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VaaluFinnish variant form of Vaali
VaapeFinnish variant form of Fabian
VaapiFinnish variant form of Fabian
VaappiFinnish dialectal variant form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian
VäärnäriFinnish variant form of Verner

VäärneriFinnish variant form of Verner
VäärtiFinnish pet form of Ferdinand
VäinämöShort form of Väinämöinen
VäinämöinenFinnish väinä = 'wide, slow flowing river or strait of the sea' (eg. river Väinäjoki in Latvia and the Saaremaa väin which separates Estonia from Saaremaa)
VäinöShort form of Väinämöinen
VäiskäPet form of Väinämöinen
VäiskiPet form of Väinämöinen
VaitoFinnish name meaning 'silent one'
ValdeShort form of Valdemar (see Waldemar)
ValdemarGod is My Light My Light is Yahweh Rule
ValdusLatinised short form of names containing the name element VALD
ValeeFinnish dialectal short form (Pohjanmaa) of Valentin
ValentiFinnish variant form of Valentin
ValenttiFinnish variant form of Valenti
ValfriFinnish variant form of Valfrid
ValfridSwedish form of Walfried
ValfriitiFinnish form of Valfrid
ValioFinnish valio = 'an outstanding individual, a pick, choice, elite'
VallentinCreative spelling of Valentin
ValluFinnish variant form of Valle
ValmarShort form of Valdemar
ValppiFinnish pet form of Valprit
ValppuFinnish pet form of Valprit
ValpriFinnish variant form of Valprit
ValpritFinnish variant form of Valfrid (see Walfried)
ValteFinnish and Greenlandic short form of names containing the name element VALD
ValtemarFinnish variant form of Waldemar
ValtemariFinnish variant form of Waldemar
ValtsaFinnish pet form of names containing the name element VALD
ValtsuFinnish pet form of names containing the name element VALD
ValtterFinnish variant form of Valtteri
ValttiFinnish short form of combinations with VALD (see Valdi)
ValttuFinnish pet form of names containing the name element VALD
ValtuFinnish pet form of names containing the name element VALD
ValuFinnish pet form of names beginning with Val-
VänäPet form of Väinämöinen
VänniFinnish pet form of Sven (see Sveinn)
VänskiPet form of Väinämöinen

VanteFinnish variant form of Svante
VänttäDialectal variant form of Väinämöinen (Karelia)
VantteFinnish variant form of Svantte
VänttiDialectal variant form of Väinämöinen (Karelia)
VänttyDialectal variant form of Väinämöinen (Karelia)
VäpäPet form of Väinämöinen
VapeFinnish short form of Fabian
VapiFinnish short form of Fabian
VapiaFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian
VapiaaniFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian
VapijaanFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Fabian
VäringSwedish modern form of VæringR
VarttiFinnish pet form of names containing the name element VARD
VeeleFinnish variant form of Felix
VeelesFinnish variant form of Felix
VeeliFinnish variant form of Felix
VeeliksFinnish variant form of Felix
VeelisFinnish variant form of Felix
VeeluFinnish variant form of Felix
VeeriVariant form of Veerus
VeerneFinnish variant form of Verner
VeertiFinnish pet form of Ferdinand
VeerttiFinnish pet form of Ferdinand
VeerusFinnish short form of Severus
VeetrikkiFinnish variant form of Feetrikki
VeetuFinnish variant form of Veeti
VeijaVariant form of Feija
VeijoFinnish variant form of Veikko
VeijuVariant form of Veija
VeikkaFinnish pet form of Veli
VeikkoUniversal Strength Strength of a Spear Diminutive of Ermentrude Finnish name, meaning: brother.
VeineNordic spelling of Weine
VeiniFinnish form of Sven
VekaFinnish pet form of Veikka
VekeFinnish variant form of Veka
VeksaFinnish variant form of Veksi
VeksiFinnish variant form of Veka
VeksoFinnish dialectal variant form of Veksi (Savo)
VeliBrother Maybe Guardian
VelimattiFinnish name
VeljytOld Finnish variant form of Veli
VelyFormer Finnish variant form of Veli
VenneFinnish form of Svenne (see Sveinn)
VennerFinnish variant form of Verner

VenneriFinnish variant form of Verner
VenniPet form of Sven (see Sveinn)
VennuFinnish pet form of Sven
VentelFinnish form of Wendel
VenzelNordic spelling of Wenzel
VerneriFinnish form of Werner
VernuFinnish pet form of Verner
VesaSprout Young Tree
VeskaFinnish dialectal variant form of Veli (Pohjanmaa)
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