Scottish Baby Names - Page 1

Scottish Names for Boy        Scottish Names for Girl
AbiGirl Shadow The Tingling of the Ear My Father All
Africa Girl
AidanBoy Intelligent Little Fiery One Name of a Saint Help Fiery Fire
AifricGirl Pleasant

AileenGirl My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AilsaGirl Adornment Jewel
AindreaBoy Female Version of Andrew Brave A Man's Woman
AinsleyBoy Girl My Own Meadow Hermitage in At the Clearing Place Name His Very Own Meadow
AlanBoy Deer Fox Rock Derived from Indo-Iranian people Alans
AlasdairBoy From Adria
AlastairBoy Father Pain Lipless
AlistairBoy Variant of Alexander Defender of Mankind
AlisterBoy Noble and Shining Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Bee
AllanBoy Harmony Stone Noble Fair Handsome One
AllenBoy Form of Alan Noble Rock Comely
Ally Boy
AlpinBoy White
AngusBoy Noble Wolf
AnnagGirl Grace Favour Apricot from Nara Grain
AodhBoy Fire
AonghusBoy One Strength
ArchibaldBoy Genuine
ArchieBoy Bold Form of Archibald Very Bold Noteworthy and Valorous
ArranBoy Hare Clearing The Bow Man
AtholBoy Girl New Ireland
BarclayBoy Birch Wood
BeathanBoy Life
BlairBoy Girl Plain Field Battlefield
BoydBoy Blond Yellow Gold Fair-haired
BruceBoy Now a Common Given Name A Place Name
CaileanBoy Whelp Young Dog
CairbreBoy Charioteer
CallumBoy Cold Brook Rough Waters Stream Cool Clear Spring
CalumBoy Dove

CameronBoy Girl Crooked Nose
CampbellBoy Crooked Mouth
CaoimheGirl Beautiful Gentle Kind
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