Arabic baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

Arabic baby names does not contain a given, middle, and last name; rather they have a chain of names consisting of a number of different parts which includes the "ism" which is a given or first name; "nasab" which indicates heritage; laqab which is descriptive of the person and can be a nickname, title, surname, or family name; nisbah which is a surname; and kunya which a type of epithet referring to the bearer's first-born son or daughter.

Generally, the ism or given name is a word that has a meaning in Arabic for a noun or adjective and many times it refers to character. Arabic people not only concerned with the meaning of a name but also with how it sounds and for then the naming process is an art or type of poetry. Most common Arabic baby names are Zaki, Nasir, Zahra, and Laila.

Below is the list of 13000 contemporary as well as traditional Arabic baby names. Have a look!

Dark Beauty, Born at Night, Intoxication, Wine
Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
The Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised, Name of the Last Prophet
Saviour, Splendid, Owner of a New Home, Bright
Exalted One, To Ascend, Bright, Tall
Leader, Rich, Emir, Strong
Seductive, Divine Play, Dark Haired Beauty, From the Island
Son of Cadán, Friend
Radiance, Flower, Blossom, Womenn of Jannah (Heaven)
Little Fire, Help, Fiery, Superabundance
Form of Muhammad Praised One, Filled with Praise, The Praiseworthy
An Era, Follower of the Prophet, Long-Living, Expressive
Wealthy Princess, Who Holds the Command, Proverb, Leader
Night, Black, Seductive, Lovelorn
Bluish, Night Beauty, Free Will of God, From the Island
Elevated, God, Sublime, Lofty
Purity, Pastime, Night, Lioness
Grace, Handsome, Beauty, Beautiful
Dark Blue, Achiever, Winner, Combination of N and Isla
Son of Cadán, Companion
Blessed, Sweetheart, Beloved, Night Beauty
Baby's Nurse, The Weaning, Young Camel, Abstillende
Light Hearted, Great Talker, Pleasant and Bright, Measure of Land
My Father is Exalted, Earth a Prophets Name, Abraham
Charming, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Honourable Comrade, Good Friend
Beloved or Someone to be Loved, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, Tuberose
The Prophet of Islam, Glorified, Praiseworthy, Highly Praised
Victorious One
Origin, Variants, Blessing of God, Without a Superior
Trusted, The Truthful, Who is Confident and Enjoys the Divine Safeguard, Honest
God Would Multiply, A Prophet's Name, He Shall Add to his Power, The Lord Increases
Happiness, Living, Wife of Prophet Muhammad, She is Life
Master, Ruling, Chieftain, Wave
Dark Blue
Announcer, Granting Victory, Protector, Assister
The Lord is Gracious, Beauty
Moses in English, Son, A Prophets Name
Sun-Like, Moonlight, Moon
Glorified, Filled with Praise, No Mistake in his Character, Founder of Islamic Religion
The Flower, Light Breeze, Princess, Blossom
Descendent of Rian, Clever, Fragrant Herb, Fresh
Good, The Lord is Gracious, Variant of Zane or John, Beautiful
Trustworthy, Belief, Faithful
Lion, Sour Leaves, Brave, Steadfast
Much Praised, Gift of Allah, Praiseworthy, Most Rented
A Flower, Sea of Bitterness, Tuberose, Rebelliousness
Flourishing, High born, Long-living
Name of Prophets Daughter, Desert Tree
Lord of Fiery, Study, Impulsive, A Prophet's Name
Spring season, One who shows the path, Faith
Most Highly Adored, Much Praised, More Praiseworthy, Commendable
Garden, Strong, Tender, Pledge
Black Beauty, Companion of the Night, Wine, Nocturnal
A Prophets Name, John, God is Gracious, To Give Someone a Long Life
Strong, White Flower, Herrin, The Bright Light
Protector, Forehead, All, Noble
Servant of Allah, One who Serves the God, God's Servants
Angel, Attribute of Allah, Light
Sweetheart, Darling, Ka-, Aaliyah
Commander, Prince, Colonel, Leader
Handsome, Beauty
Tender, Beloved Daughter
Growth, Super Abundance, To Increase, Superabundance
Wife of the Prophet Mohammed, Born Prematurely, Premature Child
Handsome, Beauty
Queen, Sarah
Emir, Friend, To Command, Prince
Prophet Muhammad, Elected, Mustafa, Elect of God
Great, Growth, Prosperity, Increase
Laughter, Good, Beautiful, Lord Chandra
Night Talk, Entertainer, Companion of Vigil, Jovial
Praised and Commendable, The Name of the Prophet, Praiseworthy, Glorified
Roman, Romana
Prince, Lucky, Fortunate, Always In Control
Highest Social Standing, The Ascent, Ascending, Noble
Jasmine, A Flower Name, Inspired By the Same Ornamental Plant, Sweet Smelling
Pure, Clean, Bright, Wish
God has shown favour, Brilliance of stone, Goddess Durga, Mercy
In the Moon, Benefit
Solicitude, Concern, Gift of Allah, Care
Verses In the Quran, Miracle, Sign of God, Royal
Beauty, Dawn, Aurora, Whiteness
Pleasant Community, Enchanting, A Chame, Cool Breeze
Eternal, Never-ending, Blessed, Glorious
Purity, Eternal, Pure, Rock
Strong Women, Eastern Brightness, Srong, Blossom
The Lord Helps Me or Salvation of God, Strong-willed, A Prophet's Name, God's Promise
Servant, God's Servants, Knowledge
Night, Night Beauty
Gate of Heaven, Beautiful, Full, Pretty
Small One, Living, Prophet Mohammads Wife, Life
Unspoiled, Beloved One, Perfectly Healthy, Beautiful Woman
Form of Joseph, He (God) Will Add, Jehovah Increases
The Trustworthy, Honest, Faithful
Indian Saint In 1440, The Great
Proper Name, Affluence, Ease, Wealth
Flowering, Longevity, Who has Long Live, Variant of Omar
Sound Judgement, Good Judgment, Cub, Gathering
Distinguished, Moonlight, Noble, Comfort
Lofty, Supreme, High, Noble
Rich, Superior, Prince, Chief
Beautiful Flower, Ethiopian
Empire, Beauty of the Stars, Good, Star
Perfect, Complete, Flawless
Prayer, Please, Blessing
Precious and Distinguished, Friendly, High-born, Exalted
God will Listen, The Biblical Ishm, A Prophet, Farsi for Ishmael
Wolf River, Plenty, Valley of the Wolves
Elegant, Being Fair, Handsome, Elegance
One who has Honor, Noble
Helper, Persian Poet, Help, Another Name for God
Bustard Fledgling, Footprint, Divine Protector, Young Snake
Strong, Powerful, Prosperity, Beautiful
The Handsome, The Beautiful
Believer, Faith
New House, Blessing, Saviour
Happy, Encampment, Pleased, Resting Place
He Enlightens
Lion, Famous
In the Bible Jericho was a Canaan City Destroyed when Its Walls Fell Down
The Other Three were Aisha, Khadijah, And Mary, Variant of Fatima
Rebelliousness Wished for Child, Midwife, Great Mother, Princess of the Sea
Satisfying Thirst, Water, The Prophets Person Calling Prayer, Moistening
High-born Girl, Beloved Princess Amyra
Name of Prophet's Daughter, Beautiful
The Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent
Keeper of the Keys, Pure
He who is on the Right, Blessed, Lucky, Righteous
Gift of God, Bright, Speed
Unlike the Others
Judicious, Ruler, Intelligent, Brother
Desire, Loving, Air, Longing
Merciful, Kind, God is Compassionate
One of the Prophet Muhammads Names, Sura In Quran
Faith, Faithful, Belief
Night, Dark-haired Beauty, Sweetheart
Friendliness, Happiness, Friendliness, Affection, Indestructible
The Dove, A Prophet's Name
Mildness, Clemency, Patient, Merciful
Traveller, Lovely, Fair, Beautiful
Laughter, Good Looking, Handsome, Lord Chandra
Console, The Muslim Wife of Pharaoh, One who Tends to the Weak and Heals, Nurse
Grain, Splendour, To Tremble, Light
The Flower, Princess, Eastern Brightness, Dawn
The Word Ali Which is of the Meaning High Lofty Sublime, Sky, Heaven, Loftiness
Achiever, Attainer
Read, Study
Shine, Inspired By the Same Ornamental Plant, Precious Stone, Jasmine
Star, Flower, Beauty
From Kikuyu, God Saves, The Messiah, God's Promise
Look, Praise, Splendor, Old
Gaiety, Joyful, Joy, Happiness
Splendour, Claret, Dazzling Personality, Glow
Free, Night Travel, An Independent Man
Untroubled, Pure, Best Friend, Safiya
Water Lady
Saint, The Founder of Shiite Islam was Named Hussein, Good, Beautiful
Attainer, One who Succeeds, Achiever, Nailah Ali
Achiever, Obtainer, Attainer, Obtained
Fragrant Plant, Rock, Al Marwa is One of the Hill In City Mecca, A Mountain in Meccah
Gentle, Comforts of Wealth, Easy, Wealthy
Zachary, Father of John, Yahweh Remembers
From the Bank, Lake Colony
Peaceful, A Prophets Name
Ruler, Governor, Sultan, Sovereign
A Drink, First Sip of Water, Dust
Protector Advice, Loving, Archer, The Shooter
Messenger, Angelic, Angel
Intelligent, Reiter, Ritter, Horseman
Dark Beauty, Born at Night
Divine law and order, Desire, Life
Crowned, Jewel, Crown, The Taaj Mahal
Victory, Protector of Fame, Rich, Sin
She was a Narrator of Hadith, Splendid, Resplendence, Brilliance
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