Arabic baby names

Arabic baby names does not contain a given, middle, and last name; rather they have a chain of names consisting of a number of different parts which includes the "ism" which is a given or first name; "nasab" which indicates heritage; laqab which is descriptive of the person and can be a nickname, title, surname, or family name; nisbah which is a surname; and kunya which a type of epithet referring to the bearer's first-born son or daughter.

Generally, the ism or given name is a word that has a meaning in Arabic for a noun or adjective and many times it refers to character. Arabic people not only concerned with the meaning of a name but also with how it sounds and for then the naming process is an art or type of poetry. Most common Arabic baby names are Zaki, Nasir, Zahra, and Laila.

Below is the list of 13000 contemporary as well as traditional Arabic baby names. Have a look! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

 AabdarBLike Glass, Bright
 AahidBSponsor, Promised, Representative
 AailaGBeautiful, Like Moon
 AaimaGLeader, Ruler
 AairaGNoble, Honourable, Respectful
 AakiBAutum, Eye, Bright
 AakifBGiven, Attached
 AakilahGExcellent, Kluge, Sensible, Posh
 AaleenGSee Allah Conversation with Iblis in Quran
 AalimahGAuthority, Woman Scholar
 AaliyahUExalted One, To Ascend, Bright, Tall
 AamerBOrdering Person
 AamilahGRighteous, Doer of Good Deeds
 AamirBCivilised, Prosperous, Full, Populous
 AaniGFatimah Khatoon Female She was a Literary Woman and a Poetess in Qastaniniyah
 Aani-FatimahGLiterary Poetess
 AanisahGYoung Lady, Maiden
 AaraGAdoring, Light Bringer
 AaraizBRain Bearing Cloud
 AaribBHealthy, Handsome
 AarifaGWomen who Recognizes Islam
 AarizBIntelligent, Sacred, Leader of the Nation, Respectable Man
 AarzamBWar, Quarrel, Battle
 AasaalBEvening Time, Real, Pure
 AasafBClear, Lined Up
 AasfaGGuardian, Protector
 AashiqBLover, Suitor, Adorer
 Aashiq-AliBAdorer of Ali
 Aashiq-MuhammadBAdorer of the Prophet Muhammad
 AashirBFascinating, Captivating, Living
 AasilBTo Attack Violently and Persistently
 AasimBBenefactor, Guardian, Protector, Protecter
 AasirBCaptivating, Living, Fascinating
 AasmaGSky, Excellent, Precious
 AatifBKind Affectionate
 AatiqBAatiq Ali, Young Woman, Free, Independent
 AatoonGTeacheress, Educator
 AaufBFragrance, Lion, Guest
 AayanUGift of God, Bright, Speed
 AazadBIndependent, Free
 AazanBPrayer, God Hears
 AazminGA Star
 AazzBDearer, Stronger, More Beloved, Mightier
 AbabBPlump, Healthy, Tall, Softness Gracefulness of Youth
 AbabilBSwallow, Band, Crowd
 AbadBHappy, Eternal, Father, Prosperous
 AbadahBWorshippers, Durability, Endurance, Strength
 AbadardBProsperous, One who Possesses Prosperity
 AbadiGirlPleasantness, Endless, Comforter, Eternal
 AbadiyaBIbn Al Abadiyah was an Author Known for his Eloquent Literary Style
 AbahatBAccurate, Correct
 AbahhBNick Name of Al-Abahh
 AbaidBGod Knows, Worshipper of God
 AbakhtarBNorth, Planet
 AbanhirGPossessing the Essence of Aban
 AbanjarBTall, Stout
 AbannaGTall, Strong
 AbannakBStrong, Firm
 AbarBSon of Arphaxad and Grandson of Shem
 AbaravandBAbove All
 AbarinNotavanBGreat Rejuvenate
 AbarrGMost of Very Pious, Upright
 AbasBLooking Austere, Frowning One, Severe, Stern
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