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AabelFinnish and Estonian Vapour Variant spelling of Abel Breath
AaboEstonian pet form of Abraham Dwelling near a river from å and bo Swedish words
AabraEstonian short form of Abram
AabrahamFather of Multitude
AabuDwelling near a river Estonian variant form of Aabo

AadolfNoble Wolf Variant spelling of Adolf
AageVariant form of Old Norse given name, Áki which means "ancestors or father"
AakeAncestor Fieldman Pet form of Akaaton Short form of Rakel
AakkoFinnish pet form of Aron
AakuFinnish variant form of Aake (7)
AakustiVariant form of Aukusti
AaleEstonian form of Alla Short form of names beginning with Al- (see Ali)
AaliyahTo Ascend Highly Exalted The High Sublime Exalted One The Ascent Lofty Towering
AamosFinnish spelling of Amos
AapaVariant form of Ape
AaparFinnish short form of Abram
AapeVariant form of Ape
AapelFinnish variant form of Abel
AapeliVariant of Abel meaning breath
AapiVariant form of Ape
AapikkaPet form of Aapi
AapoFather Of ManyFinnish pet form of Abraham which means "Father of multitude"
AapooVariant form of Ape
AappaVariant form of Ape
AapparFinnish short form of Abram
AappeVariant form of Ape
AappiVariant form of Ape
AappoVariant form of Ape
AappooVariant form of Ape
AapraFinnish short form of Abram
AaprahamiFinnish variant form of Abraham
AaprahammiFinnish variant form of Abraham
AapramFinnish variant form of Abram
AapramiFinnish variant form of Abram
AaproFinnish short form of Abram
AapruFinnish short form of Abram
AapuVariant form of Ape
AapukkaPet form of Aapu
AarettiFinnish form of Aret
AariFinnish variant form of Ari
ÄärlanniFinnish variant form of Erland
ÄärnästiVariant spelling of Ernesti
AarnekkiVariant form of Aarnetti
ÄärnestiVariant spelling of Ernesti

AarnettiPet form of Arnd
ÄärniFinnish form of Ärne
AarnoFinnish form of Arno
AarnoltFinnish form of Arnold
AarnolttiFinnish form of Arnold
AaroA Driver Wheel Maker The Enlightened
AaronExalted One High Mountain The EnlightenedThe Enlightened Mountain of Strength Exalted
AaroniFinnish variant form of Aron
AarreFinnish variant form of Are
AarrettiFinnish variant form of Aaretti
AartoFinnish variant form of Arto
AarttuFinnish variant form of Arttu
AaskaFinnish pet form of Aron
AataFinnish variant form of Ate
AatamiCame from Adam - Hebrew word for Adam
AataviFinnish variant form of Adam
AateFinnish variant form of Ate
AatiFinnish variant form of Ate
AatoFinnish variant form of Ate
AatoliFinnish pet form of Adolf
AatolppiFinnish variant form of Adolf
AatolttiFinnish variant form of Adolf
AatolviFinnish form of Adolf
AatoviFinnish pet form of Adolf
AatsaFinnish pet form of Adam
AatsoFinnish variant form of Aatsa
AatsuFinnish variant form of Aatsa
AattoEvening Noble Wolf
AatuNobleNoble Wolf
AatuskaFinnish pet form of Adam
AbbyFather My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing My Father RejoicesShort form of Abigail Father of Exaltation
AbdonStrength of God The Memory of the Lord The Lord has Remembered God will Strengthen Abbreviation of Ezekiel The King Harness
AbelCame from Hevel meaning Breath
AbigailMy Father Is Joy Head of a Monastery Father's Joy Gives Joy The Intelligent Father of Exaltation Father in Rejoicing English name of Hebrew origin, meaning: the Father hath rejoiced. Particularly widespread in Australia and the USA. Namesake: Susan Abigail Sarandon, American actress.
AbijahMy Father Is YAHWEH The Lord is My Father Gift of God Yahweh is My Father
AbroEstaonian younger form of Aabra
AbruEstaonian younger form of Aabra
AbsalomFather Is Peace Father of Peace
AchatesAchates/Ἀχάτης is a Roman mythological figure, he was the best friend and companion of Aeneas, it can be interpreted as good or loyal friend
AchilleVariant of mythological Greek hero of the Trojan War, Achilles
AchillesPain Lipless
AchimHebrew origin, short form of Joachim (meaning: God judges on) Yahweh Will Establish A timeless popular name. Namesakes: Achim von Arnim, German poet. Raised by Yahweh He will establish
AdalbertIntelligent Noble Highborn Brilliant Bright Famous Old High German origin, meaning: of noble lineage. In Germany in the Middle Ages spread, now rare. Namesakes: St. Adalbert, bishop of Prague, who was stabbed to death in 997 the missionary of the Prussians and 999 canonized.. Noble shining

AdalbertusLatinised form of Adalbert
AdamaPearl Child of Light Man
AdarHigh Eminent Fire Noble
AdelbertHighborn Brilliant Intelligent Noble Old High German origin, meaning: of noble lineage. In Germany in the Middle Ages spread, now rare. Namesakes: St. Adalbert, bishop of Prague, who was stabbed to death in 997 the missionary of the Prussians and 999 canonized.. Noble and famous
AdinaDelicate Gentle
AdonisLord Lord Yahweh Handsome Youth Known from Greek mythology as the epitome of the beautiful youth In Greek mythology, Adonis the lover of Aphrodite
AdrianoBlack Dark Of the Adriatic Italian form of Adrian (meaning: originally from Adria). Namesakes: Adriano Celentano, Italian singer and actor.
AdrienneNative of the city Adria Feminine of Adrien
AfanasiLatin spelling of Афанасий (Afanasiy), a Russian form of Athanasius
AffeSwedish pet form of Alf
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