Dutch baby names

Dutch baby names are the names that are mostly found in the Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium known as Flanders.

Netherlands is a country of unique baby names that are fusion of strength, nobility, and eminence. There is rule in Netherlands that within 3 days after birth the birth of a baby, his/her birth and given name must be officially registered by the parent. Commonly, a Dutch child have several given names and all these names are allowed by the legislation unless they are too much similar with an existing surname, or if the name is inappropriate. Usually the first or the given name of a baby is for daily use, often in a diminutive form. There is a large variety of Dutch surnames which is over 100,000. Dutch baby names range from the standard Kim and Lisa to an exotic and unusual baby name Anouk.

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 AartBRock, Noble Strength, The Bear, Stone
 AbeBFather of Many, Father of the Amount
 AbrahamBFather of a Multitude, Faultless
 AdBJust, Good Fortune, Settle, Proper Name
 AdamBMolded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
 AdelbertBHonorable, Intelligent, Of Noble Lineage, Bright
 AdelheidGOf a Noble Kind
 AdriaenBWoman from Hadria
 AdrianusAdriatic from the Stem End
 AgnesGThe Chaste, Lamb As Well
 AlbertBHonorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
 AlbertinaGOf Noble Lineage, All and Illustrious, Female Version of Albert from the Old German, Bright
 AlbertusBNoble, Bright, Famous
 AldegondaGAncient Battle
 AleidaGOf Noble Figure
 AlexandraUFeminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
 AlfonsBBattle, Embattled, Fight
 AlfredBCounsel from the Elves, Supernaturally Wise, Name of a King, All and Peace
 AlwinBHonorable, Noble Friend, Defender
 AmandaGThe Lovely, In Love, Gracious, Deserving to be Loved
 AmberGSky, The Unbeatable, Reddish-yellow Precious Jewel, Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone
 AmeliaUTrustworthy, Industrious, Work of the Lord, Fertile
 AndriesBOf a Man, Brave, Warrior, Manly
 AngelienGMessenger of God Angel
 AnjaGFavor, He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Mercy
 AnnaGElder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
 AnnabelGLovable, Graceful, Variant of the Latin Amabel, Anna
 AnnekeGHe (God) Was Gracious
 AnnelienGLena, Anna, Magdalena
 AnneliesGAnna, Elisabeth, Liese
 AnnelieseGAnna, Grace, Elisabeth, Mercy
 AnnemarieGMaria, God's Gift, Anna
 AnnemiekGGod has Favoured Me, Grace, Food, Mercy
 AnnetGGrain, Favour and Grace, God is Gracious, Graceful
 AnnetteGMercy, Gracious, Graceful, Favour
 AnoesjGGod has Favoured Me, Grace, Angel, He (God) Was Gracious
 AnoukGGrace, He (God) Was Gracious, Grain, Apricot from Nara
 AnsGEarth and Water, Wife, Eagle, Winsome
 AnteunetteGThat Feeds on Flower, Priceless Inestimable
 AntonBPriceless, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy
 AntoniaUThat Feeds on Flower, Priceless Inestimable
 AntoniusBPriceless One
 AntoonBWho Eats Flower, Invaluable, Inestimable, Beyond Price
 ArendBRule, "Eagle", Eagle
 ArieBRule, A Native of Adria, Nobel, Eagle
 ArjanBA Kind of Fir, From Hadria, The Archer, Tree
 ArnoudBEagle, Rule
 AugustijnBWorthy of Respect, Grandeur, Majestic, Great
 BartelBSon of Tolmai, From the Barley Farm
 BartholomeusBFarmer's Son
 BasUFrom Sebaste
 BeatrixGThe Words Viator Meaning Traveller Pilgrim, Happy, Auspicious
 BenedictusBBlessed, Happy
 BenjaminBBorn of the Right Hand
 BenteGKnowledge, Merciful, Blessed, Happy
 BernhardBBear, Hardy, Bärenstarke, Brave
 BertBShiny, Bright, Desire, Fame
 BetjeGMy God has Sworn, My God is Abundance
 BoudewijnUBold Friend
 BraamBFather of Many, Raven, Bramble
 BramBA Thicket of Wild Gorse, Bramble, Raven
 BrooklynCombination of Brook and Lynn, A Fresh Water Small Stream, Broken Land
 BrooklynnGA Combination of Brook and Lynn, Stream by the Lake, Water
 CarolineGHusband, Vigorous, Diminutive with Royal Connotations, Little and Womanly
 CasperBTreasurer, Treasure Bearer
 CatharinaGPure, Torture, Clear
 CecielGDim Sighted, Sixth, Blind One
 CeesBStrong Willed, Horned, Like a Horn, Raven
 ChantalGInspired By the Holy, The Word Chant Which Means Song, Patronym of Baron Chantal
 CharlotteUMan, Little and Womanly, Vigorous, Army
 ChrisUBearer of Christ or Anointed, Christian Woman, Christ-bearer
 ChristinaGDisciple of Christ, Beautiful Christian, The Anointed One, Christ-bearer
 ChristineGChristian Faith, Follower of Christ, The Anointed One
 ChristoffelBBearer of Christ, Christ-bearer, To Carry
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