Celebrity Babies Born in Saturday

Welcoming the weekend with their arrival, Saturday-born celebrity babies bear names as relaxed and joyful as a perfect weekend. Plunge into this delightful array of Saturday-born celebrity baby names. Here's to the bliss of Saturdays!

Honey Raye
July 29 2023
Tia Blanco & Brody Jenner

The couple, who got engaged at their baby shower in June, shared their joy on Instagram, emphasizing the good health of mother and baby. They also released a YouTube video detailing their journey to parenthood, including Tia's at-home water birth.

The name "Honey" often symbolizes sweetness and affection, while "Raye" can be interpreted as a beam of light, suggesting warmth and brightness.

Barry Bruce
July 1 2023
Meghan Trainor & Daryl Sabara

Pop star Meghan Trainor and actor Daryl Sabara introduced their son Barry Bruce to the world. The name, with its connotations of resilience and strength, seems a fitting choice for the child of a couple who've always embraced their unique paths, from catchy tunes to 'Spy Kids'.

May 27 2023
Tan & Rob France

On May 27, 2023, Tan France and his husband Rob welcomed their son Isaac. The name Isaac is of Hebrew origin, meaning "he will laugh" or "he will rejoice", reflecting the joy and happiness their baby brought into their lives.

May 27 2023
Elizabeth Holmes & Billy Evans

Entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes and her partner Billy Evans welcomed their daughter, named Invicta, on May 27, 2023. The name Invicta, of Latin origin, means "unconquered". It's a strong and empowering name, symbolizing resilience and tenacity.

Ivy Love
April 1 2023
Daisy Lowe & Jordan Saul

Model Daisy Lowe and her partner Jordan Saul welcomed their daughter Ivy Love on April 1, 2023.

Ivy, an Old English name, signifies fidelity and eternity, while Love, a Swedish name, adds a sweet sentiment and emphasizes the affection the parents have for their new arrival.

March 18 2023
Priscilla Chan & Mark Zuckerberg

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg named their newborn Aurelia, born on March 18, 2023.

Aurelia, a feminine form of the Latin name Aurelius, means "the golden one". It's a timeless and elegant name with an old-world charm.

Love Sean
December 10 2022
Diddy Combs

Rapper and producer Diddy Combs welcomed a baby girl named Love Sean on December 10, 2022.

Love, an English name conveying strong affection, paired with Sean, a name of Irish origin meaning "God is gracious", symbolizes the loving grace the parents feel for their new child.

Pixie Rose
October 22 2022
Christina Perri & Paul Costabile

Singer Christina Perri and her husband Paul Costabile welcomed their daughter Pixie Rose on October 22, 2022.

Pixie, an English name, is often associated with mythical creatures known for their playful nature. Rose, a classic flower name, adds a touch of sweetness and elegance.

Oscar Bennett "Ozzie"
October 22 2022
Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith

Actress and singer Mandy Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith named their son Oscar Bennett, affectionately known as "Ozzie", born on October 22, 2022.

Oscar, of Irish origin, means "deer friend". Bennett, a Latin name, means "blessed". The nickname Ozzie adds a playful and modern touch to a traditional name.

Maple Artemis
July 9 2022
Aree Gearhart & Jack Osbourne

TV personality Jack Osbourne and his wife Aree Gearhart named their daughter Maple Artemis, born on July 9, 2022.

Maple is a nature-inspired name, while Artemis is the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and animals, forming a unique name with earthy and powerful undertones.

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Eloise Christina
May 21 2022
Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt

Actor Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger named their daughter Eloise Christina, born on May 21, 2022. Eloise, a French and English name, means "healthy; wide". Christina, a Latin name, means "a Christian".

Brando Elion
May 21 2022
Jacqueline Wood & Elan Ruspoli

Actress Jacqueline Wood and her husband Elan Ruspoli named their son Brando Elion, born on May 21, 2022. Brando is an Italian name possibly meaning "firebrand, sword". Elion is a unique name with origins in both Hebrew, meaning "God is my light", and Greek mythology.

Josiah Luke
April 30 2022
Tori & Zach Roloff

Reality TV stars Tori and Zach Roloff named their son Josiah Luke, born on April 30, 2022. Josiah is a Hebrew name meaning "God has healed", and Luke, also of biblical origin, means "light-giving".

Marigold Adele & Blossom Pearl
March 26 2022
Scarlett Byrne & Cooper Hefner

Actress Scarlett Byrne and her husband Cooper Hefner welcomed twin daughters on March 26, 2022. The couple named their bundle of joys Marigold Adele and Blossom Pearl.

Marigold, named after the vibrant flower, carries a sense of joy and beauty. Blossom suggests blooming and growth, and Pearl is a classic gemstone name. Adele is a German name meaning "noble".

Goldie Brooklyn
March 19 2022
Valerie Pitalo & Burt Jenner

Model Valerie Pitalo and her partner Burt Jenner named their daughter Goldie Brooklyn, born on March 19, 2022. Goldie, an English name, can symbolize preciousness and value. Brooklyn is a Dutch name for "broken land", and also a famous New York borough.

Dimity Facente
January 29 2022
Lydia Hearst & Chris Hardwick

Actress Lydia Hearst and her husband Chris Hardwick named their daughter Dimity Facente, born on January 29, 2022.

Dimity is a rare English name that derives from a type of cotton fabric, suggesting a delicate and gentle nature. Facente is an Italian surname which means "making" or "creating", indicating creativity and artistry.

Malti Marie
January 15 2022
Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

Actress Priyanka Chopra and singer Nick Jonas named their daughter Malti Marie, born on January 15, 2022. Malti is a traditional Indian name meaning "moonlight". Marie, a French variant of Mary, means "wished-for child" or "rebellion".

January 1 2022
Allison Williams & Alexander Dreymon

Actress Allison Williams and Alexander Dreymon named their son Arlo, born on January 1, 2022. Arlo is an old English name, possibly derived from "army, troops" or "fortified hill".

Mateo Tomás
December 4 2021
Isabel Rock & Jacob Roloff

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff, stars of "Little People, Big World", welcomed their son Mateo Tomás on December 4, 2021.

Mateo is a Spanish name, derived from the Hebrew name Matthew, meaning "gift of God". Tomás is a Spanish and Portuguese variation of the name Thomas, meaning "twin".

Scarlet Olivia Khione
November 27 2021
Morgan Beck & Bode Miller

Olympic skier Bode Miller and professional volleyball player Morgan Beck welcomed their daughter, Scarlet Olivia Khione, on November 27, 2021.

Scarlet is an English name that refers to a bright red color. Olivia is of Latin origin, meaning "olive tree". Khione is a name of Greek origin meaning "snow".

Wesley Koy & Maisy Joanne
November 6 2021
Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin

On November 6, 2021, YouTube star Colleen Ballinger and her husband Erik Stocklin welcomed a set of twins, a son and a daughter, into their family. They named their son Wesley Koy and their daughter Maisy Joanne.

Wesley is an English name meaning "western meadow", signifying a serene and peaceful personality. Koy, a name of varied origins, can mean "rain" in Japanese, reflecting a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

On the other hand, their daughter's name Maisy is of Scottish origin and is a variant of the name Maisie. It's a pet form of the name Mairead, which is the Scottish equivalent to Margaret, and it carries the meaning of "pearl", denoting preciousness and rarity. The middle name Joanne is an English name combining "Jo", a diminutive of names beginning with Jo- like Joanna, Josephine etc., and "Anne", meaning "grace" or "favor". Together, Joanne can be interpreted as "God is gracious".

These carefully chosen names for their twins carry a wealth of sentiment and symbolize the joy and love that their arrival has brought to their parents.

November 6 2021
Martha Hunt & Jason McDonald

On November 6, 2021, supermodel Martha Hunt and her photographer partner Jason McDonald welcomed their first child, a daughter named Emery. Emery is a unisex name of Old German origin that means "industrious, powerful".

Cy Monroe
September 25 2021
Laura Perlongo & Nev Schulman

TV personality Nev Schulman and his wife Laura Perlongo named their third child Cy Monroe, born on September 25, 2021.

Cy is a diminutive of the Greek name Cyrus, meaning "lord", and Monroe is a Scottish surname meaning "mouth of the river roe".

Sienna Elizabeth
September 18 2021
Princess Beatrice & Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

On September 18, 2021, Princess Beatrice of York and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi announced the birth of their daughter, Sienna Elizabeth.

Sienna is an Italian name, referring to a type of earth used to create a warm, reddish-brown color. Elizabeth is a classic biblical name meaning "pledged to God".

Wave Set
September 4 2021
Cardi B & Offset

Rapper Cardi B and her husband, rapper Offset, welcomed their second child, a son they named Wave Set, on September 4, 2021. The name is unique and trendy, capturing the couple's affinity for standout names.

August 21 2021
Perrie Edwards & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Axel is the name chosen by singer Perrie Edwards and footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for their son, born on August 21, 2021. The name is of Scandinavian origin and means "father of peace."

July 10 2021
Tan & Rob France

On July 10, 2021, Queer Eye's Tan France and his husband Rob welcomed their son Ismail. Ismail is an Arabic variant of the name Ishmael, meaning "God will hear".

June 26 2021
Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Ewan McGregor

Actors Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ewan McGregor welcomed their son Laurie on June 26, 2021. Laurie is a unisex name of Latin origin meaning "from Laurentum".

Elliot Rowena
May 15 2021
Troian Bellisario & Patrick J. Adams

Actors Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams welcomed their second child, Elliot Rowena, on May 15, 2021. Elliot is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "Jehovah is God", while Rowena is of Welsh origin, meaning "white spear" or "fame".

Rio Rey
May 8 2021
Alexa & Carlos PenaVega

On May 8, 2021, singers Alexa and Carlos PenaVega welcomed their third child, a son named Rio Rey. Rio, a name of Spanish origin, means "river", while Rey is also Spanish and means "king". This combination forms a strong, naturalistic name with a touch of royalty.

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Jason King
May 8 2021
Jena Frumes & Jason Derulo

Model Jena Frumes and singer Jason Derulo became parents to a baby boy named Jason King on May 8, 2021. He shares his first name with his father, a Greek name meaning "healer". King, his middle name, is an English name often associated with royalty.

April 24 2021
Christina Milian & Matt Pokora

Christina Milian and Matt Pokora became parents to a baby boy, Kenna, on April 24, 2021. Kenna is a name of American origin and a feminine form of Kenneth, meaning "born of fire".

Evie Elise
March 20 2021
London & Nathan Kress

London and Nathan Kress, known for his role on Nickelodeon’s "iCarly," welcomed their daughter, Evie Elise, on March 20, 2021. The name Evie is of Hebrew origin and means "life," while Elise is a French version of the name Elizabeth and means "pledged to God".

Louise Jean
March 13 2021
Emma Stone & Dave McCary

Emma Stone and Dave McCary named their firstborn child Louise Jean, born on March 13, 2021. Louise is a feminine form of Louis and means "renowned warrior," while Jean is of Scottish origin and is a variant of John, meaning "God is gracious."

Sterling Skye
February 20 2021
Brittany Matthews & Patrick Mahomes

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes, a professional football player, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sterling Skye, on February 20, 2021. Sterling is an English name that means "of the highest quality," and Skye is a nature name referring to the sky.

August Harrison "Gus"
February 20 2021
Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith, a musician, welcomed their first child, a son named August Harrison, nicknamed "Gus," on February 20, 2021. August is a Latin name that means "majestic," Harrison is of English origin and means "son of Harry," and Gus is often a nickname for names like August and Gustav.

Dolores Wild
December 12 2020
Addison Timlin & Jeremy Allen White

Addison Timlin and actor Jeremy Allen White welcomed their second child, a daughter named Dolores Wild, on December 12, 2020. Dolores is a Spanish name that means "sorrows," and Wild is an English word.

Lucas Matthew
August 22 2020
Camilla Luddington & Matthew Alan

Actress Camilla Luddington and actor Matthew Alan welcomed their second child, a boy named Lucas Matthew, on August 22, 2020. Lucas is a name of Latin origin meaning "light," while Matthew is a Hebrew name meaning "gift from God."

Buddy Dessert
August 1 2020
Brie Bella & Bryan Danielson

Professional wrestlers Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson welcomed their second child, a boy named Buddy Dessert, on August 1, 2020. Buddy is an American name often used as a nickname meaning "brother," while Dessert is a French word meaning "a course that concludes a meal."

Vanja Sevigny
May 2 2020
Chloe Sevigny & Sinisa Mackovic

Actress Chloë Sevigny and art gallery director Sinisa Mackovic welcomed their first child, a son named Vanja Sevigny, on May 2, 2020. Vanja is a gender-neutral name used in several Slavic countries, often short for Ivan or Ivana, which means "God is gracious."

Onyx Orion
April 25 2020
Iggy Azalea & Playboi Carti

Onyx Orion is the name given to the child of Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti, born on April 25, 2020.

The name "Onyx" is derived from the gemstone of the same name. It is a unique and powerful name associated with strength, protection, and transformation. "Orion" refers to the prominent constellation in the night sky, representing a mythological hunter. It signifies courage, adventure, and a connection to the celestial realm.

Ace Flores
March 14 2020
Malika Haqq & O.T. Genasis

Ace Flores is the name given to the child of Malika Haqq and O.T. Genasis, born on March 14, 2020. "Ace" is an English word name that conveys a sense of excellence, expertise, and mastery. It represents a person who excels in their endeavors. "Flores" is derived from the Spanish and Portuguese word for "flowers." It symbolizes beauty, growth, and new beginnings.

Mateo Antoni: Mateo Antoni is the name chosen by Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino for their baby, born on March 13, 2020.

February 22 2020
Danielle Pick & Quentin Tarantino

Renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and his wife Danielle Pick embraced the world of parenthood on February 22, 2020, with the arrival of their son Leo. With a name meaning "lion" in Latin, Leo carries a symbol of strength, courage, and royalty, an apt name for the progeny of such a cinematic titan.

Pepper Lynn
February 8 2020
Christina & Frankie Ballard

Christina and Frankie Ballard unraveled the spice of life on February 8, 2020, as they welcomed their daughter Pepper Lynn.

Pepper, with its connotations of spiciness and vivacity, paired with Lynn, of Old English origin meaning "lake," paints an image of fiery life dancing upon the calm waters of serenity, a poetic reflection of the dynamic pulse of existence.

Isaac Menelik Giovanni
January 18 2020
Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin's son, born on January 18, 2020, carries a name steeped in historical and spiritual significance. Isaac Menelik Giovanni is an eclectic blend of Hebrew, Ethiopian, and Italian roots, each name a rich tapestry of cultural narratives converging in the identity of one little boy.

Hartley Lucas
November 16 2019
Jedediah Bila & Jeremy Scher

Jedediah Bila and Jeremy Scher welcomed their son, Hartley Lucas, on November 16, 2019. Hartley, an Old English name meaning "stag meadow," along with Lucas, a Latin name meaning "light," imbues a sense of natural brilliance.

Harold Ralph Gerwig
November 16 2019
Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach

Also on November 16, 2019, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach named their son Harold Ralph Gerwig. The name Harold, of Scandinavian origin meaning "army ruler," paired with Ralph, an Old English name meaning "wolf counsel," signifies strong leadership and wisdom.

Freeya Carel
November 16 2019
Danielle Brooks & Dennis Gelin

On the same day, Danielle Brooks and Dennis Gelin welcomed their daughter, Freeya Carel. The name Freeya is reminiscent of the Norse goddess Freya, symbolizing love and beauty, while Carel, a variant of Carol, adds a touch of vintage charm to the name.

Addison Renee
November 2 2019
Kendra Caldwell & Joseph Duggar

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar celebrated the arrival of their baby girl on November 2, 2019, giving her the name Addison Renee.

This name combination radiates elegance and poise. "Addison" conveys a sense of strength and determination, signifying a child who will confidently navigate life's challenges. "Renee" is derived from the French word for "rebirth" or "born again," symbolizing a fresh start and a blossoming spirit.

Atlas Noa
October 19 2019
Shay Mitchell & Matte Babel

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel chose a name with mythological significance for their daughter, born on October 19, 2019.

Atlas Noa takes inspiration from Greek mythology. In Greek folklore, Atlas is the Titan who bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, symbolizing strength and endurance. "Noa" can be interpreted as "movement" or "motion," suggesting a child who will fearlessly explore and discover.

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Morrison Rafael
October 5 2019
Camille Guaty & Sy Rhys Kaye

Camille Guaty and Sy Rhys Kaye welcomed their son, Morrison Rafael, on October 5, 2019. The name Morrison, an English surname meaning "son of Morris," along with Rafael, a Hebrew name meaning "God has healed," adds a divine touch to their son's name.

July 27 2019
Courtney & Nikki Sixx

On July 27, 2019, Courtney and Nikki Sixx named their daughter Ruby, a Latin name symbolizing the red gemstone. Ruby represents love, passion, courage, and emotion.

Caruso Jack
June 15 2019
Lana Gomez & Sebastian Maniscalco

Lana Gomez and Sebastian Maniscalco named their son Caruso Jack on June 15, 2019. Caruso, an Italian surname, paired with Jack, an English name meaning "God is gracious," evokes an aura of graciousness and Italian heritage.

Liv Rae
June 8 2019
Kayla Rae & Ryan Lochte

Kayla Rae and Ryan Lochte welcomed their daughter, Liv Rae, on June 8, 2019. Liv, a Scandinavian name meaning "protection," coupled with Rae, a Hebrew name meaning "ewe," suggests protection and innocence.

Theodore "Teddy"
April 13 2019
Katy Tur & Tony Dokoupil

Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil welcomed their son, Theodore "Teddy", on April 13, 2019. Theodore, a name of Greek origin, means "God-given." Teddy is a familiar, affectionate form of Theodore.

Adeya Nomi
March 23 2019
Kehlani & Javie Young-White

Kehlani and Javie Young-White named their daughter Adeya Nomi on March 23, 2019. Adeya is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "God's ornament," while Nomi is a variant of Naomi, which is also of Hebrew origin, meaning "pleasantness."

Violet Skye
January 26 2019
Rachel Platten & Kevin Lazan

Rachel Platten and Kevin Lazan welcomed their daughter Violet Skye on January 26, 2019. Violet is a Latin name meaning "purple," and Skye is a reference to the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Gianna Iman
January 5 2019
LeToya Luckett-Walker & Tommicus Walker

LeToya Luckett-Walker and Tommicus Walker named their daughter Gianna Iman on January 5, 2019. Gianna is an Italian name meaning "God is gracious," and Iman is an Arabic name meaning "faith" or "belief."

Milo Max
December 29 2018
Paige O'Brien & Josh Peck

Paige O'Brien and Josh Peck named their son Milo Max on December 29, 2018. Milo is a German name meaning "merciful," and Max is a diminutive form of Maximilian, a Latin name meaning "greatest."

December 15 2018
Joie Chavis & Future

Joie Chavis and Future named their son Hendrix on December 15, 2018. Hendrix is a Dutch name meaning "estate ruler."

Piper Lily
December 8 2018
Natalie Harker & Eric Paslay

Natalie Harker and Eric Paslay named their daughter Piper Lily on December 8, 2018. Piper is an English occupational name for a pipe player, and Lily is a flower name of Latin origin.

August 25 2018
Rachael Harris & Christian Hebel

Rachael Harris and Christian Hebel named their son Otto on August 25, 2018. Otto is a Germanic name meaning "wealth."

June 23 2018
Joanna & Chip Gaines

Joanna and Chip Gaines named their son Crew on June 23, 2018. Crew is an English name derived from a word meaning "group."

Cairo Tiahna
May 5 2018
Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict

Actresses Tia Mowry and actor Cory Hardrict named their daughter Cairo Tiahna on May 5, 2018. Cairo is an Arabic name referring to the capital of Egypt, and Tiahna is a Slavic name meaning "fairy princess."

Forrest Bradley
March 31 2018
Jessie James & Eric Decker

Country singer Jessie James and former professional football player Eric Decker named their son Forrest Bradley on March 31, 2018. Forrest is an English name meaning "of the forest," and Bradley is an English name meaning "broad meadow."

Luke Richard Bagshawe
March 10 2018
Hannah Bagshawe & Eddie Redmayne

Hannah Bagshawe and actor Eddie Redmayne named their son Luke Richard Bagshawe on March 10, 2018. Luke is a Greek name meaning "light-giving," and Richard is a Germanic name meaning "dominant ruler."

Minnie Theodora
February 3 2018
Lisa Stelly & Jack Osbourne

Reality TV personality Jack Osbourne and his wife, Lisa Stelly, named their daughter Minnie Theodora on February 3, 2018. Minnie is a pet form of names like Minerva and Wilhelmina, and Theodora is a Greek name meaning "gift of God."

Sandra Grace
December 23 2017
Sara Gaines & Max Shifrin

TV news correspondent Sara Gaines and her husband, Max Shifrin, named their daughter Sandra Grace on December 23, 2017. Sandra is a diminutive of Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind," and Grace is a Latin name meaning "gracefulness or charm."

Leo James
December 16 2017
Tanya & Sean Maguire

Actors Sean and Tanya Maguire named their son Leo James on December 16, 2017. Leo is a Latin name meaning "lion," and James is a Hebrew name meaning "supplanter."

Beaumont Gino
July 1 2017
Chelsea Peretti & Jordan Peele

Comedian Jordan Peele and his wife, actress Chelsea Peretti, named their son Beaumont Gino on July 1, 2017. Beaumont is a French name meaning "beautiful mountain," and Gino is an Italian diminutive of names ending in "-gino," often used as an affectionate term.

Axel James
May 20 2017
Maddie Brown & Caleb Brush

Reality TV stars Caleb Brush and Maddie Brown named their son Axel James on May 20, 2017. Axel is a Danish name meaning "father is peace," and James is a Hebrew name meaning "supplanter."

Conor Jack
May 6 2017
Dee Devlin & Conor McGregor

Dee Devlin and MMA fighter Conor McGregor named their son Conor Jack on May 6, 2017. Conor is an Irish name meaning "lover of hounds," and Jack is an English name originally a nickname for John, meaning "God is gracious."

Sienna Princess
April 29 2017
Ciara & Russell Wilson

Ciara, a singer, and her husband Russell Wilson named their daughter Sienna Princess, born on April 29, 2017. Sienna is a variant of Siena, a city in Italy known for its beautiful art and architecture, and Princess represents the joy and significance of their little girl.

Jake Stone
April 8 2017
Joey Gonzalez & Jonathan Rollo

Joey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry's Bootcamp, and restaurateur Jonathan Rollo named their son Jake Stone on April 8, 2017. Jake is a variant of Jacob, meaning "supplanter," and Stone represents strength and stability.

Montague George Hector
January 21 2017
Geri Halliwell & Christian Horner

Fast forward to January 21, 2017, Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner chose the name Montague George Hector for their son.

Montague, of French origin, suggests a pointed hill. George, a classic name of Greek origin, translates to farmer, and Hector, with roots in Greek mythology, signifies holding fast.

Ella Grace
January 21 2017
Keshia Knight Pulliam & Ed Hartwell

day, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell welcomed their daughter, Ella Grace. Ella, of English origin, means beautiful fairy, while Grace, a timeless name, signifies God's favor.

Phoenix Robert
December 24 2016
Vanessa & Nick Lachey

Underneath the Christmas lights of 2016, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, television and music industry stalwarts respectively, welcomed their son, Phoenix Robert. This striking name, a blend of Greek and English roots, suggests the mythical rebirth of the Phoenix and the "bright fame" associated with Robert.

Arrow Rhodes & Zeppelin Bram
December 3 2016
Danneel & Jensen Ackles

Arrow Rhodes & Zeppelin Bram, welcomed by Danneel and Jensen Ackles, famed for "Supernatural," carry names packed with symbolism. Arrow is an English name symbolizing direction and purpose. Rhodes is of English origin meaning "where roses grow". Zeppelin is a German name referring to a type of airship, and Bram is of Dutch and Hebrew origin meaning "father of many".

Sybil Ann
November 5 2016
Lindsey Czarniak & Craig Melvin

News anchor Lindsey Czarniak and Craig Melvin announced the birth of Sybil Ann in November 2016. Her name hails from Greek and Hebrew, referring to a "prophetess" of "grace".

November 5 2016
Laura Gallagher & Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand and Laura Gallagher brought Mabel into their lives, a Latin name denoting someone "lovable".

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Adelaide Rue
October 15 2016
Sara Rue & Kevin Price

Actress Sara Rue and Kevin Price announced the arrival of Adelaide Rue on October 15, 2016. The name Adelaide, of German origin, signifies "noble" or "nobility."

October 15 2016
Lara Bingle & Sam Worthington

Also on October 15, actress Lara Bingle and actor Sam Worthington named their son Racer. This English word represents speed and competition.

September 24 2016
Morgan Olsen & Joel Smith

Morgan Olsen, the editor of a Phoenix food magazine, and Joel Smith introduced their daughter Georgia to the world on September 24, 2016. The name Georgia, of English origin, is the feminine form of George and means "farmer."

Jack Breckenridge
September 3 2016
Alexandra Breckenridge & Casey Neil Hooper

Alexandra Breckenridge, known for "The Walking Dead," and musician Casey Neil Hooper named their son Jack Breckenridge on September 3, 2016. Jack, meaning "God is gracious," and Breckenridge, a Scottish locational surname, combine to create a charismatic and classic name.

Mary Lucille Diana
August 6 2016
Kate Tucker & Zac Hanson

Drummer Zac Hanson of the pop rock band Hanson and his wife Kate Tucker named their daughter Mary Lucille Diana on August 6, 2016. Mary, of Hebrew origin, means "wished-for child," Lucille is Latin for "light," and Diana, a name of Roman origin, is associated with the divine.

Frederick Easton
July 23 2016
Laina Rose Thyfault & Chris Klein

Actors Chris Klein and Laina Rose Thyfault welcomed their son Frederick Easton on July 23, 2016. Frederick, of German origin, signifies "peaceful ruler," and Easton, an English name, means "east town."

June 25 2016
Emily Blunt & John Krasinski

Emily Blunt, known for "The Devil Wears Prada," and John Krasinski, famous for "The Office," named their daughter Violet on June 25, 2016. The name Violet, of Latin origin, signifies the purple flower.

Aidan Clinton
June 18 2016
Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Marc Mezvinsky named their son Aidan Clinton on June 18, 2016. Aidan, of Irish origin, signifies "little and fiery."

Rose Elizabeth
June 18 2016
Katy & Kris Allen

On the same day, musician Kris Allen and his wife Katy named their daughter Rose Elizabeth. Rose, a name of Latin origin, symbolizes love and beauty, and Elizabeth, of Hebrew origin, means "God is my oath."

Ace Thomas
June 11 2016
Cody & Spike Mendelsohn

Celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn and his wife Cody named their son Ace Thomas on June 11, 2016. Ace, an English name, signifies "one, unity," and Thomas, a name of Aramaic origin, means "twin."

June 4 2016
Natalia Vodianova & Antoine Arnault

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault named their son Roman on June 4, 2016. Roman, of Latin origin, signifies "citizen of Rome."

Heiress Diana
March 26 2016
Tameka "Tiny" & Clifford "T.I." Harris

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris named their daughter Heiress Diana on March 26, 2016. Heiress is an English word that signifies a female inheritor, and Diana, of Latin origin, means "divine."

March 5 2016
Paulina Rubio & Gerardo Bazua

Singer Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua named their son Eros on March 5, 2016. Eros, a Greek name, signifies "love," and is also the name of the Greek god of love.

Olivia James
February 13 2016
Kellie James & Keith Christian

Actress Kellie James and her husband Keith Christian named their daughter Olivia James on February 13, 2016. Olivia, of Latin origin, means "olive tree," and James, a Hebrew name, means "supplanter."

Lillian Catherine & Lawson Brent
December 12 2015
Catherine Werne & David Nail

Singer David Nail and his wife Catherine Werne named their twin children Lillian Catherine and Lawson Brent on December 12, 2015.

Lillian is an English name associated with the lily flower, Catherine, of Greek origin, means "pure," Lawson, an English name, means "son of Lawrence," and Brent, also of English origin, means "hill" or "mount."

December 5 2015
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their son Saint on December 5, 2015. Saint, of Latin origin, signifies "holy."

Chanel Nicole
November 28 2015
Coco Austin & Ice-T

Rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin named their daughter Chanel Nicole on November 28, 2015. Chanel is a French brand name, and Nicole, of Greek origin, means "people of victory."

Elsie Otter
July 18 2015
Zooey Deschanel & Jacob Pechenik

Actress Zooey Deschanel and her husband Jacob Pechenik named their daughter Elsie Otter on July 18, 2015. Elsie is a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my oath," and Otter, of English origin, is an animal name.

Charlie Ocean
July 4 2015
Emilie Livingston & Jeff Goldblum

Actor Jeff Goldblum and his wife Emilie Livingston named their son Charlie Ocean on July 4, 2015. Charlie, a diminutive of Charles, means "free man," and Ocean, of Greek origin, is a nature name.

Maiya Grace
June 27 2015
Emily & Justin Baldoni

Actors Justin and Emily Baldoni named their daughter Maiya Grace on June 27, 2015. Maiya, a variant of the Greek name Maia, means "great," and Grace, of Latin origin, means "gracefulness."

Andy Rose
June 13 2015
Lisa Stelly & Jack Osbourne

TV personality Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa Stelly named their daughter Andy Rose on June 13, 2015. Andy is traditionally a diminutive of Andrew, meaning "manly," and Rose, of English origin, is a flower name.

McCoy Lee
May 23 2015
Kelsey Mayfield & Scott Porter

Actor Scott Porter and his wife Kelsey Mayfield named their son McCoy Lee on May 23, 2015. McCoy, of Gaelic origin, means "son of Aodh," and Lee, of English origin, means "meadow."

Max Red
May 23 2015
Casey Wilson & David Caspe

Actress Casey Wilson and her husband David Caspe named their son Max Red on the same day. Max is a diminutive of Maximilian, meaning "greatest," and Red, of English origin, is a color name.

Mia Alma
May 9 2015
Perez Hilton

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton named his daughter Mia Alma on May 9, 2015. Mia, a diminutive of Maria, means "bitter" or "sea of bitterness," and Alma, of Latin origin, means "nurturing, soul."

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
May 2 2015
Kate Middleton & Prince William

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on May 2, 2015. Charlotte, of French origin, means "free man," Elizabeth, of Hebrew origin, means "God is my oath," and Diana, of Latin origin, means "divine."

Theodore Vigo Sullivan
April 4 2015
Rachael Leigh Cook & Daniel Gillies

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook and her husband Daniel Gillies named their son Theodore Vigo Sullivan on April 4, 2015. Theodore, of Greek origin, means "gift of God," Vigo is a Spanish place name, and Sullivan, of Irish origin, means "black-eyed one."

Ioni James
March 28 2015
Coco Rocha & James Conran

Model Coco Rocha and her husband James Conran named their daughter Ioni James on March 28, 2015. Ioni might derive from Ionian, a region in ancient Greece, and James, of Hebrew origin, means "supplanter."

March 14 2015
Paloma Jiménez & Vin Diesel

Actor Vin Diesel and his partner Paloma Jiménez named their daughter Pauline on March 14, 2015. Pauline, a name of French origin, means "small."

Rhodes Emilio
February 28 2015
Sara Gilbert & Linda Perry

Actress Sara Gilbert and her wife Linda Perry named their son Rhodes Emilio on February 28, 2015. Rhodes, an English name, means "where roses grow," and Emilio, of Spanish origin, means "rival."

Kenric Justin II
January 10 2015
Sonequa Martin-Green & Kenric Green

Actress Sonequa Martin-Green and her husband Kenric Green named their son Kenric Justin II on January 10, 2015. Kenric, a name of English origin, means "bold ruler," and Justin, of Latin origin, means "just."

Genesis Ali
December 27 2014
Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

Singer Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz named their son Genesis Ali on December 27, 2014. Genesis, a name of Greek origin, means "origin, birth," and Ali, of Arabic origin, means "exalted."

Hayley Clementine
November 15 2014
Maggie Carey & Bill Hader

Actor Bill Hader and his wife Maggie Carey named their daughter Hayley Clementine on November 15, 2014. Hayley, a name of English origin, means "hay field," and Clementine, of French origin, means "mild, merciful."

Marlowe Monroe
November 1 2014
Jenna von Oÿ & Brad Bratcher

Actress Jenna von Oÿ and her husband Brad Bratcher named their daughter Marlowe Monroe on November 1, 2014. Marlowe, of English origin, means "drained lake," and Monroe, of Scottish origin, means "mouth of the Roe river."

Rose Dorothy
August 30 2014
Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac

Actress Scarlett Johansson and her husband Romain Dauriac named their daughter Rose Dorothy on August 30, 2014. Rose, of English origin, refers to the rose flower, and Dorothy, of Greek origin, means "gift of God."

Summer Rain
August 16 2014
Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler

Singer Christina Aguilera and her partner Matthew Rutler named their daughter Summer Rain on August 16, 2014. Summer, of English origin, refers to the season, and Rain, also of English origin, refers to the precipitation.

Marlowe Mae
August 9 2014
Eva Amurri & Kyle Martino

Actress Eva Amurri and her husband Kyle Martino named their daughter Marlowe Mae on August 9, 2014. Marlowe, of English origin, means "drained lake," and Mae, of English origin, is a variant of May, which refers to the month of May.

Holland Marysia Walker
July 5 2014
Courtney Hansen & Jay Hartington

TV host Courtney Hansen and her husband Jay Hartington named their daughter Holland Marysia Walker on July 5, 2014. Holland, of Dutch origin, refers to the region in the Netherlands, Marysia, of Polish origin, is a form of Maria, which means "bitter," and Walker, of English origin, means "cloth walker."

Lucy Marie
May 24 2014
Kelley & Scott Wolf

Actor Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley named their daughter Lucy Marie on May 24, 2014. Lucy, of Latin origin, means "light," and Marie, of French origin, is a form of Maria, which means "bitter."

February 15 2014
Jenny Mollen & Jason Biggs

Actor Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen named their son Sid on February 15, 2014. Sid, of English origin, is a diminutive of Sidney, which means "wide meadow."

Hunter Lee
February 1 2014
Yessica Kumala & Josh Holloway

"Lost" star Josh Holloway and his wife Yessica Kumala named their son Hunter Lee on February 1, 2014. Hunter, an English occupational name for a hunter, implies being relentless or being a provider.

Further Reading
Beau Katherine
February 1 2014
Sarah Jane Morris & Ned Brower

Actress Sarah Jane Morris, known for her roles in TV series like "Brothers & Sisters" and "NCIS," and her husband Ned Brower named their daughter Beau Katherine on February 1, 2014. Beau is a French name that translates to "handsome."

Annabel Leah
January 25 2014
Kimberly & James Van Der Beek

Actor James Van Der Beek, renowned for his role as Dawson Leery in the teen drama series "Dawson's Creek," and his wife Kimberly named their daughter Annabel Leah on January 25, 2014. Annabel is a Latin name that means "graceful beauty."

January 18 2014
Anna Trebunskaya & Nevin Millan

Professional dancer Anna Trebunskaya, famed for her appearances on "Dancing with the Stars," and her partner Nevin Millan named their daughter Amalya on January 18, 2014. Amalya is a name of Hebrew origin that means "work of the Lord."

Bear Blaze Winslet
December 7 2013
Kate Winslet & Ned Rocknroll

Bear Blaze Winslet was born on December 7, 2013 to actress Kate Winslet, best known for her role in "Titanic," and her husband Ned Rocknroll. Bear is an English name often symbolizing strength and courage, while Blaze, also of English origin, signifies a flame.

Lily Georgina "Lily George"
November 30 2013
Brooke Anderson & Jim Walker

Lily Georgina "Lily George" was born on November 30, 2013 to Brooke Anderson, an entertainment reporter, and her husband Jim Walker. Lily is an English name referring to the lily flower which symbolizes purity and beauty, and Georgina is a Greek name meaning "farmer."

Ruby Lane
November 16 2013
Heidi & Chris Powell

Ruby Lane was born on November 16, 2013, to fitness trainers Heidi and Chris Powell. Ruby is a gemstone name symbolizing passion and protection, and Lane is an English name meaning "pathway."

Lincoln Marshall
November 16 2013
Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin

Lincoln Marshall is the son of "Teen Mom 2" stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, born on November 16, 2013. Lincoln is an English name meaning "town by the pool," and Marshall, also of English origin, means "horse servant" or "steward."

Maceo Robert
October 5 2013
Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez

Actress Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez welcomed their son Maceo Robert on October 5, 2013. Maceo is a Spanish variant of Matthew, meaning "gift of God," and Robert is of Germanic origin meaning "bright fame."

Elijah Beckwith
September 28 2013
Heather Morris & Taylor Hubbell

Actress Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell welcomed their son Elijah Beckwith on September 28, 2013. Elijah is a Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh is God," and Beckwith is an English surname with Norse roots, meaning "beech wood."

Daxel Vaughn
September 28 2013
Lisa D'Amato & Adam Friedman

Model Lisa D'Amato and Adam Friedman named their son Daxel Vaughn on September 28, 2013. Daxel seems to be a modern invented name, combining Dax and Axel, and Vaughn is a Welsh name meaning "small."

Charlotte Easton
September 28 2013
Rachael Leigh Cook & Daniel Gillies

Actors Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies named their daughter Charlotte Easton on September 28, 2013. Charlotte is a feminine form of Charles, meaning "free man," and Easton is an English name meaning "east-facing place."

June 15 2013
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West named their daughter North on June 15, 2013. North is an English word name referring to the cardinal direction.

George Samuel & Everett Joseph
May 18 2013
Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer-Wright

Country singer Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer-Wright named their twins George Samuel and Everett Joseph on May 18, 2013.

George is a Greek name meaning "farmer," Samuel is a Hebrew name meaning "God has heard," Everett is an English name meaning "brave as a wild boar," and Joseph is a Hebrew name meaning "he will add."

Edward James
April 20 2013
Eva Herzigová & Gregorio Marsiaj

Model Eva Herzigová and Gregorio Marsiaj named their son Edward James on April 20, 2013. Edward is an English name meaning "wealthy guard," and James is a Hebrew name meaning "supplanter."

Margaret Laura "Mila"
April 13 2013
Jenna Bush Hager & Henry Hager

Journalist Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Hager named their daughter Margaret Laura "Mila" on April 13, 2013. Margaret is a Greek name meaning "pearl," Laura is a Latin name meaning "bay laurel," and Mila is a Slavic name meaning "gracious, dear."

Scout Margery
April 6 2013
Kerri Walsh & Casey Jennings

Volleyball player Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings named their daughter Scout Margery on April 6, 2013. Scout is an English word name, and Margery is a variant of Marguerite, a French name meaning "pearl."

Sage Lavinia
April 6 2013
Shannan Click & Jack Huston

Model Shannan Click and actor Jack Huston named their daughter Sage Lavinia on April 6, 2013. Sage is an English word name referring to the herb, and Lavinia is the legendary mother of the Roman people

Jax Copeland
April 6 2013
Ashley Groussman & Tom Arnold

Comedian Tom Arnold and Ashley Groussman named their son Jax Copeland on April 6, 2013. Jax is a modern diminutive of Jackson or Jack, and Copeland is an English surname meaning "bought land."

Talulah Rue
February 9 2013
Sara Rue & Kevin Price

Actress Sara Rue and Kevin Price named their daughter Talulah Rue on February 9, 2013. Talulah is a Native American name meaning "leaping water," and Rue is a French name meaning "street."

Paisley Faye
January 12 2013
Jennie Finch & Casey Daigle

Softball player Jennie Finch and baseball player Casey Daigle named their daughter Paisley Faye on January 12, 2013. Paisley is a Scottish place name, and Faye is an English name meaning "fairy."

January 5 2013
Rosie O'Donnell & Michelle Rounds

TV personality Rosie O'Donnell and Michelle Rounds named their daughter Dakota on January 5, 2013. Dakota is a Native American name meaning "friendly one."

Felix Chang Hong
December 29 2012
Tinglan Hong & Hugh Grant

Actor Hugh Grant and Tinglan Hong named their son Felix Chang Hong on December 29, 2012. Felix is a Latin name meaning "happy, fortunate," Chang is a Chinese name meaning "free, unhindered," and Hong is a Chinese name meaning "wide, vast."

Miller William
November 10 2012
Kelley & Scott Wolf

Actress Kelley and actor Scott Wolf named their son Miller William on November 10, 2012. Miller is an English occupational name for a grinder of grain, and William is a Germanic name meaning "resolute protection."

August 25 2012
Anna Faris & Chris Pratt

Hollywood stars Anna Faris and Chris Pratt named their son Jack on August 25, 2012. Jack, originally a nickname for John, carries the meaning "God is gracious".

July 28 2012
Maggie Carey & Bill Hader

Comedians Maggie Carey and Bill Hader named their daughter Harper, born on July 28, 2012. The name Harper is of English origin and it refers to a harp player.

Delilah Grace
July 28 2012
Mandy & Patrick Fabian

Mandy and Patrick Fabian chose the name Delilah Grace for their daughter, also born on July 28, 2012. Delilah is a Hebrew name that means "delicate" or "weak", and Grace is a virtue name symbolizing divine grace.

Marlowe Ottoline Layng
July 7 2012
Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge named their daughter Marlowe Ottoline Layng on July 7, 2012. Marlowe is an English name meaning "driftwood", Ottoline is of German origin and means "prosperous in battle", and Layng is a unique addition to the elegant moniker.

Miles Alexander
June 30 2012
Joy Williams & Nate Yetton

Joy Williams and Nate Yetton named their son Miles Alexander on June 30, 2012. Miles is of Latin origin and means "soldier", while Alexander is a Greek name meaning "defender of the people".

June 16 2012
Ceren Alkac & Jason Lee

Ceren Alkac and Jason Lee chose the name Sonny for their son, born on June 16, 2012. Sonny is an English name that means "son" and is often used as a term of endearment.

Isabetta Rose
May 5 2012
Amber & Rob Mariano

Amber and Rob Mariano named their daughter Isabetta Rose on May 5, 2012. Isabetta is an Italian variant of Elizabeth, meaning "pledged to God", and Rose is a timeless floral name.

Check These Out
Astala Dylan Willow
April 21 2012
Peaches Geldof & Thomas Cohen

Peaches Geldof and Thomas Cohen named their son Astala Dylan Willow on April 21, 2012. The meanings of these names span various cultures, with Astala possibly being an invented name, Dylan meaning "son of the sea" in Welsh, and Willow being an English tree name.

Blue Ivy
January 7 2012
Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy on January 7, 2012. Blue is a color name, and Ivy is an English name referencing the plant, symbolizing fidelity and eternity.

Marcelo Alejandro
October 8 2011
Ali Landry & Alejandro Gómez Monteverde

Ali Landry and Alejandro Gómez Monteverde welcomed their son, Marcelo Alejandro, on October 8, 2011. Marcelo is a Spanish form of Marcel, meaning "little warrior", and Alejandro is the Spanish form of Alexander, meaning "defender of men".

Weston Lee
September 24 2011
Jenna Fischer & Lee Kirk

Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk named their son Weston Lee on September 24, 2011. Weston is an English name meaning "from the western town", and Lee is an English name meaning "meadow".

September 24 2011
Ana Ortiz & Noah Lebenzon

Ana Ortiz and Noah Lebenzon also welcomed their son, Raphael, on the same day. Raphael is a Hebrew name meaning "God has healed".

Lillian McCormack
September 10 2011
Mary McCormack & Michael Morris

Mary McCormack and Michael Morris welcomed their daughter, Lillian McCormack, on September 10, 2011. Lillian is an English name meaning "Lily", and McCormack is an Irish surname meaning "son of Cormac".

September 10 2011
Dolores Fonzi & Gael Garcia Bernal

Dolores Fonzi and Gael Garcia Bernal also named their daughter Libertad on the same day. Libertad is a Spanish name meaning "freedom".

Haven Garner
August 13 2011
Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren named their daughter Haven Garner on August 13, 2011. Haven is an English word name meaning "place of safety, sanctuary", and Garner is an English name meaning "to gather or harvest".

July 23 2011
Ryan Shawhughes & Ethan Hawke

Ryan Shawhughes and Ethan Hawke named their daughter Indiana on July 23, 2011. Indiana is a place name, from the U.S. state, meaning "land of the Indians".

Bingham Hawn
July 9 2011
Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy named their son Bingham Hawn on July 9, 2011. Bingham is an English name meaning "home of the Bing family", and Hawn is possibly a reference to Kate Hudson's mother, actress Goldie Hawn.

Wylei Cash
May 7 2011
Margaux & Corey Parker

Margaux and Corey Parker named their son Wylei Cash on May 7, 2011. Wylei is possibly a variant of the Hawaiian name Wiley, meaning "crafty", and Cash is an English name meaning "hollow".

Moroccan Scott & Monroe
April 30 2011
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon named their son Moroccan Scott on April 30, 2011. Moroccan refers to the country Morocco, and Scott is an English name meaning "from Scotland".

And his twin sister was named Monroe, a Scottish name meaning "mouth of the river Roe".

Vera Lillian Beatrix
March 12 2011
Vern Yip & Craig Koch

Vern Yip and Craig Koch named their daughter Vera Lillian Beatrix on March 12, 2011.

Vera is a Russian name meaning "faith", Lillian is a Latin name meaning "lily", and Beatrix is a Latin name meaning "she who brings happiness".

Koa Thomas
February 19 2011
Mieke & Tom Dumont

Mieke and Tom Dumont named their son Koa Thomas on February 19, 2011. Koa is a Hawaiian name meaning "warrior", and Thomas is an Aramaic name meaning "twin".

Embry Lotus
February 5 2011
Jazmin & Richard Blais

Jazmin and Richard Blais named their daughter Embry Lotus on February 5, 2011. Embry is an English name meaning "flat-topped hill", and Lotus is a Greek name referring to the lotus flower.

Leo Encinas Cruz
January 22 2011
Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem named their son Leo Encinas Cruz on January 22, 2011. Leo is a Latin name meaning "lion", Encinas is a Spanish name meaning "holm oak", and Cruz is a Spanish name meaning "cross".

Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander & Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda
January 8 2011
Princess Mary & Prince Frederik of Denmark

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark named their son Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander on January 8, 2011.

Vincent is a Latin name meaning "conquering", Frederik is a Danish form of Frederick meaning "peaceful ruler", Minik is a Greenlandic name, and Alexander is a Greek name meaning "defender of men".

The couple named their twin daughter Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda. Josephine is a French name meaning "Jehovah increases", Sophia is a Greek name meaning "wisdom", Ivalo is a Greenlandic name referring to sinew or thread, and Mathilda is a German name meaning "mighty in battle".

Zachary Jackson Levon
December 25 2010
Elton John & David Furnish

Elton John and David Furnish named their son Zachary Jackson Levon on December 25, 2010. Zachary is a Hebrew name meaning "remembered by God", Jackson is an English name meaning "son of Jack", and Levon is an Armenian name meaning "lion".

Jordan Catherine
December 25 2010
Cassidy Black & Dierks Bentley

Cassidy Black and Dierks Bentley named their daughter Jordan Catherine on the same day. Jordan is a Hebrew name meaning "to flow down", and Catherine is a Greek name meaning "pure".

Ever Imre
December 25 2010
Alanis Morissette & Mario Treadway

Alanis Morissette and Mario Treadway named their son Ever Imre also on December 25, 2010. Ever is an English name referring to the concept of eternity, and Imre is a Hungarian name meaning "strength".

Locklyn Kyla
December 18 2010
Kyla Weber & Vince Vaughn

Kyla Weber and Vince Vaughn named their daughter Locklyn Kyla on December 18, 2010. Locklyn is of Scottish origin and means "from the land of lakes," and Kyla is a Gaelic name meaning "narrow strait".

Marlowe Rivers
December 4 2010
Brady Cunningham & Jason Schwartzman

Brady Cunningham and Jason Schwartzman named their daughter Marlowe Rivers on December 4, 2010. Marlowe is an English name meaning "driftwood", and Rivers is an English name meaning "one who lives near the river".

Nelson & Eddy
October 23 2010
Celine Dion & René Angélil

Celine Dion and René Angélil named their twin sons Nelson & Eddy on October 23, 2010. Nelson is an English name meaning "son of Neil", and Eddy is a variant of Eddie, an English name meaning "rich guard".

September 25 2010
Kimberly & James Van Der Beek

Kimberly and James Van Der Beek named their daughter Olivia on September 25, 2010. Olivia is a Latin name meaning "olive tree".

Gia Francesca
September 11 2010
Courtney Mazza & Mario Lopez

Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez named their daughter Gia Francesca on September 11, 2010. Gia is an Italian name that's a diminutive of Gianna, meaning "God is gracious", and Francesca is an Italian name meaning "Frenchman".

August 21 2010
Catherine Bell & Adam Beason

Catherine Bell and Adam Beason named their son Ronan on August 21, 2010. Ronan is an Irish name meaning "little seal".

Sienna Marie
July 17 2010
Tamyra Gray & Sam Watters

Tamyra Gray and Sam Watters named their daughter Sienna Marie on July 17, 2010. Sienna is an Italian name referring to the city in Italy, and Marie is a French variant of Maria, meaning "sea of bitterness" or "rebelliousness".

July 10 2010
Viola Davis & Julius Tennon

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon named their daughter Genesis on July 10, 2010. Genesis is a Greek name meaning "beginning".

July 10 2010
Holly & Ty Burrell

Holly and Ty Burrell named their daughter Frances on the same day. Frances is a Latin name meaning "Frenchman".

Luc Laurent
June 12 2010
Aonika Laurent & Sean Patrick Thomas

Actor Sean Patrick Thomas, best known for his role in "Save the Last Dance", and actress Aonika Laurent welcomed a son named Luc Laurent on June 12, 2010. Luc is a French variant of Luke, meaning "light", and Laurent is a French variant of Laurence, meaning "man from Laurentum".

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Louis Bardo
June 12 2010
Sandra Bullock

Acclaimed actress Sandra Bullock adopted a son named Louis Bardo. Louis is a French name meaning "famous warrior", and Bardo is a Tibetan name referring to an intermediate or transitional state.

Hudson Nicholas
May 15 2010
Lea & Drew Lachey

Singer Drew Lachey, a member of the boy band 98 Degrees, and his wife Lea Lachey named their son Hudson Nicholas on May 15, 2010. Hudson is an English name meaning "son of Hugh", and Nicholas is a Greek name meaning "victory of the people".

Bryn Casey
May 8 2010
Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy

Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel and her former spouse Jason Hoppy named their daughter Bryn Casey on May 8, 2010. Bryn is a Welsh name meaning "hill", and Casey is an Irish name meaning "vigilant in war".

Krishna Thea
February 20 2010
Padma Lakshmi & Adam R. Dell

Television host Padma Lakshmi and venture capitalist Adam R. Dell named their daughter Krishna Thea on February 20, 2010. Krishna is a Sanskrit name referring to the Hindu god Krishna, and Thea is a Greek name meaning "goddess".

Axel Paulin
January 23 2010
Viveca Paulin & Will Ferrell

Actress Viveca Paulin and comedian Will Ferrell named their son Axel Paulin on January 23, 2010. Axel is a Scandinavian name meaning "father of peace".