Greek Baby Names - Page 1

Greek Names for Boy        Greek Names for Girl
AaronBoy The Enlightened Mountain of Strength Exalted
AbdiouBoy Serving the God
AbelBoy Came from Hevel meaning Breath
AbennerBoy My father is light
AbessaBoy My father is gift

AbessalomBoy My father is peace
AbiaBoy Girl My father is Yahweh
AbidanBoy My Father Is Judge
AbigaiaGirl Joy Of My Father
AbraamBoy Variant spelling of Abraham
AcaciusBoy Virtuous
AcanthaGirl Thorn Prickle
AchaabBoy Uncle
AchaikosBoy Variant of Achaicus
AchillesBoy Pain
AchilleusBoy Achelous river Pain
AdamBoy Man
AdonisBoy Lord
AdrasteiaGirl Inescapable
AdrastosBoy Not Inclined To Run Away
AegleGirl Light Radiance Glory
AellaGirl Whirlwind
AeolusBoy God of Wind Nimble
AeschylusBoy Shame
AesonBoy Father of Jason
AesopBoy Storyteller and Fabulist in Greek mythology
AfroditiGirl Goddess of love and beauty
AgamemnonBoy Very Steadfast
AgapeGirl Love
AgapetosBoy Variant of Agapetus
AgapetusBoy Beloved
AgapiosBoy From Agape meaning love
AgarGirl Flight
AgathaGirl Good
AgathangelosBoy Bearer Of Good News
AgatheGirl Came from Agathos meaning Good
AgathonBoy Masculine form of Agatha
AgaueGirl Illustrious Noble
AglaeaGirl Variation of Aglaea
AglaiaGirl Splendour Beauty
AgnesGirl Chaste
AiasBoy Mourner
AigleGirl Glory Radiance
AikaterineGirl Each of the two
AineiasBoy Praise

AiolosBoy Quick-Moving Nimble
AithanBoy Firm
AjaxBoy Mourner
AkakiosBoy Innocent Not Evil
AkanthaGirl Thorn
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