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French Names for Boy        French Names for Girl
AalisOf Nobility
AdelineDiminutive of Adèle Noblility
AdrienneNative of the city Adria Feminine of Adrien
AgatheCame from Agathos meaning Good
AlbertineFeminine of Albert Nobel and Brilliant

AlbineBright Variant of Albina Light
AlexShort form of English Alexander, Alexendra, Alexandria, Greek Alexandros and many Spanish names like Alejandro
AlexandraDefender of mankind Feminine of Alexander
AlineNoble Nobility Light Lovely Variant of Helen
AlisonSon of the Highborn Noble Sort
AlixVisitor Returning (a Guest or Someone who is to Return)
AlphonsineAristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes
AmandineLovable She who Must be Loved
AmaranteFrom the Old Ford
AmbreTruthful Noble Sort Variant of Alice
AngelineAncient Primitive Venerable
AnnabelleBeautiful Graceful or Beatiful
AnnetteEagle Introduced to Britain in the 13th Century
AnoukApricot from Nara Grain
AntoinettePriceless Inestimable
ApollineCombination of Anna and Belle Beautiful Graceful Easy to Love
ArianeGentle Music Brings Rain Man Pledge Feminine of Arien Melody
ArianneGentle Music Brings Rain Man Pledge Feminine of Arien Melody
ArielLion Of God
ArielleMan Pledge Land of Arians Noble Pure Very Holy Woman Like Silver
ArlettePledge Variant of Carlene and Charlene Eagle
ArmellePledge Variant of Carlene and Charlene Eagle
AstridNoble Bear Rock Noble Strength Stone
AuroreAristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes
AvrilThe Month Name Opening Up
AxelleAll-knowing All Wise
BabetteVenerated Worthy of Respect
BenjaminePrayer From the Saint-maur Marshy Land Near the Sea Taylor
BernadetteSon of the South Son of My Old Age

BernardineA Old Monk Brother of Rama
BertilleWarm Burning with Enthusiasm
BlancheWhite Fair
BlandineLittle Bird
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