Arabic baby names

Arabic baby names does not contain a given, middle, and last name; rather they have a chain of names consisting of a number of different parts which includes the "ism" which is a given or first name; "nasab" which indicates heritage; laqab which is descriptive of the person and can be a nickname, title, surname, or family name; nisbah which is a surname; and kunya which a type of epithet referring to the bearer's first-born son or daughter.

Generally, the ism or given name is a word that has a meaning in Arabic for a noun or adjective and many times it refers to character. Arabic people not only concerned with the meaning of a name but also with how it sounds and for then the naming process is an art or type of poetry. Most common Arabic baby names are Zaki, Nasir, Zahra, and Laila.

Below is the list of 13000 contemporary as well as traditional Arabic baby names. Have a look!