornamental Tree with White Flowers, Fragrant
War, Famous, Battle, Renowned Warrior
A Son!, Behold
To Protect, The Defender, Helper, Repel
Easy to Love, Bella, Graceful or Beatiful, Beautiful
Rules with Elf-wisdom, Blond Ruler
Honorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
Darling Child, Rock, An Offering, Light and Buoy-any
Peaceful Ruler, Magical Counsel, Power, Safety
The Greatest
Love, Lovable, Gracious, Who Deserves to Be Loved
Compassionate Friend, Friendship, Girlfriend, Refreshment
Dog, Loyalty
Held by the Heel, He who Supplants, God is Gracious, Supplanter
Victorious Person, Victory of the People
Noble, German, Joy, Sweet Angel
Precious Stone, Gemstone, Jewel, Gem
A Small Fresh Water Stream, Breaking Forth, Bach, Modeled on An English Place Names
Small, Biblical Apostle and Evangelist Paul's Letters to Early Christians Comprise Many New Testament Books, Weak, Little
Light, Divine, Daylight, Deity
Presumably Struggle, Eager for Battle, Army Warrior, Strong and Worthy
Obscure, Flower, Bright, Variant of Xavier
Little Seal
Peace, The Word √Čire with the Meaning Ireland, Beauty
Powerful Warrior, To Govern and Loved, People of Power, Rule
Little Lamb, The Ewe, Jacob's Wife, Gental
Noble and Fight, Shape, Secret
Sea of Sorrow, Scraped, Prophetess, Drop
Broad Meadow, Wide Forest Clearing, Big Clearance Sale
Good News
Sweet, Server, The Page, Young Servant
Messenger of God Angel
Strength, Noble, Brave, Hill
Star, Coined from, Genus of Butterfly
Attendant for a Temple, Swiftness of Foot, Honorable Births, Acolyte
The Black One, Goddess Kali, A Form of Durga, Blacknes
Beloved or Someone to be Loved, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, Tuberose
Victor, Young Creature, Dove, Abbreviation of Nicholas People's Victory
Of Noble Figure
Female Version of Nicholas
Prosperous in War, Rich Gift, Battle, Joyous
Honorable, Noble
Supplant, One who Supplants, Feminine of James, Derived from the Latin Jacomus
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