Name Your Kid from Route 66: Kansas and Oklahoma

Posted on: June 3rd, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

Route 66, known also as the Mother Road, was one of the original highways of the U.S. Highway System. Nowadays that doesn't seem like a big deal, but back then, it was historic. There were songs and a whole TV show dedicated to it. So, what better way to pick a name for your baby? One day you can tell them your inspiration, the history behind it and better yet, take your child on a Route 66 road trip!

We've already covered Illinois and Missouri here, and now we're moving west.


Galena A beautiful girl's name that means 'calm' and 'heal.' Little Galena could grow up to be an amazing doctor or therapist, calming and healing others. Route 66 goes through historic Galena, and houses the original inspiration for the character 'Tow Mater' from Disney's Cars movies. Every kid I know loves that movie.

Baxter (Baxter Springs) Known originally in Old English as a girl's name, it is more commonly used for boys in recent times. Baxter means 'baker' suggesting a good, solid, wholesome name which can be unique and fun. Just like bread, which is what I think of when I think baker, it can be way more than just a plain staple. A kid name Baxter has that same possibility of More. Route 66 is the main street in this old town, and it is specifically thanked at the end of the Disney movie Cars mentioned above.


Narcissa What a lovely name. It means 'numb and sleepy' and 'daffodil' but over time has been considered to mean vanity and beauty due to the Greek legend of Narcissus. Now, none of us want our daughter to be vain of course, but that is certainly a trait that could be avoided. The name Narcissa to me calls up a quiet timid beauty of a girl. The part of Rouet 66 through Narcissa is one of the oldest remains of the highway.

Chelsea Though commonly considered a girls name nowadays this was originally used for boys, and is still used for both. It means 'born on a pier' and is a place name from a district in London. It's just two syllables that flow so well together that it makes a great name, and I've never met a Chelsea I didn't like. The town of Chelsea has the history Pryor Creek Bridge, as well as the first oil well ever found in Oklahoma.

Daven (Davenport) Daven is fairly uncommon name, but with its original sound it's always popular when used. It's actually just another form of David, which is one of the most popular English boy names. So if you perhaps have a David in the family you'd like to honor, but you also want your child to have his own name Daven is perfect! The town of Davenport still has sections of road paved with bricks, which is a unique thing to see in the US.

Chandler This name means "candle maker/seller" and is most often used as a boy name. It is said that there have been some instances of female use. In the US it is usually associated with the character from the TV show Friends. It's a fun name and feels as if it could both be laid back and sophisticated. The town was the site of the last American old-west gunfight in Oklahoma.

Arcadia This name has one of the best meanings, "a region offering peace and contentment," a sort of earthly Heaven. What a nice thought that your daughter could offer that to others. The male form of the name is Arcadius, which is also a very worthy name. The town doesn't offer a lot anymore but is a very peaceful section of the drive.

Edmond This means "Wealth protector" and how great is that? Who doesn't like the idea of their kid being a protector of their wealth? It's also a very classic name, and if you son doesn't like it, there's always the nickname, Ed. The city has a lot of great old landmarks you can travel too, as well as another piece of Americana kitsch, the Happy Blue Hippo.

Erick This an old Norse name meaning 'king forever.' It is most widely known now spelled 'Eric' but there are many instances of the K included. Adding the K makes it sound a little more rugged, a little tougher. There is also the feminine form, Erika. The old town suffered a lot during the old US "dust bowl" drought. But it still stands today with a few Route 66 landmarks to see. Like the name sake, the city is still ruling.

Thanks for reading the baby name tour through the next two states of Route 66, next up will be Texas and New Mexico!

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