African Baby Names - Page 1

African Names for Boy        African Names for Girl
AbenaGirl Born On Tuesday
AbeniGirl We Asked For Her And Behold We Got Her
AberashGirl Giving Off Light
AbidemiBoy Born During Father's Absence
AbimbolaBoy Girl Born Wealthy

AbiodunBoy Girl Born On A Festival
AbioyeBoy Born Into Royalty
AboubacarBoy Variant ofAbu Bakr
AbubakarBoy The first caliph among Muslims
AchiengGirl Born when the Sun shines
AdaezeGirl King's Daughter
AdannaGirl Father's Daughter
AdannayaGirl Her Father's Daughter
Ade Boy Girl Crown
AdebayoBoy The Crown Meets Joy
AdebolaBoy Girl The Crown Has Met Wealth
AdebowaleBoy Girl The Crown Has Come Home
AdedayoBoy Girl The Crown Becomes Joy
AdegokeBoy The Crown Has Been Exalted
AdetokunboBoy Girl The Crown Came From Over The Sea
AdhiamboGirl Born in the evening
AdisaBoy One Who Is Clear
AdjoaGirl Born on Monday
AdwoaGirl Born On Monday
AfiaGirl Born on Friday
AfolabiBoy Born Into Wealth
Africa Girl African continent
AfuaGirl Born On Friday
AkachiBoy Girl The Hand Of God
AkinyiGirl Born In The Morning
AkosuaGirl Born On Sunday
AkpofureBoy Girl Life Is Peaceful
AkuaGirl Born On Wednesday
AkuchiBoy Girl Wealth From God
AlabaGirl Second Child After Twins
AlemayehuBoy Girl I Have Seen The World
AlinafeBoy Girl He Is With Us
AmaGirl Born On Saturday
Amadi Boy Free Man
Amadi Boy Seemed Destined To Die At Birth
AmakaGirl Good Pretty
AmaraGirl Grace
AmarachiGirl God's Grace
AmeqranBoy Eldest
Anan Boy Girl Fourth Born Child

AndileBoy They Have Extended
Asha Girl Life
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