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Hub HillLove
Hubart Hill
Hubbard HeroHolly-tree GroveLives Near the Holly Trees
Hubbert To PrickHolly GroveShrub with Red BerriesEvergreen
Huber From the Hedged PlaceSurname
Hubert Shining IntellectBright MindIntelligentBright HeartBright HearMind and Spirit
Huberta Well BornStoneEarthlyUniversalCompleteMessengerMind
Hubertine Strong FighterArmy RulerLeader of an ArmyMind
Hubie Son of Robert
Huburt HarpistMinstrelHarp PlayerPrettyMakerOne who Plays the Harp
Rubi Rules with Good JudgmentCounsel PowerExaltedOn HighForm of VeronicaTrue ImageWise RulerRules with CounselStrong CounselOne who Brings VictoryRed GemstoneThe Ruby

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