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Italian Names for Boy        Italian Names for Girl
AbeleBoy Breath
AchilleBoy Variant of mythological Greek hero of the Trojan War, Achilles
AdaGirl Style Special Things
AdalbertoBoy Craftsman Carpenter
AdamoBoy Abbreviation of Ezekiel Form of Edgar

AdelaideGirl Noble
AdeleGirl Nobility Noble Kind Soft Sweet
AdelinaGirl Olive
AdolfoBoy From the Water Meadow Enchanting Cunning Charming
AdrianaGirl Dark and Rich Woman from Hadria
AdrianoBoy Black Dark Of the Adriatic
AgapitoBoy Beloved
AgataGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AgneseGirl In the Bible Name of Two Israelites of the Returned Community
AgostinaGirl From Hadria Dark
AgostinoBoy God will Strengthen Abbreviation of Ezekiel
Alba Girl
AlbanoBoy Noble Nobility Flag Truthful Exalted Defending Men
AlbericoBoy Anchor A Natural Graceful Strength Bright Clear Dawn
AlbertaGirl Noble and Bright Form of Albert Noble Bright Majestic Wolf Noble Famous
AlbertinaGirl Noble Female Version of Albert from the Old German Bright Noble Famous
AlbertoBoy Noble Bright Highborn Brilliant Nobly Famous
AlbinaGirl Noble Female Version of Albert from the Old German Bright Noble Famous
Alda Girl
AldoBoy Old
AleBoy Girl Old Wise Ruler Old Leader
AlessaGirl Visitor Returning (a Guest or Someone who is to Return)
AlessandraGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AlessandroBoy Old Leader Sage
AlessiaGirl Noble
AlessioBoy Old Aged and Wise Ruler Old Wise Leader
AlfeoBoy Counsel from the Elves
AlfonsinaGirl Defender of Mankind Helper Feminine of Alexander
AlfonsoBoy Noble And Ready
AlfredaGirl Elf Counsel Elf Strength
AlfredoBoy Spanish Form of Alfred Elf Counsel
AliceGirl Nobility
Alina Girl
AllegraGirl Cheerful Lively
AlmaGirl Giving Nurture Kind
AlonzoBoy Eager for Battle Ready for a Fight
AmadeoBoy Noble Friend Defender
AmaliaGirl Work
AmandaGirl Fit to be Precious Thing

AmandoBoy Peace Friend Friend of Peace Holy Blessed Peace Fair Reconciliation
AmarantaGirl To Defend To Help
AmatoBoy Noble Friend
AmbraGirl Defender Nobility The Supreme Spirit Mother Noble Kind True to All
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