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French Names for Boy        French Names for Girl
AalisGirl Of Nobility
AbelBoy Breath
AbsolonBoy Father of peace Variant of Old Testament's Absalom
AchilleBoy Variant of mythological Greek hero of the Trojan War, Achilles
AdamBoy Man

AdelineGirl Diminutive of Adèle Noblility
AdolpheBoy Noble Wolf French variant of Adolf
AdrienBoy French spelling of Adrian From Adria - themain channel of the Po river during 8 BC- 1BC
AdrienneGirl Native of the city Adria Feminine of Adrien
AgatheGirl Came from Agathos meaning Good
AlainBoy French form of Alan Fox Deer Stag Fawn Beautiful Harmonious
AlanBoy Deer Fox Rock Derived from Indo-Iranian people Alans
AlbanBoy From Alba
AlbertBoy Noble
AlbertineGirl Feminine of Albert Nobel and Brilliant
AlbineGirl Bright Variant of Albina Light
AldricBoy Old Ruler
AlexBoy Girl Short form of English Alexander, Alexendra, Alexandria, Greek Alexandros and many Spanish names like Alejandro
AlexandraGirl Defender of mankind Feminine of Alexander
AlexandreBoy Protector of men and women One who pushes the enemy soldier
AlexisBoy Girl Helper
AlfredBoy Elf
AliceGirl Nobility
AlineGirl Noble Nobility Light Lovely Variant of Helen
AlisonGirl Son of the Highborn Noble Sort
AlixGirl Visitor Returning (a Guest or Someone who is to Return)
AlphonseBoy Eager Ready for Battle
AlphonsineGirl Aristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes
AmandineGirl Lovable She who Must be Loved
AmaranteGirl From the Old Ford
AmauryBoy Will Helmet Resolute Protector Will Son of William
AmbreGirl Truthful Noble Sort Variant of Alice
AnatoleBoy Sublime Noble Friend Wise Friend
AngelineGirl Ancient Primitive Venerable
AnnabelleGirl Beautiful Graceful or Beatiful
Anne Girl
AnnetteGirl Eagle Introduced to Britain in the 13th Century
AnoukGirl Apricot from Nara Grain

AntoineBoy Inestimable Highly Praiseworthy Beyond Praise Invaluable
AntoinetteGirl Priceless Inestimable
AntoninBoy Noble Friend Diminutive of Alvin Invaluable
ApollineGirl Combination of Anna and Belle Beautiful Graceful Easy to Love
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