Italian baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

Italy is a country of great places like Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Milan, and it also boasts of beautiful, gorgeous, and rhythmic baby names.

Italian baby names are either of Latin origin or are the Italian versions of names originating in other countries. Italian parents follow a firm set of rules for naming their child. The first-born son is named after the paternal grandfather and the second one is named after the maternal grandfather. In the same manner, the first-born girl child is named after the paternal grandmother and the second one is named after the maternal grandmother. Also, one portion of the Italian baby name may be determined by the name day and this is mentioned as his/her "Onomastico". Some traditional Italian families name their child after a patron saint.

Below is the compiled list of over 1000 beautiful Italian baby names.

Protection, Desire, Helmet, Composition
Round Hill, Log in Water to be Still and at Peace, Little Cave, Finnian's Servant
The Sea, Son of the Waves
Powerful, Born of Fire
God is Fullness
Courageous, Descendant of Roghallach, Valiant, Dweller by the Rye Field
the Other, Bringer of Light, Foreign, Honorable
Red Haired Surname, Name of a Tree, Red-haired
Kingly, Esteem, Descentdant of Rían, Little Ruler
Power, Northern Country, Descendant of Nuallan
Blond Warrior / Hero, White, Fair-haired Courageous One, Sunbeam
God's Spear, Deity, Lover of Deer, Ase
Soft, Patterned Fabric
Intelligent, Hound, Wise, Strength
Coastal Rocks, Son of Carr, Mossy Place, Rock
Companion, Son of Cadán, Friend, Gentle
Glorious, Red, Great, Variant of Roderick Famous Ruler
Hound Lover, King, Wolf, Ulster
Hard Working, Emma, An Ant, Industrious
Full of Goodness
Welcome, Intoxicating She who Intoxicates
Rough-headed, Armoured Head, Helmeted Chief
Royal, Noble, Patrician, Fighting Man's Estate
Laplander, The Element Fionn Which Means White Fair, Fair-haired Courageous One, Light Skinned
Rye Field
Descendant of Bradan, Broad Hillside
Son of Cadán, Friend
Gentle, Loved One, Handsome, Comely
Pearl, Jewel, Name of a Saint
Rebellion, Bitter, Star of the Sea, Lady
Pet Form of Mary, Bitterness, The Perfect One, Honey
King Lear
Nobleman, Patrician, Noblewoman
Noble, Little Rock, Peace, God of Shine
Descendant of Sluaghadhán, A Warrior
Hill, The Word Brígh with the Meaning Strength Power Force
Used as a First Name Since the 19th Century, Overnight Dwelling., P, Wise
Surname, From the Hedged Enclosure
the Other, Torch, Foreign, Bringer of Light
Son of Cadán
Darling Child, Rock, An Offering, Light and Buoy-any
Helper, Son of Óda, Helpful, Cushion
Rye Field
Dear Child, Precious, Rock, Tribe near the Black Sea
Lane, Path, A Narrow Country Road
Little Seal
Little Black One, Spear, Clear, Bright
Peace, The Word Éire with the Meaning Ireland, Beauty
Descendant of Cathasaigh, Brave
Messenger of God Angel
Son of Cadán, Companion
Village, Noble, Peacock Town, Royal
From the Alder Grove
Poet, Bard, Attractive, Beautiful
Descendant of Brághadach, Spirited, Wide Island
Virtuous, Noble, Honorable, Consideration
Victory of the People, Girl, Holly
Strength, Noble, Brave, Hill
Son of Cadán
Victor, Young Creature, Dove, Abbreviation of Nicholas People's Victory
Maiden, Girls Innocent, Image of, Daughter
Black-Eyed, Súil, Fields and Hill
Son of Cionaodh, Born of Fire
Son of Cathalain
Strife, Quarrelsome, Gaillard, War
Spiritual Strength, King Lear
Bright, Warrior's Son, The Eastern Sky, Little Battle
Greek, To Be Gentle, Latin, Buoyant
Grace of God, Stable, Ancient or Distant, Old
Descendant of Caollaidhe
Faith, Vine, The Blond, Hero
Dark Blue
Clan, Form of Cameron Crooked Nose
God is Merciful, Yahweh is Gracious
Gracious Defender, Munster, Wealth and Protection
English and American Place Name, Resembling a God, Bard, Perfect
Spiritual One, Modern Variant of Cameron Used for Girls, Crooked Nose
Clergyman, Priest, Surname, Occupational Name
Crooked Nose
Handsome Friend, Good-looking Companion
Sun-Like, Moonlight, Moon
Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Basket, Sun Ray, Wicker
Son of Grádaigh
Little Red One
White Warrior
Curly, Gruaig Which Means Hair
Son of Cionaodh
Foot-soldier, Curly Haired, To Be Strong, Man from Troyes
Descendant of Fionnagán
Son of Cadán
Rye Field
Excellent, Dusky, The Black, Greek
Son of Cathalain
The Black, Swarthy, Darkskinned, Warrior and Assault
Descendant of Donndubhán, Dark Black, Good and Christmas
Hardy, Mighty with a Spear, Brave
Dog Lover
Dove, Victory of the People, Young Pup, Victor
White Shoulder, The Word Nuall with the Meaning Famous Champion Chariot-Fighter
Little Fiery One, The Word Mac Which Means Son, Descendant of Aodhagán
War, Quarrelsome, Strife, Gaillard
Dark, From Arcy
Kay, Jayson
Ruddy, Descendant of Flann, Red One
Slender, Crowned, Beautiful, Crown of Laurel
Slim and Fair, Keeper of the Keys, Slender
Seething Pool, Hill Hollow, Strong and Lively, God's Servant
Yahweh is Gracious
Small Belligerent One
A Descendant of the Dark, From Arcy
Descendant of Bradan, Broad Hillside, Salmon
Slender, Quarrelsome, Narrow, Gaillard
Destroyer, Rule, Time, Bitter
Strife, Church with the Related, War, Battle
Son of Finley, Fair Haired
Bitter, Star of the Sea, Bitterness
Descendant of Sluaghadhán, Warrior
Son of Finley, Child of the Learned Ruler
Eagle, God is Gracious, Grace, Variant of Hebrew Hannah
Yahweh is Gracious, American Spelling of Sean, Present
Ugly Head
Broad Hillside, Descendant of Bradan, Salmon
The Pure, Girls
Vigorous, A Combination of Initials K and C, Alert
Supplanter, Sharp, Gift, Hawk Like
Official of the Church, Canon, Occupational Name, Priest
Kingly, Descendant of Ciardha
Aveline, Beautiful, Lovable, Burst of the Sun
Lightning, Enlightenment, Sea
Small Dog, Little Dog
Aggressive, The Word Ceall with the Meaning Church Monastery, Bright Headed, Warrior
Land of the Lakes, L
Descendent of Fallamhan
Dog Lover
Ascending, Sandal Wood, Healing, Medicine
Leaping Water
Taken from Mackenzie, Son of, Greatest
Land of the Lakes, Redhead
Descendant of Cathasaigh
Cam Meaning Crooked, Crooked Mouth
Spirit, Mind, Fire, Soul
Saint, The Exalted One, Strength, Power
Dauntless, Admirable
Power, Shining, Aveline, Eveline
Friend, Pure, Expensive, The Cause of
Beautiful, Radiant, The Element Aoibh Which is of the Meaning Beauty
Tradition, Radiant Vibrant, The Bright
Combination of Ashley and Lynn, Ash-tree Meadow, Dream, Ash Tree Clearing
Curly-haired, Descendant of Caiside, Clever
Cloud, Acquirer, Like a Horn, Thanks
Kay, Jayson
Lovely, Black, From the Forest, Most Beautiful
Kingly, Little King
From Arcy
The Words Fionn Which Means White Fair, Small Blond Soldier, Fair-haired Courageous One
Protector, Polished Chief, Sword Friend, Mill Worker
Fair, Rock, Harmony, Handsome One
Alert, Vigorous, Descendant of Cathasaigh, The Vigilant One
Little Raven, Sword-blade, Well Known Irish Playwright and Wit Brendan Behan, Prince
Descendant of Caollaidhe
The Black, Black Man
Son, Pillow, Cushion
From Araines, Oak Tree, Presumably Inspired By a Family Name, Greta
Intelligent, Clear, Fire, Illuminated
Slender, Narrow
Clear, Form of Catherine, The Pure, Virginal
Swamp, The Element Caol Which Means Narrow Slender
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