Hebrew Baby Names - Page 1

Hebrew Names for Boy        Hebrew Names for Girl
AbrahamBoy Father Of Many
AdamBoy Man
AdaraGirl Noble
AdenaGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing

Adi Boy Girl Jewel
Adina Girl Delicate Gentle
AdirBoy Strong Mighty
AdlaiBoy Refuge of God My Ornament
AdvaGirl Small Wave Ripple
AgamBoy Girl Lake
AharonBoy A Wend Wanderer
AhavaGirl Love
AhuvaGirl Beloved
AkibaBoy A Wend Wanderer
AkivaBoy Intelligent Little Fiery One Name of a Saint Help Fiery Fire
Aliya Girl
Aliyah Girl To Ascend
AlizaGirl Joyful
AlmogBoy Girl Coral
AlonBoy Oak Tree
AlonaGirl Dear Child Oak Tree
AmichaiBoy My People Are Alive
Amir Boy Treetop
Amira Girl
Amit Boy Girl Friend
AmnonBoy Faithful
AmosBoy Carried
AmramBoy Exalted Nation
AnaiahBoy YAHWEH Answers
Anat Boy Girl
Aran Boy Wild Goat
Ari Boy Lion
AriehBoy Lion
ArielBoy Girl Lion Of God
ArikBoy Ruler of All Sacred Ruler Noble Leader Ever Ruler
AryehBoy Friend of the People The People's Friend Exile Voyager
AsaBoy Doctor
AsafBoy Fortunate Zodiac Sign of Leo
AsherBoy Happy
AtaliaGirl Loftier More Eminent
AtalyahBoy Girl
AtaraGirl Ash Tree Clearing Female Version of Ashley
AtarahGirl Crown
AviBoy My Father

AviaGirl Bearer of Good News Modern Blend of Ava and Ana
AvidanBoy Bowman An English Surname The Archer Noteworthy and Valorous Water
AvigailGirl Desire Bird
AviramBoy Old Friend
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