Celebrity Baby Names Starting With R

Revel in the rich repertoire of celebrity baby names radiating with R. From Rumi to Reign, these radiant names have rocked the red carpet.

Rio John
June 18 2023
Peta Murgatroyd & Maks Chmerkovskiy

In mid-June 2023, the professional dancing duo Peta Murgatroyd and Maks Chmerkovskiy announced the arrival of their son, whom they named Rio John.

"Rio", of Spanish and Portuguese origin, translates to "river," suggesting the flow of life, vibrancy, and a spirit of adventure. The middle name "John" is a classic choice with Hebrew origins, meaning "God is gracious."

Together, the name suggests a blend of dynamic energy and traditional values, mirroring the exciting yet grounded lifestyle of his parents.

Rome Valentin
January 10 2023
Jenna Johnson & Val Chmerkovskiy

Dancer Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy welcomed their son Rome Valentin on January 10, 2023.

Rome, an Italian place name representing the historic city, exudes a sense of strength and grandeur. Valentin, of Latin origin, means "strong, healthy", symbolizing strength and vitality.

January 10 2023
Noor Alfallah & Al Pacino

Noor Alfallah and actor Al Pacino celebrated the birth of their son Roman on January 10, 2023. Roman, a Latin name, means "citizen of Rome" and conveys a sense of strength and history.

November 17 2022
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

Reality TV personalities Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt welcomed their baby Ryker on November 17, 2022. Ryker is a Dutch name meaning "rich", signifying prosperity and success.

Royce Lillian Elizabeth
November 1 2022
Rebel Wilson & Ramona Agruma

Actress Rebel Wilson and her partner Ramona Agruma named their daughter Royce Lillian Elizabeth on November 1, 2022.

Royce, an English name, means "son of the king", symbolizing nobility. Lillian, a Latin name, means "lily", a symbol of purity. Elizabeth, of Hebrew origin, means "God is my oath".

Rise Messiah
September 30 2022
Brittany Bell & Nick Cannon

Model Brittany Bell and rapper Nick Cannon welcomed their child Rise Messiah on September 30, 2022.

Rise, an English word meaning "move upward", symbolizes hope and advancement. Messiah, a Hebrew term often associated with savior or liberator, adds a powerful and spiritual element.

June 3 2022
Shay Mitchell & Matte Babel

Actress Shay Mitchell and her partner Matte Babel named their child Rome, born on June 3, 2022. Rome, the capital of Italy, is known for its rich history and culture, making the name a symbol of strength, grandeur, and tradition.

June 1 2022
Pippa Middleton & James Matthews

Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband James Matthews named their daughter Rose, born on June 1, 2022. Rose, an English name derived from the flower, symbolizes beauty and love.

RZA Athelston
May 13 2022
Rihanna & A$AP Rocky

Singer Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky named their baby RZA Athelston, born on May 13, 2022. RZA could be a nod to the renowned rapper and music producer, and Athelston is a unique English name meaning "noble stone".

Ryden Caspian
March 1 2022
Lauren & Aaron Paul

Actors Lauren and Aaron Paul welcomed their baby boy Ryden Caspian on March 1, 2022.

The name Ryden, of English origin, means "horseman", while Caspian is inspired by the Caspian Sea, the world's largest inland body of water. Together, they hint at both earthly and maritime adventures.

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January 7 2022
Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin

Model Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin welcomed twin boys, named Roman and Malachi, on January 7, 2022. Roman is a Latin name, meaning "from Rome" or "strong, powerful". Malachi is a Hebrew name meaning "my messenger" or "my angel".

River Rose
December 2 2021
Hannah Davis & Derek Jeter

Hannah Davis, a fashion model, and her husband, retired professional baseball player Derek Jeter, named their daughter River Rose, born on December 2, 2021.

The name River is of English origin, inspired by nature, and Rose is a traditional English name derived from the flower.

November 1 2021
Freida Pinto & Cory Tran

Actress Freida Pinto and photographer Cory Tran named their son Rumi-Ray, born on November 1, 2021.

Rumi is a name of Japanese origin meaning "beauty, flow, lapis lazuli", and was also the name of the famous 13th-century Persian poet. Ray is of English origin and means "beam of light".

Radley Knight
October 8 2021
Audrey & Jeremy Roloff

Reality TV personalities Audrey and Jeremy Roloff announced the arrival of their son Radley Knight on October 8, 2021.

Radley is an English name meaning "red clearing", and Knight, also of English origin, is associated with chivalry and honor.

Russell James
September 29 2021
Dylan Dreyer & Brian Fichera

TV meteorologist Dylan Dreyer and cameraman Brian Fichera named their son Russell James, born on September 29, 2021. Russell is of French origin meaning "redhead, fox-colored", and James is an English name meaning "supplanter".

August 16 2021
Stephanie Beatriz & Brad Hoss

Stephanie Beatriz, known for her role in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' and her husband Brad Hoss welcomed their daughter Rosaline on August 16, 2021. The name is of English origin and is a variant of Rosalind, meaning "pretty rose."

Romeo Reign
May 26 2021
Lauren & Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Reality TV stars Lauren and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino became parents to Romeo Reign on May 26, 2021. Romeo is an Italian name famously associated with the romantic hero of Shakespeare's play, while Reign is a modern name symbolizing royal authority.

Rio Rey
May 8 2021
Alexa & Carlos PenaVega

On May 8, 2021, singers Alexa and Carlos PenaVega welcomed their third child, a son named Rio Rey. Rio, a name of Spanish origin, means "river", while Rey is also Spanish and means "king". This combination forms a strong, naturalistic name with a touch of royalty.

River Julién
March 5 2021
Jen Atkin & Mike Rosenthal

Hairstylist Jen Atkin and photographer Mike Rosenthal welcomed their first child, a son named River Julién, on March 5, 2021. River is an English name that represents a flowing body of water, and Julién is a variant of Julian, which is of Latin origin and means "youthful, downy."

Rennie David
February 24 2021
Katharine McPhee & David Foster

Actress Katharine McPhee and musician David Foster welcomed their first child together, a son named Rennie David, on February 24, 2021. The origins and meaning of the name Rennie are unclear, but David is of Hebrew origin and means "beloved."

Row Renggli
February 16 2021
Morgan Stewart & Jordan McGraw

TV host Morgan Stewart and musician Jordan McGraw welcomed their first child, a daughter named Row Renggli, on February 16, 2021. The origins and meaning of the name Row Renggli are unclear.

February 8 2021
Meghan Trainor & Daryl Sabara

Singers Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara welcomed their first child, a son named Riley, on February 8, 2021. Riley is an Irish name meaning "courageous."

Rhodes Robert
December 27 2020
Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund

Actress Emma Roberts and actor Garrett Hedlund welcomed their first child, a son named Rhodes Robert, on December 27, 2020. Rhodes is a geographical surname of British origin, and Robert is a Germanic name meaning "bright fame."

December 7 2020
Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins

Wrestlers Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins welcomed their first child, a daughter named Roux, on December 7, 2020. Roux is a French word that means "red."

Robert Bryson III "Bobby"
December 7 2020
Brittney Noell & Logic

Brittney Noell and rapper Logic welcomed their first child, a son named Robert Bryson III, also known as "Bobby", on December 7, 2020. Robert is a Germanic name that means "bright fame," Bryson is of English origin and means "son of Brice," and Bobby is a diminutive of Robert.

Rumble Honey
October 7 2020
Nara Pellman & Lucky Blue Smith

Model Nara Pellman and musician Lucky Blue Smith named their baby girl Rumble Honey, born on October 7, 2020. Rumble is an English word with a sense of motion and energy, while Honey is an English word name referring to the sweet substance.

September 27 2020
Rooney Mara & Joaquin Phoenix

Actors Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix named their first child, a boy, River, in memory of Phoenix's late brother. Born on September 27, 2020, his name carries a strong natural and emotional resonance.

Rue Rose
September 6 2020
Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert

Singer Teyana Taylor and NBA player Iman Shumpert welcomed their second daughter, Rue Rose, on September 6, 2020. Rue is a French name meaning "street," and Rose is a classic floral name.

Ripley Nightingale
March 31 2020
Kiley Casciano & Matthew Davis

Ripley Nightingale is the name given to the child of Kiley Casciano and Matthew Davis, born on March 31, 2020.

"Ripley" is an English surname that has gained popularity as a first name. It has connotations of strength, boldness,and adventure. "Nightingale" is a nature-inspired name derived from the bird known for its beautiful and melodious songs. It symbolizes beauty, grace, and creativity.

Raddix Chloe Wildflower
December 30 2019
Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, on December 30, 2019, chose a unique and lyrical name for their daughter, Raddix Chloe Wildflower. The originality of Raddix, combined with the classic Chloe and nature-inspired Wildflower, paints a vibrant picture of individuality, beauty, and natural grace.

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October 29 2019
Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef embraced brevity and a touch of mystery when naming their child, born on October 29, 2019. Renn is a compact and distinct name that captures attention. Its origins are ambiguous, adding an air of intrigue to its meaning.

Rellie Evangeline
September 20 2019
Kelsie & James Dupré

Kelsie and James Dupré named their daughter Rellie Evangeline on September 20, 2019. Rellie, a unique name paired with Evangeline, a Greek name meaning "bearer of good news," gives their daughter's name a uniqueness coupled with positivity.

July 27 2019
Courtney & Nikki Sixx

On July 27, 2019, Courtney and Nikki Sixx named their daughter Ruby, a Latin name symbolizing the red gemstone. Ruby represents love, passion, courage, and emotion.

Roux James
June 28 2019
Sydney Leroux & Dom Dwyer

Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer welcomed their son Roux James on June 28, 2019. Roux, a French name meaning "red," combined with James, a Hebrew name meaning "supplanter," infuses their son's name with vibrancy and determination.

Ramona Rae
June 12 2019
Jackie & Ryan Lewis

Jackie and Ryan Lewis welcomed their daughter, Ramona Rae, on June 12, 2019. Ramona, a Spanish name meaning "protecting hands," paired with Rae, a Hebrew name meaning "ewe," implies a sense of care and nurturing.

Ruby Kate
June 5 2019
Abby Huntsman & Jeffrey Livingston

Abby Huntsman and Jeffrey Livingston became the proud parents of twins, William Jeffrey and Ruby Kate, on June 5, 2019.

William, a German name meaning "determined protector," shares his middle name with his father, Jeffrey, an English name meaning "pledge of peace." Ruby, a Latin name symbolizing the red gemstone, is paired with Kate, an English name meaning "pure."

Ramona Lynn
June 4 2019
Margo Price & Jeremy Ivey

Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey named their daughter Ramona Lynn on June 4, 2019. The name Ramona is of Spanish origin, meaning "protecting hands," while Lynn is an English name meaning "lake."

Roody Rocket
March 29 2019
Tara & Allen Stone

Tara and Allen Stone welcomed their son, Roody Rocket, on March 29, 2019. Roody is a variant of Rudy, a name of German origin meaning "famous wolf." Rocket, an English word name, connotes speed and innovation.

Rosalia Jean
March 27 2019
Camille & Jess Carson

Camille and Jess Carson welcomed their daughter Rosalia Jean on March 27, 2019. Rosalia is a name of Spanish origin that means "rose." Jean is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning "God is gracious."

Rani Rose
October 2 2018
Kate Hudson & Danny Fujikawa

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa named their daughter Rani Rose on October 2, 2018. Rani is a Hebrew name meaning "my joy," and Rose is a Latin name referring to the rose flower.

Rhys James
August 28 2018
Michelle Branch & Patrick Carney

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney named their son Rhys James on August 28, 2018. Rhys is a Welsh name meaning "enthusiasm," and James is a Hebrew name meaning "supplanter."

Roman Alexander-Raj
June 14 2018
Crystal Renay & Ne-Yo

Crystal Renay and Ne-Yo named their son Roman Alexander-Raj on June 14, 2018. Roman is a Latin name meaning "citizen of Rome," Alexander is a Greek name meaning "defender of men," and Raj is a Sanskrit name meaning "ruler."

Romeo Alejandro David
May 17 2018
Hilaria & Alec Baldwin

Actors Hilaria and Alec Baldwin named their son Romeo Alejandro David on May 17, 2018. Romeo is an Italian name meaning "pilgrim to Rome," Alejandro is a Spanish form of Alexander meaning "defender of men," and David is a Hebrew name meaning "beloved."

Ranger Joseph
March 5 2018
Abby Ochse & AJ Buckley

Actors Abby Ochse and AJ Buckley welcomed their twins Bodhi Robert and Ranger Joseph on March 5, 2018. Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning "awakening, enlightenment," Robert is a Germanic name meaning "bright fame," Ranger is an English occupational name, and Joseph is a Hebrew name meaning "he will add."

Ryder Falcon
December 12 2017
Rose Falcon & Rodney Atkins

Country singers Rose Falcon and Rodney Atkins named their son Ryder Falcon on December 12, 2017. Ryder is an English name meaning "horseman," and Falcon is a bird name.

December 4 2017
Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale

Actress Rose Byrne and actor Bobby Cannavale named their son Rafa on December 4, 2017. Rafa is a short form of the Hebrew name Raphael, meaning "God has healed."

Revel James Makai
October 22 2017
Renee Puente & Matthew Morrison

Actor Matthew Morrison and his wife, Renee Puente, named their son Revel James Makai on October 22, 2017. Revel is an English word meaning "to take great pleasure," James is a Hebrew name meaning "supplanter," and Makai is a Hawaiian name meaning "towards the sea."

Remy Anne
October 22 2017
Alexis Roderick & Billy Joel

Musician Billy Joel and his wife, Alexis Roderick, named their daughter Remy Anne on October 22, 2017. Remy is a French name meaning "oarsman," and Anne is a Hebrew name meaning "grace."

Robinson True
June 20 2017
Samantha Steele & Christian Ponder

NFL player Christian Ponder and his wife, ESPN reporter Samantha Steele, named their daughter Robinson True on June 20, 2017. Robinson is a traditionally male name of Old English origin meaning "son of Robert," while True is an English word often associated with honesty and sincerity.

June 18 2017
Beyonce & Jay-Z

Music superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their twins Sir and Rumi on June 18, 2017.

Sir is a title of respect or a form of address for a knight or baronet in English tradition, often connoting nobility or importance. Rumi is a Japanese name meaning "beauty, flow," but it also references the 13th-century Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi, whose poetry is widely read and celebrated for its spiritual depth and beauty.

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River Jones
June 12 2017
Paulina Gretzky & Dustin Johnson

Golfer Dustin Johnson and his wife, model Paulina Gretzky, named their son River Jones on June 12, 2017. River is an English word referring to a large natural watercourse, often used as a name to signify peace and flow, and Jones is a Welsh surname meaning "John's son."

Rayni Bell
June 8 2017
Jenna Kennedy & Stephen Barker Liles

Musician Stephen Barker Liles and his wife, Jenna Kennedy, named their daughter Rayni Bell on June 8, 2017. Rayni could be a variant of Rainey, an English name meaning "counsel power," and Bell is an English name meaning "beautiful."

Rainey Ryan
May 15 2017
Chelsea & Randy Rogers

Country music artist Randy Rogers and his wife Chelsea named their daughter Rainey Ryan on May 15, 2017. Rainey is an English name meaning "counsel power," and Ryan is an Irish name meaning "little king."

Rowan Louise
May 2 2017
Kristin Colby & Mikey Way

Kristin Colby and musician Mikey Way named their daughter Rowan Louise on May 2, 2017. Rowan is an Irish and Scottish name referring to the rowan tree, often associated with protection and healing, and Louise is a French name meaning "renowned warrior."

River Joe
April 7 2017
Emilie Livingston & Jeff Goldblum

Emilie Livingston, a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast, and actor Jeff Goldblum named their son River Joe on April 7, 2017. River symbolizes the flowing and ever-changing nature of life, and Joe is a diminutive of Joseph, meaning "God will add."

Ronan Laine
March 13 2017
Megan Hilty & Brian Gallagher

Actress Megan Hilty and Brian Gallagher named their son Ronan Laine, born on March 13, 2017. Ronan is an Irish name meaning "little seal" or "oath." Laine is a Finnish name meaning "wave" or "path."

October 15 2016
Lara Bingle & Sam Worthington

Also on October 15, actress Lara Bingle and actor Sam Worthington named their son Racer. This English word represents speed and competition.

River Rocket
August 8 2016
Jools & Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife, Jools, named their son River Rocket on August 8, 2016. River, an English word, symbolizes flowing life, and Rocket, also an English word, signifies speed and ascending.

Rose Elizabeth
June 18 2016
Katy & Kris Allen

On the same day, musician Kris Allen and his wife Katy named their daughter Rose Elizabeth. Rose, a name of Latin origin, symbolizes love and beauty, and Elizabeth, of Hebrew origin, means "God is my oath."

June 9 2016
Jordana Brewster & Andrew Form

Actress Jordana Brewster, known for the "Fast and Furious" series, and her husband Andrew Form named their son Rowan on June 9, 2016. Rowan, of Irish origin, signifies "little redhead."

Ray Ling
June 6 2016
Lisa Ling & Paul Song

Journalist Lisa Ling and oncologist Paul Song named their daughter Ray Ling on the same day. Ray, an English name, signifies "beam of light."

June 4 2016
Natalia Vodianova & Antoine Arnault

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault named their son Roman on June 4, 2016. Roman, of Latin origin, signifies "citizen of Rome."

Rhett Jameson
June 1 2016
Jenn Brown & Wes Chatham

Sports broadcaster Jenn Brown and actor Wes Chatham named their son Rhett Jameson. Rhett, an English surname, means "advice," while Jameson, also English, means "son of James."

Remington Alexander
April 12 2016
Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

Singer Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock named their son Remington Alexander on April 12, 2016. Remington, an English name, signifies "from the raven farm," and Alexander, of Greek origin, means "defender of mankind."

Remi McKenna
March 21 2016
Kaitlyn & Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas and his wife Kaitlyn named their daughter Remi McKenna. Remi is a French name meaning "oarsman" or "remedy," while McKenna is of Irish origin and means "son of the handsome one."

Rocco Robin
February 1 2016
Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale

Actress Rose Byrne and her partner Bobby Cannavale named their son Rocco Robin on February 1, 2016. Rocco, an Italian name, means "rest," while Robin, of English origin, is associated with the bird and means "bright fame."

Rockwell Lloyd
August 27 2015
Lucy Liu

Actress Lucy Liu named her son Rockwell Lloyd on August 27, 2015. Rockwell, of English origin, means "rock spring," and Lloyd, of Welsh origin, means "gray."

Rafael Thomas
June 17 2015
Hilaria & Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria named their son Rafael Thomas on June 17, 2015. Rafael, a name of Hebrew origin, means "God has healed," and Thomas, also of Hebrew origin, means "twin."

May 11 2015
Haylie Duff & Matt Rosenberg

Actress Haylie Duff and her husband Matt Rosenberg named their daughter Ryan on May 11, 2015. Ryan, of Irish origin, means "little king."

Rocket Zot
March 24 2015
Lara Bingle & Sam Worthington

Actor Sam Worthington and his wife Lara Bingle named their son Rocket Zot on March 24, 2015. Rocket is an English word, and Zot is an uncommon name of uncertain origin.

Rhodes Emilio
February 28 2015
Sara Gilbert & Linda Perry

Actress Sara Gilbert and her wife Linda Perry named their son Rhodes Emilio on February 28, 2015. Rhodes, an English name, means "where roses grow," and Emilio, of Spanish origin, means "rival."

Reign Aston
December 14 2014
Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

TV personality Kourtney Kardashian and her partner Scott Disick named their son Reign Aston on December 14, 2014. Reign, of English origin, refers to the period during which a sovereign rules, and Aston, of English origin, means "east town."

November 19 2014
Gaby Hoffmann & Chris Dapkins

Actress Gaby Hoffmann and her partner Chris Dapkins named their daughter Rosemary on November 19, 2014. Rosemary, of Latin origin, refers to the rosemary plant.

Rose Dorothy
August 30 2014
Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac

Actress Scarlett Johansson and her husband Romain Dauriac named their daughter Rose Dorothy on August 30, 2014. Rose, of English origin, refers to the rose flower, and Dorothy, of Greek origin, means "gift of God."

Rylen Judith
August 25 2014
Brittany & Drew Brees

NFL player Drew Brees and his wife Brittany named their daughter Rylen Judith on August 25, 2014. Rylen is a modern variation of Ryland and means "island meadow," and Judith, of Hebrew origin, means "woman from Judea" or "praised."

River Rose
June 12 2014
Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

Singer Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock named their daughter River Rose on June 12, 2014. River, of English origin, refers to a large stream of water, and Rose, of English origin, refers to the rose flower.

Royal Reign
June 9 2014
Lil Kim & Mr. Papers

Rapper Lil Kim and her partner Mr. Papers named their daughter Royal Reign on June 9, 2014. Royal, of English origin, refers to a person of royal rank, and Reign, of English origin, refers to the period of a monarch's or leader's rule.

February 6 2014
Melissa George & Jean-David Blanc

Actress Melissa George, known for her roles in TV series like "The Good Wife" and "Grey's Anatomy," and her partner Jean-David Blanc named their son Raphaël on February 6, 2014. Raphaël is a name of Hebrew origin that means "God has healed."

River Isaac Ruah
December 30 2013
Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen

Actress Daniela Ruah, recognized for her role in "NCIS: Los Angeles," and her co-star Eric Christian Olsen named their son River Isaac Ruah on December 30, 2013. River, a nature name, symbolizes flow and peace. Isaac, a Hebrew name, means "he will laugh."

December 17 2013
Princess Charlotte Casiraghi & Gad Elmaleh

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, and her partner Gad Elmaleh, a French-Moroccan comedian and actor, named their son Raphaël on December 17, 2013. As mentioned earlier, Raphaël is a name of Hebrew origin that means "God has healed."

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Ryker Mobley
December 9 2013
Sara Nanette Reeveley & Lee Brice

Country music artist Lee Brice and his wife Sara Nanette Reeveley named their son Ryker Mobley on December 9, 2013. Ryker is a Danish name meaning "superior strength," and Mobley is an English surname.

Ruby Lane
November 16 2013
Heidi & Chris Powell

Ruby Lane was born on November 16, 2013, to fitness trainers Heidi and Chris Powell. Ruby is a gemstone name symbolizing passion and protection, and Lane is an English name meaning "pathway."

Rio Laura
July 18 2013
Erinn Bartlett & Oliver Hudson

Actress Erinn Bartlett and actor Oliver Hudson named their daughter Rio Laura on July 18, 2013. Rio is a Spanish/Portuguese name meaning "river," and Laura is a Latin name meaning "bay laurel."

Riley Anne
March 14 2013
Molly & Jason Mesnick

Reality TV stars Molly and Jason Mesnick named their daughter Riley Anne on March 14, 2013. Riley is an English name meaning "rye clearing," and Anne is a French form of Anna, meaning "grace."

Rainbow Aurora
March 5 2013
Holly Madison & Pasquale Rotella

Reality TV star Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella named their daughter Rainbow Aurora on March 5, 2013. Rainbow is an English word name, and Aurora is a Latin name meaning "dawn."

Rekker Radley
January 23 2013
Dominique Geisendorff & Cam Gigandet

Actress Dominique Geisendorff and actor Cam Gigandet named their son Rekker Radley on January 23, 2013. Rekker is a made up name that came from "wrecker." Radley is also an English name meaning "red clearing."

Rocky James
September 19 2012
Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Hollywood power couple Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. chose a solid, strong name for their son: Rocky James, born on September 19, 2012.

Rocky, a name of Italian origin, traditionally means "rest", but in the modern context, it also signifies strength and perseverance. The middle name James, of Hebrew origin, means "supplanter", highlighting the essence of resilience.

Rosaline Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence "Luna"
July 15 2012
Uma Thurman & Arpad Busson

Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson welcomed their daughter, Rosaline Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence, nicknamed "Luna", on July 15, 2012. Each name carries significant meaning and cultural influences, reflecting the family's diverse heritage.

Ruby Jeanne
May 1 2012
Marley Shelton & Beau Flynn

Marley Shelton and Beau Flynn named their daughter Ruby Jeanne on May 1, 2012. Ruby is a precious gemstone name, and Jeanne is a variant of Jane, meaning "God is gracious".

Romy Hero
January 18 2012
Sam Taylor-Wood & Aaron Johnson

Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson named their daughter Romy Hero on January 18, 2012. Romy is a German diminutive of Rosemary, meaning "dew of the sea", and Hero is a Greek mythological name.

Russell Wallace
December 15 2011
Mary Elizabeth Ellis & Charlie Day

Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Charlie Day welcomed their son, Russell Wallace, on December 15, 2011. Russell is a French name meaning "redhead, fox-colored", and Wallace is a Scottish name meaning "foreigner".

Rex Harrison
November 16 2011
Niki Taylor & Burney Lamar

Niki Taylor and Burney Lamar named their son Rex Harrison on November 16, 2011. Rex is a Latin name meaning "king", and Harrison is an English name meaning "son of Harry".

September 24 2011
Ana Ortiz & Noah Lebenzon

Ana Ortiz and Noah Lebenzon also welcomed their son, Raphael, on the same day. Raphael is a Hebrew name meaning "God has healed".

Raden Delilah
September 9 2011
Ashton Shepherd & Roland Cunningham

Ashton Shepherd and Roland Cunningham named their daughter Raden Delilah on September 9, 2011. Raden is likely a creative spelling of Raiden and means "thunder god," and Delilah is a Hebrew name meaning "delicate".

September 5 2011
Jacqui Ainsley & Guy Ritchie

Jacqui Ainsley and Guy Ritchie named their son Rafael on September 5, 2011. Rafael is a Hebrew name meaning "God has healed".

Robert Ford
January 14 2011
Jade Duell & Owen Wilson

Jade Duell and Owen Wilson named their son Robert Ford on January 14, 2011. Robert is a German name meaning "bright fame", and Ford is an English name meaning "dweller at the ford".

Ryan Ruby Mae
November 29 2010
Brittney Cade & Mike Dirnt

Brittney Cade and Mike Dirnt named their daughter Ryan Ruby Mae. Ryan is an Irish name meaning "little king", Ruby is a Latin name referring to the ruby gemstone, and Mae is an English name referring to the month of May.

Reiley Dilys Stella
November 23 2010
Stella McCartney & Alasdhair Willis

Stella McCartney and Alasdhair Willis named their daughter Reiley Dilys Stella on November 23, 2010. Reiley is a variant of Riley, an Irish name meaning "valiant", Dilys is a Welsh name meaning "genuine", and Stella is a Latin name meaning "star".

Raquel Blue
September 7 2010
Tiffany Fallon & Joe Don Rooney

Tiffany Fallon and Joe Don Rooney named their daughter Raquel Blue on September 7, 2010. Raquel is a Spanish variant of Rachel, meaning "ewe", and Blue is an English name referring to the color.

August 21 2010
Catherine Bell & Adam Beason

Catherine Bell and Adam Beason named their son Ronan on August 21, 2010. Ronan is an Irish name meaning "little seal".

Rex William Townley
April 15 2010
Sophie Kinsella & Henry Wickham

Bestselling author Sophie Kinsella, known for her "Shopaholic" series, and her husband Henry Wickham named their son Rex William Townley on April 15, 2010. Rex is a Latin name meaning "king", William is a Germanic name meaning "resolute protection", and Townley is an English surname.

Rohmer Emmanuel
March 17 2010
Jennifer Jason Leigh & Noah Baumbach

Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh and director Noah Baumbach named their son Rohmer Emmanuel on March 17, 2010. Rohmer is possibly a homage to the French film director Eric Rohmer, while Emmanuel is a Hebrew name meaning "God is with us".

Rocco Rio
January 11 2010
Jillian Barberie & Grant Reynolds

Television personality Jillian Barberie and her husband Grant Reynolds named their son Rocco Rio on January 11, 2010. Rocco is an Italian name meaning "rest", and Rio is a Spanish/Portuguese name meaning "river".